2015 Mask of the Slovak Region 100 Francs CFA Gold Coin

The first of the new “investment royalty coins” produced by the Kremnia Mint of Slovakia is now available. These coins are issued as legal tender in the Republic of the Congo and feature ritual masks of the world regions.

Last year, the Kremnica Mint had distributed a news release and survey to customers indicating that they were considering producing and issuing gold and silver investment coins. At the time the country of issue and theme of the series was not yet determined. The finalized program was announced earlier this year, with gold and silver coins to be issued across five different designs released from 2015 to 2016.


The first release of the series represents the region of Central Europe with a masked figure representing Turon from Slovakia. Tur is an animal which symbolizes power and fertility, with the design emanating from the 17th century, although the animal was already extinct. The Mask of Turon is depicted as an ox head with open muzzle and bells on the corners. The mask is worn by a man covered with sackcloth, and reversed fur. The mask is part of a Carnival celebration of the Three Kings celebrated on the 6th January and extends to Ash Wednesday. The mask may also appear during the 40 days of lent up to Good Friday.

The reverse design features the national emblem of the Republic of the Congo along with the date and legal tender face value.

The gold coin is struck in 99.9% purity with a weight of 31.1 grams and diameter of 34 mm. The coins are struck to proof quality and have a maximum mintage of 500 pieces.

The coin is currently available at the Kremnica Mint webshop listed at 1,205 Euro.

The coin program is also supposed to include 1/10 oz gold coins and 1 oz silver coins, each with a maximum mintage of 800 pieces. The silver coin also incorporates color.

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  1. Koichi Ito says

    Does Slovakia Mint takes credit card payment for purchase of gold Mask of Slovak Region 100 francs coins?

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