Royal Canadian Mint 2015 Bugs Bunny $20 for $20 Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for their latest $20 for $20 silver coin, which features the iconic cartoon character Bugs Bunny.

Earlier this month, the Royal Canadian Mint had launched an ambitious program of gold and silver collector coins featuring Looney Tunes characters. This included a set of eight $10 silver coins, a set of four $20 silver coins, a $20 Merrie Melodies silver coin, a 14 karat gold coin featuring Bugs Bunny and friends, and gold and silver kilo sized coins featuring the Looney Tunes characters with Bugs Bunny highlighted in selective colored enamel.


The Bugs Bunny $20 for $20 Silver Coin carries a lower price point than the previous offerings and a significantly higher mintage.

The reverse design features an image of the character in a cordial pose with inscriptions “2015” and “Fine Silver 999 Argent Pur 20 Dollars”. The obverse features the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% silver with a specimen finish. The diameter if 27 mm and the weight is 7.96 grams. A maximum mintage of 350,000 pieces has been indicated with an ordering limit of 5 coins per household. Coins are priced at their face value of $20 each.

The mintage level is much higher compared to the last $20 for $20 silver coin, which commemorated the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. That coin had a mintage of 200,000 pieces and still remains available for sale.

The product page for the 2015 Bugs Bunny $20 for $20 Silver Coin on the Royal Canadian Mint website can be found here.

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  1. Louis says

    With Superman there was a Canadian connection, but is there one with Looney Tunes?

  2. G says

    I like the gold coin. Fun coins in general but maybe they should have staggered them? It’s a lot of variance for “one “release.

  3. Mister Kairu says

    Louis, I believe I saw somewhere on the CCF that one of the Warner Bros., Jack, was born in Canada. Like the co-creator of Superman being Canadian I think that is the connection. Not 100% if true but seems good to me.

  4. Louis says

    Thanks, Mister Kairu. At least that’s something concrete. I can certainly see these appealing to children and others, but it’s not my cup of tea. I do like the bald eagle set though.

  5. DeaconO says

    I like that bald eagle set too but I’m really trying to cut down on my Canadian mint coins. The mint has way too many offerings.
    With all these offerings the coins become kind of “out of sight out of mind” IMO.
    Are people going to remember this set was ever minted 10-20 years down the line when I try to sell it? It’s not part of a series so I would only buy this for my own satisfaction. $200 + shipping is a bunch of money for $30 in silver.

  6. Louis says

    @Deacon- I paid $150 delivered for my eagle set and am very pleased. Try Gatewest Coins.

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