Royal Canadian Mint Releases First Glow-in-Black-Light Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new series, which for the first time incorporates black light technology to enhance the design. The four coin series is entitled “Weather Phenomenon” with two releases scheduled for this year and two releases the following year.

Summer Storm Black Light Coin

The first coin in the series carries a depiction of a summer storm. The reverse design by Canadian artists Tony Bianco and Arnold Nogy features a landscape with a lone eastern white pine, shaped by steady winds, rising from a small rocky island in Ontario’s Georgian Bay. The background features a stylized forest under a stormy sky. Under a black light, which is included, the coin’s specialized technology is activated allowing the lightning bolts to radiate across the sky with life-like intensity and luminosity.

The product description indicates that the reverse design can be appreciated under any light, but viewing with the black light adds intense vibrancy to the lightning bolts.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 31.39 grams and diameter of 38 mm. The mintage is 8,000 pieces.

This first coin of the series can be ordered individually here. A four coin subscription is also available here.

The second coin is scheduled to be released in November 2015. The third and fourth coins of the series will come in April 2016 and September 2016.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Do we know how the black light comes? Incorporated in the packaging or a bulb? What size bulb? Thanks in advance and keep pumping RCM…

  2. DeaconO says

    Wow. $100 for a coin with glow in the dark paint on it. To each is own. FYI black light bulbs can be had for $5.

  3. deacono says

    8000 is still high in my mind. What are we commemorating? lighting strikes? floods? high winds? if 8000 people decide they want this coin and the popularity takes off then so be it. I see this on the secondary market for 60-80 in the coming year. Black light tech is really old. Hell when I was a kid i spent my hard earned money on blacklight posters and such. Dont get too caught up in the RCM’s non stop minting machine. This is just another set commemorating something obscure at a high premium when silver is 16.50 for 1 OZ.
    Not to be negative but collectors are a fickle bunch. I have spent a good amount of money on the RCM over the years. I have been very excited about low mintage coin series only to find that same coin for %50 off on the secondary market a year later. Just be careful I think the RCM is minting way too many coins these days. It shows on the secondary market, some of their coins dont have staying power among collectors.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    @deacono: That was exactly my point, I just didn’t want to take the time for typing it all out, thanks!

  5. deacono says

    @fmtransmitter hahaha im still trying to laugh at myself. I feel like the Canadian Mint is turning into the Franklin Mint 🙁 I know on most of my RCM coins that I will never make my money back or break even. Luckily I did not loss too much money and no longer shop at the RCM. Its a hard lesson but low a mintage coin does not mean anything if no one cares about the coin or coin series.

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