Royal Canadian Mint April 2015 New Product Releases

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for another batch of new product releases. This month’s releases are led by an extensive series of coins issued to mark the FIFA Women’s World Cup, followed by new releases from ongoing series, upscale platinum coins, and a gold coin issued to commemorate the rescue of Norway’s national treasury during the Second World War

All of the new products can now be found within the new releases section of the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.


Product page

A total of ten coins are being issued to celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament held this year in Canada. The coins include the latest $20 for $20 silver coin (covered previously), six $10 face value silver coins, and three $75 gold coins.

Four of the $10 silver proof coins feature soccer action scenes with the themes “The Kicker”, “Heading the Ball”, “The Goalie” and “Celebration.” This group is complimented with two additional $10 silver proof coins with colorized elements with the themes “Canada Welcomes the World” and “Go Canada Go!”

Each of these coins are struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 15.87 grams and diameter of 34 mm. The maximum mintage is 15,000 for each design. The coins are offered individually or as a six-coin subscription.


Product page

The three $75 gold proof coins pictured above carry the themes “The Soccer Ball”, “The Championship Game”, and “The Trophy.”

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold to proof quality with a weight of 7.8 grams and diameter of 20 mm. The maximum mintage is 3,500 for each design. The coins are offered individually or as a three-coin subscription.


Product page

The second release within the 5-coin Colorful Songbirds of Canada series features the Magnolia Warbler. The reverse design of the coin features a side profile of the bird with its beak open as the bird releases a series of clear whistles from its perch in a plum tree. The coin is selectively colored to faithfully showcase the songbird’s distinctive appearance.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with a weight of 15.87 grams and diameter of 34 mm. The maximum mintage is 15,000.


Product page

The second release within the First World War Battlefront series features a scene from the trenches of the Second Battle of Ypres. At the bottom of the coin is the winged figure of Victory enhanced with selective gold plating.

The coins are struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with selective gold plating, a weight of 31.39 grams, and diameter of 38 mm. The maximum mintage is 10,000 pieces.


Product page

A 1 oz 99.95% pure platinum proof coin features the rainbow trout. This is the second of two premium releases within the North American Sportfish series. The reverse design depicts a rainbow trout within its natural habitat. The coin is limited to a mintage of just 200 pieces.


Product page

A 1/4 oz 99.99% pure gold proof coin commemorates the rescue of Norway’s national treasury during the Second World War. The reverse design presents the route taken by the Norwegian gold to Canada by way of England. Four stars mark strategic regions of gold movement from Europe to Canada during the war. The coins carry a maximum mintage of 1,500 pieces.

The following additional new products are not currently available to order on the Royal Canadian Mint website and are shown as awaiting stock.

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  1. KCSO says

    Be sure to check out the Revenue posting over on the blog

    The mint got it’s sell out it so desperately needed.., mintages will be higher as a result as the money makers are up next.

    Mint must be very very happy with the sell out and the revenue projections.

    I would go 90 / 70, on SLQ and WLH if I was them, so much for low mintages on any

  2. KCSO says

    I see too much risk in the SLQ at even 70 with a $460 price tag, will likely grab what I just want and play it safe

    Any thoughts on mintages?

  3. GoldFishin says

    Ha…got back from the beach…thought I was leaving something when I left the house, but wasn’t sure. Turns out it was my laptop charger….we had a birthday cookout for my son today and I just got around to picking up a charger and also had to go to VZ to fix a couple of issues.
    Having said that…I don’t see the MInt changing mintages from what they had planned to something different. IF the had 65K and 95K planned, I think they stay that way….the only thing I see them changing is the household limit down to low numbers.
    A couple months back I commented that I thought the mercury’s had the best chance for the most appreciation because of the price point, accessible to more buyers.
    I think the WLH will stand on its own because of the design. It is a must own in my opinion. The SLQ….not so much…so you may be right. I will probably play it cautious with it as well. BUT, if the WLH has a reasonable mintage I think it is a no brainer…..but a real low HHL could actually hurt it, making an early sellout less likely. If the mintage is 60K or less, it should be good. But the more price goes up, the fewer flippers will participate and the fewer buyer will be able to fork over the cash. You noticed how quick the ’15 PT PF lost potential buyers. Although the pricing has held up very well, with literally no decline…the amount of buyers has dropped off dramatically.
    Just buy ’em…..flip if its good….return if its not. Simple. I am not going to overthink it, even though its fun to do. 🙂
    My 2 coin box is now in town. I may have them tomorrow. 5 coin PL’s still dead in the water.

  4. GoldFishin says

    appreciation on a percentage basis(from above), not a dollar amount. I just think the MINT has already produced all of the tribute coins, probably have had them completed for a few months now….just reading the tea leaves. If the mintages are jacked up from what we are expecting, then we will know I was wrong.
    Do keep in mind however, that there will be customers that want to complete a 3 coin set and since there will be less of the SLQ’s and WLH’s, that will apply a little more pressure to the upside for these coins as they are redirected into stronger hands.

  5. KCSO says

    I’m a big fan of NGC now!
    6 of 9 Cassiopeia’s came back 70
    Wish I had more time for this stuff

  6. GoldFishin says

    Thanks for above…I will forward…
    Those 70 Cassi’s should help you finance your next two rolls of gold tributes! Nice going!

  7. GoldFishin says

    Took a look at my 2 coins received today….quick takeaway…..there will be a lot of 70’s, quality is very good, both of mine could grade 70.
    There will not be ANY PL’s……shhhh……type of finish they have looks like a very, very, very, fine frosted finish. You can see there were some very, very, very fine hairline polish marks, but they seem to be underneath the finish. It could be that the dies were polished first in a traditional method then polished or frosted a second time with a laser or some type of mechanical method.
    I could be wrong about the PL’s, but so far I don’t think so….the coins are very clean, very nice, details are the same as coins already shown on MNB. But mine had no imperfections, except one piece of trash on the obverse, I couldn’t tell if it was embedded in the coin or not, so I opened the capsule, which isn’t real easy and used my Qtip method and was able to remove it with a couple light touches. Now I know it is a 70. Decisions, decisions, have to wait on the next batch to know which ones I want to keep.

  8. GoldFishin says

    I could be dead wrong about the PL’s….but I just don’t see how these could become an actual prooflike finish. Maybe the missing mintage are all PL’s? My rough math I considered earlier for 3% of each die producing PL would just about be the mintage that is missing….funny coincidence. Math comes out to 3762 PL coins.

  9. KCSO says

    Congrats on scoring some good ones! I’m pleased to hear that you’re happy with the final product and quality, I’ve waiting to hear first impression. I’m sure they’ll be very well received by gen pop, I’m anxious to get mine in hand and there seems to be a lack of issue with the slight size difference.

    WRT the PL’s, I think you’re dead on! I was looking at some hi-res photos last night and my first reaction was, “You trickly lil mint, you frosted them!” – if you recall back to the HR, it was ALSO wired brushed on the die in the field areas and it left all those little hair lines that really detracted from the coins (and got a lot sent back) – I bet you’re right, the mint frosted over the coins to hide any imperfections.

    They just look too ‘satiny’ to be Biz Strikes – problem solved for the mint, for us, a PL may really take on new meaning – though out of 125,000 coins, some got by with some variation. Odds that I have one – 1 in 6,250!

    Good luck on your next 5 – Please let me know how you decide to proceed with the surplus.

    It appears these may have a legs for a while until the SLQ, so probably at least 4 weeks or so.

    I don’t think the idea of a 41 minute SO has sunk in yet or at least there’s not the realization that these are SO, by week’s end it will be. Very interested to see if the’ll be a further pop or surplus just overwhelmes demand and folks unload.

    All New Ball Game come the SLQ! 🙂

  10. GoldFishin says

    lot of supply….one reason I only bought what I could afford to eat. In the near term grading may be the way to go, IF my next batch is as good as the first. Grading fees can be recouped easily if prices stay up around $350 or over. The latest NGC are still selling for $379. I could express mine off and have grades online by the end of next week. I could presale what I need to once I know the grades. Any 69’s that I think should have received 70, I could crack them out and put them back in OGP for myself. I would like to end up with two 70 grades as keepers and one or two OGP. Doesn’t leave much for me to sell, really I would rather pay less for the NGC grades and do it myself, then pay somebody else to grade them for me. These mercury’s are all in my budget plans, so I don’t really have to sell anything.
    The next two tributes, different story, I will need to flip as much as possible to get my personal keeper cost down. I am going into that one with plans to grade and flip as fast as possible. I would like to have two each(at least) of the next two as keepers. I will be OK with one NGC 70 set, others in OGP.

  11. GoldFishin says

    Grading fees total including shipping will be $40 for ER or $25 for non early release per coin. I guess at the end of the day it is a matter of personal preference and an extra $20-$30 profit on graded 70’s conservative estimate, after 69’s taken into consideration, not really worth it unless the $379 prices stick for a few more weeks, I don’t think they will.
    I know you ran the numbers above earlier and they really haven’t changed. The only thing that has changed is that the coins should have a high percentage of 70’s. I could see somewhere around 70%.
    First Step….receive coins…evaluate….check prices on ebay….decide. Maybe I just grade them for me and forget the flipping, except for the 69’s. I would have $246 per coin in them. What do you think a 69 will sell for…..break even would be about $275. Heck they should sell for that early on I would think. YEA, graded may be the way to go for me. You DID the right thing and got your costs down quick. You are in a better position than me to profit on what you have left if you want to flip graded.
    I hope you plan on keeping some for yourself.

    Just checked the bay….69’s as of today are selling +$300 , with GaleHaut selling them for $319 and she sold several last two days at that price. SO, $299 would be easy to sell in the next week or so. Yep, graded is better way to go at the moment. Could change by the time I get my coins. Still in Memphis currently.

  12. GoldFishin says

    How do you like how I decipher and think out loud by blog post? Sort of random, but I get there eventually… 🙂

  13. GoldFishin says

    OGP prices hanging in there…I may just be content to hold mine in OGP and forego all the extra work. My holding cost for the bullion is going to be lower if I just flip a couple on Ebay.
    Remember what I talked about a couple months back about reducing my holdings so I wouldn’t have to rent a Uhaul? I like NGC slabs, but they are starting to take up a lot of space also. I have thought about it a lot, I have slowly started to retain more things in OGP, but the bulk of my holdings are either outright bullion or slabbed. But, I envision taking all my gold capsules out of the OGP and being able to consolidate in a very small space. The empty OGP can all be stored in one location, but would not be necessary to store in a secure place.
    IT is a battle I am fighting in my mind….hate to bring you into it. 70 slabs have also outperformed OGP over the long run, but that gap is starting to narrow, especially where gold is concerned. For the first time in my collecting history, I began to keep some purchases in OGP starting with the BBHOF’s, USM’s ’15 PT, MOD’s, Kennedy’s, etc. Going forward I am mostly only interested in gold and it will be easy to purchase OGP, place the capsules into tubes or small zip locks, and store in an easily accessible and very secure way.

    To keep it simple I will let you know IF I decide to grade, my coins will be here today….they have arrived locally from Memphis. Right now the math is about even for flipping OGP vs. Graded, slight edge to grading, but pricing can change a lot in a week as everyone begins to receive their coins.
    I am not convinced yet, that these coins are going to retain these premiums, the potential lack of PL’s to drive prices higher will be prohibitive in my opinion. I didn’t want to answer Louis’s question tonight, I think a lot of people are still expecting to see some PL’s, but I no longer do. I would like to get flips flipped, before the reality sinks in with the masses.

  14. KCSO says

    Got 5 of 15 yesterday, all looked good. This will be a winner.

    No PLs, yet, though have to believe out of 125,000 something snuck by.

    You are so right, they frosted the lil buggers!

    Will pick the others up on Monday, in the mountains of WV for down time.

    Prices seem to be holding and more around $300 now, I like that!

    Plan on having a few graded. I’m thinking of unloading some other stuff and holding at least 6.

    You grading or sticking with you 4?

    We will have to employ F&F to increase the probability of grabbing a WLH. I’m thinking of going big, we’ll see when Mintage is released.

    Can’t believe the mint has totally gone Zipped Lipped, that’s the way forward plan I presume.

  15. KCSO says

    Oh, I like it when you,

    How do you like how I decipher and think out loud by blog post? Sort of random, but I get there eventually…

    It makes me reassess my rationale! Keep it up! Haha

  16. KCSO says

    I’m doing exactly what you elude to doing, it’s the way to go.

    I found these thick bubble wrap like zip locks, they work like a champ plus they’re frosted.

    I’ll post a link when I find them

  17. KCSO says

    I do not agree with VABEACHED – not all 70’s are investments, the majority devalue in my opinion, a 70 per your criteria is an investment, the others just have window dressing around Bullion that came with a mint premium.

  18. GoldFishin says

    Yea, the link would be great for the ziplocks. All 5 of mine received yesterday are 70’s, I still say there will be no proof likes, the finish just won’t allow it I believe, UNLESS, the missing mintage is the PL mintage, possibility I suppose, IF there are PL’s they will be rare and like hitting the lottery.
    I am going to express 4 or 5 off today keep 2 in OGP, see how many 70’s NGC allots me….sell the 69’s and maybe one 70 depending on how many I get. Submitting 4 coins I should get 3 70’s(really 4) and 1-69. If so I will sell one 70 and one 69. If I get a split, I will sell both 69’s and keep the 70’s. So, I will end up holding 2 graded 70’s and 2 OGP 70’s.
    Have fun, you deserve it….Oh…WHEN you hear the banjo music start, don’t worry..that’s just your long lost cousin Ernest T. 🙂

  19. KCSO says

    PayPal Users – Heads Up

    In April, PayPal instituted a company wide policy change that now applies Funding HOLDS on certain items, even long term customers are impacted

    Coins sells trigger this hold and they will hold funds for 7 days unless you enter tracking info. Funds are no longer immediately available, they say it’s for “Your protection’

    You must call PP and speak to a Supervisor to have the Default setting removed, though certain triggers may still enact a Hold.

    I disliked PayPal before today, I truly hate them now and wish there was an alternative.

    Just FYI

  20. GoldFishin says

    Oh, by the way….there does seem to be ever so slightly a difference in the little bit of bands that are at the bottom and at the top of the fasces. I don’t know IF it is enough for a difference in grading(shouldn’t be), BUT it could be something TPG’s look at to determine quality of strike. my first two were struck slightly better than the last 5. But, I personally don’t think NGC would take it into consideration, BUT PCGS very well might, so they can justify screwing the little guy.

  21. GoldFishin says

    Changed my mind again about grading…. OGP seems to be selling very nicely. I will forego the extra expense and work. I will try to pick a graded one up cheap down the road and try and break myself of the need to own slabbed 70’s. I can get my cost to hold the merq’s down to around $175. I am happy with that and will still have my 4. I can always change my mind later and have them graded, just won’t be ER.
    If you find the link to the zip locks, that would be great. No hurry.

    I was just checking the Truman C&C sets to see how TPG vs OGP was working out. In some cases OGP is selling for $80-$90 more than 69 graded sets. I still have two complete empty Truman OGP’s with caps. I have been holding them for just this reason. Maybe your cracking skills will come into play?

  22. KCSO says

    Just be gentle in the first several strikes and then increase pressure from there, remember, the 1/3rd portion to grip it in the locks is key and stop once it begins to split. Use the small screw driver and needle noise from there.

    Just a heads up, I sold an Ike set for high dollar last night, 130+, there is still market for these.

    Brother, you may want to wait until the Regan release and then sell your Truman, I’ve seen it before, I got high dollar selling the ’14 NA CC set a week after the ’15 came out, and look at TR CC since Truman released, my Lord!

  23. GoldFishin says

    Thanks KCSO….if you run across any of those little frosted zip locks just big enough for one capsule to fit into let me know. I don’t want my capsules clanging against each other so I am going to place them in individual zippies and then store them together for easier access and security.
    Some potential good news…maybe….my son has an interview this coming Monday for an internship in a security analyst position. I mean he has no experience other than his schooling, but the man hiring seemed quite desperate to fill the vacancy quickly, so maybe my son has a chance. As a backup, he also has an opportunity for a full time data entry position for the summer, but HE really wants the internship, and it pays. If you think prayer is effective, shoot one up thar in the mtns. of WV. We would appreciate it!

  24. KCSO says

    That’s great to hear GF, hope your son lands the internship, sounds very promising!

    If I may add.., the Prize in the internship is the experienced gain, or more importantly the name affiliation.., that makes the difference in today’s dog eat dog world of receiving the offer. At this stage, $ should an after thought, land the right gig and w/i 24 mos it’s a net zero sum game.

    It’s tough being a Millinium, I would not want to enter into this job market. Sounds like your son is focused so that is great.., it’ll all work out.

    It’s not too early to start on next year’s internship or courting the preferred hiring firm/company.., takes a lot of time, energy and drive.., but your son needs to understand the real fun in life and setting the foundation starts in your 30’s.., the 20’s is just window dressing and gamesmanship in my opinion.

    If I could impart a few things to your son for success, it would be – work hard, reputation makes or breaks, attitude is everything, Network Network Network, and company name affiliation!

    Oh, and relax Dad, in due time he’ll be buying you gold coins for Christmas… 😉

  25. KCSO says

    Speaking of gold coins for Christmas, what’s on your Santa’s wish list this year?
    I’m going to try to work in a reindeer hunt up north, always wanted to do that.

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