Austria 2015 “Quaternary – Life on the Ground” 20 Euro Silver Coin

The Austrian Mint will soon release the fifth and final coin in the series “Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead.” The design for the final coin in the series features captivating images the woolly mammoth.

The coin represents life on the ground during the Quaternary period, which began 2.6 million years ago. Previous coins in the series have been issued for life in the water during the Triassic period, life in the air during the Jurassic period, life on the ground during the Cretaceous period., and life on the ground during the Tertiary period.


The obverse design of the latest coin in the series features a mammoth in profile dominating the background against the faint impression of a snowy landscape. In the foreground is the skull and tusk of a mammoth next to a timeline, which has been used to link the coins of the series.


The reverse design features a dramatic Ice Age hunting scene with homo sapiens brandishing flaming torches and spears as they attack a mammoth. The Quaternary period was also when humans came into being.

Each coin is struck in 90% silver to proof quality and carries a face value of 20 euro. The diameter is 34 mm and the weight is 20 grams. There is a maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces. Orders for the coin are already being accepted for the coin at this page on the Austrian Mint website with a release date of March 18, 2015.

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