Royal Australian Mint Magna Carta, Unlikely Heroes, and Ballot Offer

The Royal Australian Mint has started accepting orders for new coins celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and “unlikely heroes great and small.” A special 2015 ANZAC Centenary Two Coin Set is also available by ballot.

Magna Carta Coin

A 20-cent copper nickel coin is issued to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. The revolutionary declaration ensured that future rulers were bound by law and could not stop citizens from enjoying their rights and freedoms. The reverse design features a representation of King John’s original seal on the 1215 Magna Carta.

Each coin is struck in copper nickel with an uncirculated finish and carries a weight of 11.30 grams and diameter of 28.52 mm. The maximum mintage is 30,000 pieces.


A new six coin series will honor “unlikely heroes great and small” as part of the commemoration of the Centenary of Anzac. The first colored frosted uncirculated coin features the feline mascot of the HMAS Encounter peering out of the cannon, surrounded by a color printed barometric scale typical of weather reading instruments.


A second coin within the series honors Murphy the Donkey. John Simpson Kirkpatrick, a stretcher-bearer with the 3rd Field Ambulance, decided that one donkey named Murphy was destined for greater duties. A simple blanket and bandages gave Murphy a saddle and a bridle, and he became an ambulance to carry battle worn and wounded soldiers. The reverse design features a modern interpretation of Murphy the Donkey against an artist’s rendition of the landscape of war.

Each of the Unlikely Heroes Coins are struck in aluminum bronze with a frosted uncirculated finish, weight of 9 grams, and diameter of 25mm. Each coin carries a mintage of 30,000 pieces.

The three coins above can be found in the new releases section of the Royal Australian Mint website.


I recently received by mail this year’s Royal Australian Mint ballot coin offer. Any customers who made a purchase from the RAM in the last twelve months should have received the ballot. Collectors who did not receive a ballot or have not made a purchase can find the ballot on the RAM’s website here.

The two coin set is limited to 1,915 sets and contains coins from the Royal Australian Mint and New Zealand Post. Collectors who want a chance of purchasing the set can return one or more ballots. If selected, the set can be purchased at A$500 or $454.54 international.

The coin from the RAM is triangular shaped and captures the virtues of mateship and commitment shown by Australians and New Zealanders who fought, and often died, side by side on Gallipoli. The coin is struck in 99.9% pure silver as a color printed proof with a weight of 22.23 grams and daiemter of 33.90 mm.

The coin from New Zealand Post features a New Zealand and Australian soldier against a mangopare pattern, a symbol associated with warriors, strength, and determination. The coins are struck in 1 oz of 99.9% silver as a color printed proof with a diameter of 40 mm. The mintage is indicated at 10,000 pieces.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Yes, I received the ballot but will pass, for that money I can think of many more…

  2. Michael Zielinski says

    On March 24, RAM indicated: “This ballot was very popular with over 12,000 entries. We have started to notify the successful entrants and payments are being processed – congratulations to those who will be receiving this special set. The unsuccessful entrants will also be notified over the coming week. “

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