2014 Christmas and Holiday Themed Coins

Leading up to the holiday season, World Mint News Blog and Coin Update have covered many of the Christmas or holiday themed coins offered by various world mints. In this post, I wanted to bring together a showcase of these coins which feature great diversity in design and in technological enhancements.

Each coin image will be followed by some brief comments and a link back to the full original article. Merry Christmas or happy holidays to readers and feel free to share your favorite holiday coins in the comments!

Perth Mint Christmas 2014 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin

The Perth Mint released the 1/2 oz silver coin shown above, which features a silhouette of Santa Claus and his sleigh against an enlarged full moon. The coin incorporates an “augmented reality” feature which allows the reverse design to be transformed into a multimedia portrayal of Santa Claus delivering the coin on Christmas Eve. The multimedia portrayal can be experienced by downloading the free DAQRI application to a smartphone or tablet and then holding the device’s camera over the reverse of the coin. I was actually able to get this to work by downloading the app and focusing my phone’s camera on the image of the coin on my computer screen! [original coverage]


Adding to their extensive line of official Disney licensed coins, the Perth Mint has also issued a Disney Season’s Greetings 1/2 oz Silver Proof Coin. The reverse design features images of favorite characters dressed in holiday attire with gifts and a Christmas tree.


The Royal Canadian Mint released a coin under their “$20 for $20” silver coin program which features a fanciful depiction of a snowman in a snowball fight. Each coin is struck in 7.96 grams of 99.9% pure silver and was offered for its face value of $20. I couldn’t resist picking up a few of these to distribute as Christmas gifts to a few lucky family members.  [original article]

ultra-high-relief christmas coin

For the first time ever, the Royal Canadian Mint issued an ultra high relief coin with color. The reverse design features the image of a colorful Christmas ornament which carries a deeply indented star at center surrounded by a blossom of colors in green, red, and blue. The coin is quadruple struck , hand polished, and uses a sheet effect colorization technique that makes the colors glitter under light. [original article]


Another special holiday themed coin from Canada uses their popular feature of a three-dimensional Venetian glass inset. The design of the coin carries an outdoor winter scene including a Christmas tree with a pair of ice skates beneath, a snow covered log cabin, a wooden bench with a cup of hot cocoa, and snow covered trees with snow flakes in the air. The Venetian glass snowman at the center of the coin is handcrafted by master glass makers in Murano, Italy, Vio col vetro, which means each snowman is unique.


A final Canadian coin worth showcasing is the 50-cent cupronickel coin which includes a two image lenticular design to create a 3D effect. The first image of the coin shows an evergreen outdoors depicted in cool shades of blue and violet. The second image shows the tree transported into a home where it has been decorated and surrounded by presents depicted in warm vibrant colors.


Produced by the Pobjoy Mint and issued under the authority of the Isle of Man are a series of coins showcasing some beloved holiday characters. Cupronickel, silver, and gold coins across various sizes and denominations are available featuring characters from The Snowman, a popular children’s picture book and later an animated film. My kids were excited to see pictures of these coins since they recognized the characters from the book and film.  [original article]


A coin produced by the Mint of Poland and issued under the authority of the island of Niue features some unique aspects. Images of snowflakes which are present on the coin come from the first photographs of snowflakes made in 1880 by Wilson A. Bentley. A special 4-angle latent image technique has been used so that depending on the angle of the coin four different snow flakes can be seen. The design is completed with image of the two angels from the “Sistine Madonna” painting by Raphael Santi. [original article]


To wrap things up, here is a New Year’s Eve themed coin from the Royal Australian Mint. The design shows landmarks of Sydney with a colored display of fireworks overhead. [original article]

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  1. GoldFishin says

    Yes, my son starts the 31st….he is currently studying to try and get his A++ certification? Think that is what he said….may just be A+. Anyway, they are going to place him with a skilled professional and train him in cyber security and various other IT related services that affect the company he is working for. It sounds like a perfect fit for him, although he wants to have a career exclusively dedicated to cyber security in the future.

  2. GoldFishin says

    I like the design of the $20 for $20 snowman. I use to collect the $20 for $20 series until they kept increasing the mintages and stopped caring about the designs. I like the snowman!

  3. GoldFishin says

    I am for normalizing rates….I think the FED should just stop with the BS and do it already. All they are doing now is talking the market up and down and making their buddies rich. This is the kind of central planning that most conservatives and all liberals tacitly approve of, but rail against when it comes election time. It is destructive and unconstitutional.
    The markets don’t believe the FED will raise rates this year……..the yield curve is as flat as the pancakes I make for breakfast and raising rates will only flatten it further unless we have a very healthy selloff in the bond market. I was perplexed at the move in financials yesterday on a rumour, wasn’t surprised at all when they took most of it back today.
    The real reason there is such hesitance for the FED to normalize rates is the estimated 200 trillion worth of CDO’s and CDS’s in the global marketplace. If these death instruments were to ever have to be paid off, it would cripple the world economy and collapse capitalism as an economic system.
    Washington has knowingly allowed these instruments to be traded above and beyond what could ever be paid off. Reason. Greed, GS and the too big to fail brokers and banks are getting rich selling these things. This is the dirty little secret nobody dare mention and the beat goes on even as I type.
    As I have mentioned before, I am an independent thinker, I don’t follow the crowd and I don’t fit into any kind of box. I understand that people who make their living in the capital markets love zero interest rate policy, but this policy is so destructive to our future as a nation and to our posterity that will have to live with the consequences of a vanquished capitalist economic system. It is very selfish for people to wish for the party to just continue unabated. Of course, once the house of cards collapses the politicians in charge will be blamed because there is only a very few people that understand the problem and are willing to speak about it. So, every president and most politicians just keep kicking the can down the road until one day it won’t be able to be kicked any further. Moar later….

  4. GoldFishin says

    After rereading my post…that sounded like a rant….wasn’t meant to be. I have a pinched nerve in my neck right now that is screaming shooting pain in my right shoulder and chest area. Seeing a chiro as of yesterday and luckily I am not too late for treatment although I have C6 and C7 degenerating a bit. A few months and I should be back to full performance…caught it in time. Cheers!

  5. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Yikes, hope you’re feeling better! Better take care of yourself for that extended date with a fishing rod in retirement! I read that the gulf is slowly making a come back, though I believe half of what I ever read (except your post ;), which I often read three times over). I was on the gulf last fall and there was a massive fish kill, I suspect read tide though the local news paper said there was no evidence of it. There was reds, and big reds the size of your leg, everywhere. I have a friend down in Ft Meyer’s area, he says the black grouper which is protected, has really made a come back. Said they’ve gotten too big, and in some instances like up to 300-400 lbs, and eat everything.., I like to land one of those, group, now that’s some good eating there! Light beer batter, flashed fried.., oh my!

    Here’s an article on things to watch in the coming week:

    Will be interesting to see how it plays out. No sure how much faith you put into that Death Cross touted by Bloomberg this week, valuations don’t seem to support it relative to past incidences, though there’s enough global uncertainty/political tension to trigger any thing at any time (currently). Hate to say it, though we’re over due on and on borrowed time for something big coming in from left field. I’m not a pessimist, just don’t like getting caught with my pants down, especially when living in the vicinity of where I live.

    Not sure how I got off on that tangent.., anyhoo, I expected more of a reset in the equities market earlier this year on news of China issues, this market sure is resilient, almost too resilient IMO, though what do I know.

    I do know that clown that dropped his price on those Merc 70’s to $295 is a sob clown! I’m not following him down, he’ll be out soon if not already. But why these people make just drastic underpricing moves I just will never understand, he’s prices on his other stuff was jacked up. Guess he needed cash, and fast.

  6. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Worse comes to worse on the Merc market, I’ll just hold on to what I have.

    With the recognition that this is likely the last Hoorahhh for my Modern coin habit for the next few years, or perhaps longer, I’m more incline to buy into these and hold what I have. As you’ve said, it’s in the budget (thus far).

    This is the first quarter, with the SLQ, WLH, and the APE quarters to go, then it’s game over for US Mint moderns for me as I see it playing out. A gold Peace offering in ’21 would be killer, and a Lunar Comm in ’19, though as it stands now, don’t anticipate much else to come a long. You were so right when you catagorized a lot of this as pretty lil bullion, so much of past years offerings can be had for $15-$30 over spot. For the gold BHoFs’ to reset like they have, that’s a pretty good indicator that the collector base is quite limited and may not even number 40,000.

  7. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- thanks for the link and your regards. My nephew just bought a new boat and took it out 40 miles on his first trip. Fishing in the gulf is very good from what I hear and from some of the photos my nephews have sent me, there are a lot of big fish out there. The fishing is definitely off for now…I can’t use my right arm or shoulder for much of anything right now without a lot of shooting pain, although my muscles and strength are fine. I’ve never had a pinched nerve before and it is really a weird thing. I am planning on full recovery…it takes a while for a nerve to heal once it is inflamed and irritated, so I’ll let the Chiro do his work and meanwhile I have more time to trade.

    I’ve seen just as many of those death crosses fail as come to pass, so I take it for what its worth….just an indication that value and momentum have peaked. Sometimes fundamentals will worsen and sometimes they don’t. Oil is still trending higher for now, so it is completely viable that equities will follow oil higher as well. I am hedged both long and short, so I don’t care which way it goes, just as long as it goes somewhere.
    You have done well with the Merq’s and have reduced your cost nicely, so what does it matter if you end up holding on to a few more than you wanted to. You are in for a good price basis and that’s all that matters.
    Yep, pretty bullion…look at it that way…figure out a way to reduce your cost, and IF you see no viable way to reduce cost, just stay away from it, unless you like the design and just have to own it. Your a quick study and quite the photographer also! 🙂 Cheers!

  8. GoldFishin says

    More on the death cross…..a lot of the accuracy of this moving average pattern depends on the time scale and definition the technician is utilizing. On a daily scale this chart pattern happens quite frequently and as I mentioned has a history of mixed results after the pattern appears. Sometimes by the time the pattern occurs, the selling is almost over and the market is ready to rally and even enter a longer bull run. I think most technicians say the daily “death cross” is when the 50day crosses below the 200day.

    On a weekly timescale the death cross occurs when the 50wk moving average crosses below the 100wk moving average(although some use the 200wk moving average). This signal doesn’t happen very often, but as I mentioned, usually signals a top and break down of momentum, which usually also coincide with a reverse of trend of fundamental earnings.
    The last three death crosses on a WEEKLY scale have been followed by a significant decline, BUT they were also preceded by a fairly high percentage decline before the signal occurred. This current weekly “death cross” is a bit different because it has occurred after a long sideways consolidation period, instead of a healthy decline.
    What this says to me is that we could be in the last throes of a bull market that could be followed by a rather steep decline OR because of the consolidation that we have witnessed over the last year and a half, we could experience a shallower decline that could be followed up by a break out to new highs and another leg up in this bull market. I have a bearish bent, but I have no clue what will happen. I DO think that once significant technical levels have been breached, either up or down, the herd will follow and we will get a significant move.
    I will watch it more closely….it IS showing up on the weekly time frame. The weekly is how I identify a longer trend and even the monthly time frame before that. The weekly is now sufficiently bought on my oscillators. MACD is already declining, BUT IF a person is short equities the weekly charts can stay overbought longer than some people can remain solvent. As long as you have investors like Warren Buffet willing to buy 1 billion dollars worth of AAPL stock and the Federal Reserve artificially lifting equities, the averages can remain aloft longer than they probably should.

  9. KCSO says

    Partner, you may have a micro tear and may want to go to a specialists or a PT for a second opinion.

    I had a micro tear a few years ago when I was collecting fire wood in the snow and my foot fell through a hole, the toe of my show grabbed something and the rest of my weight went to the other end.., I dropped like a rock and wanted to cry like a little girl.., after about 10 minutes of being balled up, my girlfriend came outside wondering what I was screwing around with out there.. LoL

    Definitely get a steroid shot, that’ll help with the inflammation, a foot is one thing, a shoulder I can’t image!

    More later, busy week trying to play catch up. Looks like the precious metals are selling off today

  10. GoldFishin says

    I am starting to wonder IF it is something besides a pinched nerve, which I do have. I start off each morning ok, almost pain free, but once I begin to move around some the stinging starts normally in my right arm pit and back shoulder, the more strenuous activity I engage in, the worse it becomes until I lay down and take a rest on my left side for 30 minutes to an hour, rinse and repeat. I saw my neck xrays and they were pretty bad and my chiropractor believe there in no doubt it is a pinched nerve, the severity he said is hard to tell without an MRI. Both doctors I saw do not believe it is a muscle, but I will keep your advice and if I don’t show some significant progress by the end of next week, I will seek out another opinion and an MRI.
    I only began treatment on Friday and my neck is much better and freer already, but my chiro thinks it will take 2-3 months to be back to normal. I will very definitely keep your experience in mind, I have also had friends that had something similar to what you are talking about and after they thought they were better ending up with a complete tear away of their muscle. One was a bicep, the other was a pectoral. Either one just hurts to think about it. So, I am already taking it easy and not pushing the envelope at all.

    Dollar up, market up, metals down…..as it should be. Got some movement in the market which I most definitely like.

  11. KCSO says

    Ouch, I feel for ya! Man I bet that’s a challenge, yeah, don’t push your luck and let that heal. A MRI might just be worth the time, and a good cortisone shot.

    On a positive note, no yard work till August! 😉

    So, so missed the boat on unloading the 70’s.., which I just received today. Market imploded 10 days ago from what I’ve saw this morning. I’ll let the 69 go, and list a 70 that’s $389 and let it sit.

    Not about to let these go for under $300, screw it, I’ll just keep them. Who knows, we have two more releases, something unexpected may occur,

    Rest Up!

  12. KCSO says

    Oh, you can put a Merc dime in the gold WHL capsules and then insert back into OGP, and it’ll hold nicely. I’ll send some pics when able.

    My nephews are getting a ’40’s AU Merc in the case and a slabbed 70 for Christmas. The boys need to take an interest in something other than video games.

  13. GoldFishin says

    I love Merq’s…..I always have my eye on whats available on Ebay. Patience can equal a good deal. Sooner or later you get someone who is desperate to sell their or a relative’s collection. It doesn’t happen often, but part of the fun is the hunt, right?

    Yea, I wouldn’t give your 70’s away either. Good to know that the capsules will hold a regular merq. I felt sure that they wouldn’t, I didn’t even try it. I have quite a few AU/BU toned merq’s that I bought 4 years ago when somebody on the bay was selling off an entire collection of nicely toned and rainbow merq’s and roosevelts. Many of them would grade MS, I haven’t looked at them in a long time, but I would like to transfer some of them to capsules instead of the old classic window flips they are in.

    Ha, did a little light gardening today and my shoulder held up fairly well. I think the pinched nerve may be on the mend? I did have to take about a 30 minute nap to calm it down midday, but after that it did pretty good. I have known my chiropractor for about 25 years, he fixed me up once after I was rear ended in a auto accident. I hadn’t seen him since about 2002 when my insurance quit paying for the maintenance visits. I should have just paid out of pocket and kept a maintenance program up. I won’t make that mistake again. I was so glad he hadn’t retired yet, he is the most ethical and decent man you would ever want to meet and he really knows what he is doing. I don’t know how many people I have referred to him over the years, but it is a bunch and they all were happy.

    Nice gift for your nephew’s….I hope they hold on to them for the duration. IF any of my relatives would have ever given me gifts like that when I was young, I would still have them for sure. My own nephew’s would sell them, so they get cash instead of gold from me. They both have nice jobs now though, so they might hold on to them since they don’t need the money. However, I still don’t take the chance. 🙂

  14. GoldFishin says

    Going on a trip to Latvia for some R&R and to see a few friends while I have down time. 😉

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