Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases November 2014

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders from the general public for many new product releases. The latest batch includes numerous animal themed coins across gold, silver, and platinum coins. Historical events, figures, and artists related to Canada are also featured.

All of the new products can now be found within the new releases section of the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.

2014 Canada Lynx Ultra High Relief Silver Coin

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A new ultra high relief silver proof coin features the Canada Lynx. The reverse design carries a close up portrait of the Lynx, with its ruffed face, tufted ears, and sharp teeth shown in detail. The coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 30.76 grams and diameter of 36.15 mm. The maximum mintage is 6,000 pieces.

White-Tailed Deer: A Doe and Her Fawns Silver Coin

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The fourth and final 1 oz silver proof coin is issued in the series highlighting the white-tailed deer. The latest coin features a depiction of a white-tailed doe and her two young fawns within their summer habitat. The issue is limited to a mintage of 7,500 pieces.

2015 White Tailed Deer Platinum Coin

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A 1 oz 99.95% pure platinum proof coin also takes focus on the white-tailed deer. The reverse design features a scene of two mature male white-tailed deer as they lock antler racks during an autumn rut. Detailed engraving and multiple finishes are used to bring out details within the design. The coins are limited to a mintage of just 200 pieces.

2015 Half Kilogram Silver Horse Coin

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The Royal Canadian Mint has released their second 1/2 kilogram silver coin struck on a unique new 85-millimeter blank. The reverse design features an image of three Canadian horses bounding through a cascade of maples leaves. A maximum mintage of 1,000 pieces has been established. The previous 1/2 kilogram silver coin has sold out.

2015 Beaver at Work Silver Coin

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A 1 oz silver colored coin features a beaver at work. The reverse design contains a colored depiction of a beaver within its natural habitat as it cuts down a tree. Selective coloring is used to showcase the subtle variations in the fur’s hue. A maximum mintage of 7,500 has been established.

Baby Burrowing Owl Silver coin

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The latest coin in the Baby Animals series features the Baby Burrowing Owl. The reverse design shows an adult Burrowing Owl standing next to its owlet while holding a grasshopper in its beak. The owlet is presented in color with selecting coloring showcasing its brown and white speckled plumage. The 1 oz silver proof coin carries a maximum mintage of 7,500 pieces.

Canadian Dinosaurs: Albertosaurus Silver Coin

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The final coin within the Canadian Dinosaurs series features the Albertosaurus sarcophagus which lived in what is now western Canada during the late Cretaceous period between 72 and 68 million years ago. The creature resembles a slender, long-limbed Tyrannosaurus rex. The coin is struck in 1 oz of 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a mintage of 8,500 pieces.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Silver coin

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The 100th anniversary of the completion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, which linked eastern Canada to the Pacific, is commemorated on a 2 oz 99.99% pure silver proof coin. The reverse design of the coin features the image of a 1914-era steam train as it crosses the Grand Trunk Bridge in Saskatoon at the time of the railway’s completion. The silver coin is limited to a mintage of 5,000 pieces.

The same design is also featured on a 2 oz 99.99% pure gold proof coin, which is limited to a mintage of 300 pieces.

Cornelius Krieghoff Silver Coin Set

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A silver three coin set highlights the work of 19th century Canadian painter Cornelius Krieghoff. Each of the coins features an engraved detail from one of the artist’s works along with a reproduction of the artist’s signature. The three works featured are Hunter in Winter, c. 1855-1865; Moccasin Seller Crossing the St. Lawrence at Quebec City, c. 1853-1863; and Indian Wigwam in Lower Canada, 1848.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 23.17 grams and diameter of 36.07 mm. A maximum mintage of 7,000 has been established.

George-Étienne Cartier Silver Coin

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A 1 oz silver coin features a portrait of George-Étienne Cartier, who is counted amongst the key Fathers of the Canadian Confederation. Part of the facade of Province House in Charlottetown appears in the background and the portrait is bordered by maple leaves. A maximum mintage of 8,500 pieces has been established.

100th Anniversary of Hockey Canada Silver Coin

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An important milestone for amateur hockey in Canada is celebrated on a new 1 oz silver proof coin. The coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), which was the precursor to Hockey Canada. The design features a maple leaf divided by the outline of a hockey player with the two sides enhanced by red and black enamel. The coin has a mintage of 7,500 pieces and is currently subject to an ordering limit of one coin per household.

Polar Bear and Cub Silver Coin

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A 1 oz silver proof coin features the iconic polar bear and cub design. The coin carries a mintage of 7,500 pieces.

A 1/4 oz gold proof coin is also available featuring the same design, with a mintage of 2,000 pieces.

2014 Interconnection Sea Gold Coin

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The third 1/2 oz gold proof coin in the three coin “Interconnection” series is dedicated to the sea. The central motif is an Orca stylized in the tradition of Everson’s K’ómoks and Kwakwaka’wakw ancestors. The image is framed by a circle representing the rim of the moon. The maximum mintage for the issue is 1,500 pieces.

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