Latvia 2014 Coin of the Seasons 5 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released their latest silver collector coin which is dedicated to Latvian ethnographic and folklore traditions. The design of the coin features different representations of the four seasons.

2014 Coin of the Seasons Silver coin

The obverse design includes the sun at the center with its ray emanating throughout the coin. The images of four farm laborers are present, each performing an activity typical for one of the seasons. There is a woodcutter for winter, a sowing man for spring, a crop harvester for summer, and a thresher for autumn. The ancient names of the months concluding each season are shown around the outer rim of the coin. The inscription “5 EURO” appears at the base of the woodcutter image.


The center of the reverse of the coin includes a potato with straws stuck into it, which is a traditional interior decoration of ancient Latvians. Four figures appear surrounding the potato to represent Latvian seasonal traditions. There is Father Christmas for winter, a girl swinging at Easter for the spring, a midsummer celebrant for summer, and mummers who roamed farmsteads from Martinmas to Shrovetide for autumn. The names of the ancient seasonal celebrations are shown around the outer rim of the coin. The inscription “LATVIJA” and the date of issue “2014” also appear.

The edge includes the inscriptions LATVIJAS BANKA and LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA, separated by rhombic dots.

Each coin is struck in 92.5% silver to proof quality. The weight is 22.00 grams and the diameter is 35.00 mm. The artists of the coin are Arvīds Priedīte (graphic design), Ligita Franckeviča (plaster model).

A maximum mintage of 10,000 pieces has been indicated. The collector coins are on sale at Cashier’s Offices of the Bank of Latvia priced at 35.99 euro.

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  1. KCSO says

    Nah, your quote about “pretty lil bullion” stuck, & it stuck hard. Totally changed my perspective, I see it now and I thank you for it.

    I’m having to spend my precious time when I’d rather be working simulations to extract some cash for what’s coming on the 21st or 28th, & it’s slow going. Not a lot of movement on a lot of stuff unless it’s to good of a deal. Auctions have been getting slaughtered, too many pain points and people running auctions that compete with stable range BINS.

    I about wreck my 4Runner this evening, Lou said buying a lot of this stuff in lieu of BU may be a big mistake! Talk about a break through moment. You, Boss, & LG now having me thinking and regretting not buying fractional AGE and 1 ouncers.

    We’ve talked about this before, it just has a lot more sting now that the illiquidity has become as issue.

    I know see 70 labels as a liquidity certification that may, in the time of need, facilitate a timely transaction with perhaps some premium over spot, which will be negotiated.

    If that makes sense

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