Royal Australian Mint Marks 50th Anniversary and Other New Releases

The Royal Australian Mint has just started accepting preorders for a number of new product releases. This includes uncirculated and proof sets which incorporate a special coin to mark the 50th anniversary of the Mint in 2015. Other coins feature the Great Barrier Reef, Eternal Love, and the Alphabet. The latest Remembrance Day, Australia at War, and ANZAC Cententary Coin Program releases are also available.

All of the coins and sets can be found in the new releases section of the Royal Australian Mint website. Preorders can be placed now, with the new coins to begin shipping on October 24 or 30, 2014.

Royal Australian Mint 50th Anniversary Coin

The Royal Australian Mint is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the release of Six Coin Year Sets which contain a unique 50 cent coin with a honeycomb design. The Royal Australian Mint had opened on February 22, 1965 and was tasked with producing Australia’s circulating coins for the changeover to decimal currency. The special coin with the honeycomb design is intended to represent the expertise and ingenuity of the employees of the mint who make world renowned coins.

The 2015 Six Coin Uncirculated Set containing the coin shown above is limited to a mintage of 100,000. The 2015 Six Coin Proof Set contains a gold plated proof honey comb coin and is limited to a mintage of 50,000.

2015 Great Barrier Reef Silver Coin

The Great Barrier Reef is featured on a new silver coin, highlighting its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2,000 kilometers, consisting of over 900 islands, and is home to thousands of species of coral, fish, birds, and sea mammals. The reverse design of the coin depicts a clownfish in color within its sea anemone. Each coin is struck in 1 ounce of 99.99% silver to proof quality with a maximum mintage of 5,000 pieces.

A 99.99% pure 1/4 oz gold version of the coin is also available. The coin features the same design without color application and has a mintage of 1,500 pieces.

2014 100th Anniversary AIF Convoy Silver Coin

The latest release within the ANZAC Centenary Coin Program honors the beginning of the ANZAC story by recognizing the 100th anniversary of when the first Australian Imperial Force convoy sailed from Albany, Western Australia to Egypt transporting Australian and New Zealand troops to the First World War. The reverse design captures the faces of the brave and the magnificence of the convoy with a single horseman in the background. The 99.99% pure 1 oz silver coin is struck to proof quality with a mintage of 10,000 pieces.

A 99.99% pure 1/10 oz gold proof version is also available featuring the same design. The mintage is limited to 1,500.

Australia at War Coins

The latest three releases from the Australia at War series are entitled “The Western Front”, “Gallipoli Campaign”, and “Australian Flying Corps”. Each copper nickel 50 cent coin is struck with an uncirculated finish and carries a mintage of 50,000 pieces.

2014 Remembrance Day Coin

A colored circulating coin has been released to mark Remembrance Day in 2014. The design features a dove and olive branch as the symbols of peace surrounded by concentric circles of green. The $2 colored uncirculated aluminum bronze coin with a “C” mint mark has a mintage of 50,000 pieces.

2015 Eternal Love Coin

A heart-shaped coin is dedicated to eternal love and is targeted as a gift for special occasions. The reverse design features forget-me-not flowers, an eternity knot, and the words “Eternal Love” in red. Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 31.10 grams and dimensions of 42.87 x 38.47 mm. The maximum mintage is 15,000 pieces. A gift card is included with the coin to write a personal message.

Australian Alphabet Series

The new Alphabet Series features 26 separate coins for each letter of the alphabet. Each coin features the letter with a corresponding Australian animal as well as hidden objects beginning with the same letter. These coins can be used to provide a personalized gift for a special occasion by including the recipient’s initials or even spelling out the entire name.

The coins shown above feature the Xenica Butterfly for X, the Yabby for Y, and the Zebra Fish for Z.

Each coin is struck in 99.9% silver with a frosted uncirculated finish, weight of 11.66 grams, diameter of 25.00 mm, and mintage of 5,000 pieces. The coins can be purchased individually or as a complete 26 coin collection.

Lower priced versions are also available struck in aluminum bronze with a frosted uncirculated finish and unlimited mintage. Additionally, Baby sets can be ordered which include a personalized coin.

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  1. Koichi Ito says

    I predict that the Great Barrier Reef silver and gold coins will be an instant sell out. So if I were you. I will buy them.

  2. VARich says

    Koichi Ito – I like the Barrier Reef coin as well, guess it is a one time offering and not part of a larger series to come?

  3. Mr. Kairu says

    Curse these custom coins’ high price tags… I want the Eternal Love coin for my wife who needs something to help her get involved (or at least deal with) my coin collecting hobby. 😛

  4. Zeeman says

    A while ago somone said they want the “Russia 2014 450th Anniversary Galileo Galilei 25 Roubles Silver Coin”
    the color one 5oz with mintage of 150, i been trying to find one, finally found some dealer in Russia, he only wants $7000.00 for it, if somone here needs it, i can give you the info of that dealer, $7000.00 ahhh, i have to read it few times to make sure my eyes were fine, or i guess i was hoping one zero will disapper.

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