Perth Mint New Product Releases October 2014

The Perth Mint’s latest batch of monthly new product releases begins with the colored proof versions and Typeset collection for the Australian Lunar Series 2015 Year of the Goat Coins. New releases are available from the Land Down Under, Australian Map-Shaped, and Mother’s Love coin series. Also, the final release of the Gods of Olympus series was a quick sell out.

2015 Year of the Goat Silver Proof Coin

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The 2015 Year of the Goat Silver Proof Colored Coins feature a reverse design depicting a family of three goats within a rural scene. The goats are presented in color. Individual 1 oz and 1/2 oz coins are available with a maximum mintage of 10,000 for each size.

2015 Year of the Goat Colored Gold Proof Coin

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The 2015 Year of the Goat Gold Proof Colored Coins feature a colored depiction of an adult male goat standing on a ridge within a stylized mountain scene. Individual 1 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz sized coins are available. The maximum mintage is 3,000 for the 1 oz size, and 5,000 each for the 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz sizes.

2015 Year of the Goat Typeset Collection

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Completing the range of new Australian Lunar products is the 2015 Year of the Goat Silver Typeset Collection. The set includes four 1 oz silver coins featuring different finishes within presentation display packaging. A proof coin features a frosted design against a mirror like polished table. A gilded coin features the design highlighted in 24 karat gold. A colored coin features the goats depicted in three contrasting shades. A bullion coin features a mirrored design against a frosted table.

The Typeset Collection has a product limit of 1,500 units. The coins in the set have maximum mintages of 8,500 (proof), 50,000 (gilded), 170,000 (colored), and 300,000 (bullion).

Land Down Under Rock Fishing Coins

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The latest releases in the Land Down Under series carry depictions of Rock Fishing, a dangerous but extremely popular activity across Australia and New Zealand. A 1 oz silver proof coin with a maximum mintage of 5,000 depicts a fisherman reeling in his catch from a rock platform. The design is depicted in color framed within the map shape of Australia. A 1/4 oz proof gold coin with a maximum mintage of 1,000 depicts a fisherman and his son fishing from a rock platform.

Each coin is packaged in a contemporary, Australian map shaped latex case, which allows both sides of the coin to be viewed.

Map Shaped Coin Saltwater Crocodile

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The sixth release within the Australian Map Shaped Coin Series features the Saltwater Crocodile. The reverse design features a depiction of a saltwater crocodile against a colored wild wetlands background. The 1 oz silver proof coin is in the map shape of Australia with a maximum width of 40.60 mm and maximum thickness of 4.00 mm. The maximum mintage is 6,000 pieces.

The previous releases of the series have featured the Kookaburra, Emu, Kangaroo, Platypus, and Koala. The first four coins have sold out, while the Koala coin is close to a sell out.


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The fifth and final release within the Mother’s Love series features the Orangutan. The reverse design carries a colored depiction of a baby orangutan climbing over its mother’s shoulder in the rainforest. The 1/2 oz silver proof coin carries a maximum mintage of 6,000 pieces.

The previous releases of the series have featured the Lioness, Asian Elephant, Giraffe, and Brown Bear. All coins still remain available for sale.

Hades Silver Coin

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The third and final release within the Gods of Olympus series features Hades, the god of the underworld and ruler of the dead. The reverse design carries a depiction of Hades sitting on his throne made of bones and skulls while wearing his invisibility helmet. At his side is Cerberus, his three-headed watchdog. Each coin is struck in 2 oz of silver in high relief to a rimless format with an antique finish. There is a maximum mintage of 1,500 pieces.

The series has been extremely popular with quick sell outs for the first two coins featuring Zeus and Poseidon. The Hades coin is also shown as no longer available.

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  1. Samuel says

    last night’s order is already “picked”, 3-4 days faster than before. seems not that many business at themint these days.

  2. VA Rich says

    Anyone have a bead on a source for the 2014 450th Anniversary Galileo Galilei 25 Roubles Special Silver Coin? Thx

  3. Mike says

    I have been collecting the map shaped coins. I thought the series was going to end. The first ones i payed $100 each for so now i have alot of money in the six coins. and not much hope of getting it back.
    Looking for some hope!

  4. Samuel says

    “Future assured for popular series
    Contrary to information presented in this month’s Bulletin, this unique series is certain to continue in 2015 and beyond. Designs under consideration feature an adventurous and exciting selection of Australian animals that we’re sure will delight collectors going forward.”

  5. Mike says

    I do not think the continuation of the map shaped series is a good thing for my investment in the first six.
    As for the popularity of the series it seem to me that for a mintage of only 6000 per coin it is taking a long time for the coins to sell out.

  6. CW says

    I don’t know why some mint can’t do an evil goat coin. If ever there was an animal to make mean this is it. Perth really needs a new artist – uninspired all around.

  7. G says

    An evil goat would be funny. Could be packaged with the Hades coin. I like the Greek god coins a lot- missed out on them from the mint and they haven’t really gone down on the secondary market.

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