2014 Baccarat “French Excellency” Gold and Silver Coins

A new collection from the Monnaie de Paris entitled “Excellence à la française” (French Excellency) showcases the best of traditional French craftsmanship. The first releases in the series highlight the work of the Baccarat crystal company.

The same intricate design is featured across three different sized gold and two different sized silver coins. The largest gold coin weighs in at 1 kilo and comes with a large crystal octagon with a slot to fit the coin.

2014 Baccarat Gold Coin

The obverse design features the pattern on Tzarina Marie Alexandrovna’s pedestal table, which was commissioned by her husband Tzar Alexander II. It was part of a set including a pedestal table, a fountain, and a candelabra. At the center is a reproduction of the “RF” symbol which is used in Baccarat’s “Présidence de la République” service.

reverseThe reverse focuses on craftsmanship with an image of the rich details of the foot of the Tzar’s glass. Also included is a contemporary depiction of a glassblower forming the glass. The face value for each coin incorporates the characteristic red colored Baccarat octagon as one of the zeroes.

A 90% silver version with a denomination of 10 euro has a weight of 22.2 grams, diameter of 37 mm, and mintage of 10,000. A 95% silver version with a denomination of 50 euro has a weight of 163.8 grams (5 oz), diameter of 50 mm, and mintage of 500 pieces.

The gold versions include a 92% pure 50 euro coin with a weight of 8. 45 grams (1/4 oz), diameter of 22 mm, and mintage of 1,000. There is also a 99.9% pure gold 200 euro coin with a weight of 31.104 grams (1 oz), diameter of 37 mm, and mintage of 500.


The largest and most expensive version is struck in 99.9% gold with a denomination of 5000 euro, weight of 1000 grams (1 kilo), diameter of 85 mm, and mintage of just 29 pieces. As mentioned, this coin comes with a large crystal clear octagon with a slot in the side to receive the coin.

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  1. Koichi Ito says

    I think that 1 kilogram gold 2014 Baccarat “French Excellency commemorative coin is too expensive and that they do not accepted payment for credit card at this price. So choose 1 ounce gold and silver coins.

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