Austria Piece By Piece – 2014 Tyrol 10 Euro Silver Coin

The Austrian Mint has started accepting orders for the latest release in the “Austria Piece By Piece” series highlighting the nine federal provinces of Austria. The series features reverse designs created by children living in each province, along with an obverse design depicting a UNESCO world heritage site located in the province. The first nine coins in the series will depict each of the federal provinces within Austria with the tenth and final coin celebrating the country as a whole.

The sixth coin within the series highlights the province of Tyrol. This is the third largest province of Austria and the only province which is separated into two parts. The province is well known outside of Austria since the capital city of Innsbruck was the location of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic Games.


The obverse design of the coin features a depiction of a folkloric dance festival known as the “Telfer Schleicherlaufen” recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage. The festival takes place every five years in the town of Telfs and is famous for its distinctive hats.

Austria Tyrol Silver Coin

The reverse design continues the dance theme and also includes a Tyrolean hat. This was the winning collage from the school competition to co-design the coin.

The 2014 Tyrol 10 Euro Silver Coin is struck in 92.5% silver with a diameter of 32 mm and weight of 17.30 grams. The proof version carries a mintage of 30,000 pieces, while a special uncirculated version has a mintage of 40,000. There is also a mintage of 130,000 copper uncirculated pieces.

A release date of October 8, 2014 is indicated on the Austrian Mint website. Orders are already being accepted for the coins at this page.

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