Royal Australian Mint New Releases Include Year of the Goat Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for a range of new products which include gold and silver coins to celebrate the Year of the Goat as well as the latest releases in the Kangaroo Explorer’s First Sightings and Saltwater Crocodiles series.

Australia Tetra Decagon Year of the Goat Coin

The releases to celebrate the Year of the Goat begin with tetra decagon or 14-sided coins featuring a depiction of a mother goat with her young within a grassy field. The Chinese character for “Goat” is incorporated.

There is a 1/2 oz silver frosted uncirculated version and a copper-nickel uncirculated version. The coins carry an unlimited mintage and have an official release date of September 1, 2014.

2015 Year of the Goat Silver coin

Additional releases to celebrate the Year of the Goat feature the design shown above which depicts three goats surrounding plum blossoms to symbolize hope, prosperity, purity, and renewal in spring.

This design appears on a 1/10 oz gold proof coin with a mitnage of 1,500 pieces, a 1 kilo silver proof coin with a mintage of 500 pieces, a 5 oz silver proof coin with a mintage of 500 pieces, a 1 oz silver proof coin with a mintage of 10,000 pieces, and an aluminum bronze uncirculated coin with a mintage of 20,000 pieces. The release date for all coins is September 1, 2014.

2015 Kangaroo Silver Coin

The series showcasing explorer’s first sightings of kangaroos continues with a design based on an engraving of a kangaroo by V Woodthorpe that was published in 1802. The original colored engraving can be seen here.

The 1 oz silver coins are available in proof version with a mintage of 10,000 pieces and in uncirculated version with an unlimited mintage. The official release date will be September 1, 2014.

2015 Saltwater Crocodile Silver Coin

The third release in the Saltwater Crocodile series features Agro Junior, the son of Agro and Cookie.

The 1 oz silver frosted uncirculated coins have a mintage of 10,000 pieces. The release date is September 1, 2014.

Pre-orders for all of these coins can be placed on the Royal Australian Mint website. You can find the products in the New Releases section.

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  1. says

    Just received my colored Perth kookaburra in the mail, and as always seems to be the case with both the US and Perth Mints, the internet photos did not do the piece justice. It looks absolutely outstanding and I’d encourage everyone who likes Perth stuff at all to pick it up, whether from Perth directly or from a third party dealer.

    Thanks a lot for making note of it, Michael. Great-looking coin and for a relatively cheap price (for Perth, anyway) too.

    As for the actual post, the tetra decagon design did not impress me overmuch, but the second one is pretty good. So far, though, I feel the Perth Mint has the best Lunar goat design on its silver goat.

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