Royal Canadian Mint Offers $200 for $200 Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has once again expanded their line of silver coins offered for sale at their legal tender face value. The new additional is a 99.99% pure 2 oz silver coin offered for its face value of $200.

2014 Towering Forests $200 Silver Coin

The first release within the “Landscapes of the North” series features a unique 360 degree design to represent towering forests. From a central body of water, an arrangement of plant and animal life appears surrounding. Some of the animals include a squirrel, bear, bald eagle, beaver, moose, wolf, frog, and various birds. The animals are interspersed among the trees of the forest which grow from the central area of the coin and tower towards the edge. There are numerous maple leaves incorporated within the design to accentuate the Canadian theme.

On the obverse of the coin is the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a matte proof finish. The weight is 62.69 grams and the diameter is 50 mm. A maximum mintage of 20,000 pieces has been established with an ordering limit of two coins per household.

Within 48 hours of opening sales to Master’s Club members, the Royal Canadian Mint reported that one-third of the overall mintage had been sold. Orders have opened to the general public today. The coins can be found at this product page.

This latest product continues the proliferation of 99.99% pure silver coins offered for sale at their face value. The concept was first used by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2012 to launch a series $20 for $20 silver coins having a weight of 7.96 grams. The maximum mintage for the initial releases was 250,000 pieces, however later releases were limited to 225,000 pieces, and most recently 200,000 pieces.

In 2013, The RCM launched a $100 for $100 silver coin program featuring coins with a weight of 31.6 grams. The coins were limited to a mintage of 50,000 pieces each.

Earlier this year, a $50 for $50 silver coin program was also launched including coins with a weight of 15.87 grams. The first coin carried a maximum mintage of 100,000 pieces.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    I’m going to skip this series. I am very happy with my $20 for $20 collection!

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    I’m still on the fence with this one. As Louis commented on the previous thread, this reverse design is very, very busy. The only saving grace might be the 2 inch diameter, providing a larger field for increased detail.

    Related to this, just confirmed shipping of my latest $100 / $100, Big Horn Sheep, direct from the RCM. This coin has been getting great reviews, and has sold much more quickly than the previous. Might have to do with how much cleaner this design is, as compared to the Eagle and Bear coins. Make no mistake, they are good designs, as well; just busy.

    @ Hidalgo – I’m enjoying the 20/20 series, too. Very nice designs from the first to the current release. If I remember correctly, the “Canoe Reflection” was a COTY winner. Then there are the low prices – helping to encourage new and entry level collectors. I also like giving the Holiday release as a stocking stuffer.

  3. fmtransmitter says

    Talisman really has a good writer and made this sound so juicy, almost irresistable. Love the coin and can’t wait to see one on social networking sights in real life…

  4. fmtransmitter says

    I will mention AGAIN that CAD has taken away the true sculpting by hand aspect to creating these works of art, and because of this I think we should go back to old school and sculpt by hand like so many great sculpters before and ONLY use CAD to clean it up before making the dies…

  5. d555 says

    For those interested, both the Royal Australian Mint and Downies have the 2014 Southern Sky Orion curved coin for sale with shipping expected to start early August

  6. d555 says


    Moderncoinmart has a coming soon alert with an expected date of 7/28…..choice bullion had a 7 coin proof set, but it’s out of stock now

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