More Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Coins in Gold, Platinum, Silver

John Mercanti’s Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle has already appeared on five different 2014-dated gold and silver coins. It seems that the design will appear on two more 2014-dated gold coins and one 2014-dated platinum coin. A matching program featuring eight different coins across three metals also seems to be planned for 2015.

The 2014-dated coins which have already been issued are the following:

  • 1 oz high relief silver proof coin with a maximum mintage of 10,000
  • 5 oz high relief silver proof coin with a maximum mintage of 5,000
  • 1 oz silver proof coin with a maximum mintage of 5,000
  • 1 oz bullion or BU coin with a maximum mintage of 50,000
  • 1 oz high relief gold proof coin with a maximum mintage of 1,000


According to the explanatory statement to a recent currency determination, another three 2014-dated Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Coins will also be issued, consisting of the following:

  • 5 oz gold proof coin
  • 2 oz high relief gold proof coin
  • 1 oz platinum proof coin

The same explanatory statement also lists out the 2015-dated coins, which include the following:

  • 5 oz gold proof coin
  • 1 oz high relief gold proof coin
  • 2 oz high relief gold proof coin
  • 1 oz high relief silver proof coin
  • 5 oz high relief silver proof coin
  • 1 oz silver proof coin
  • 1 oz silver bullion coin
  • 1 oz platinum proof coin

Based on previous responses from the Perth Mint, the design for these coins should be the same John Mercanti design seen on previous releases.

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  1. VA Rich says

    They totally know how to screw up a good thing and turn off collectors. When GM calls, I have only one thing to say, “don’t ever call me again and my number is on the do not call list, record that!”

  2. fmtransmitter says

    Just be glad if this becomes a classic, those who were first in may have some real gems…

  3. Louis says

    You can lead a horse to water, but if you keep sending him back to the same trough, he will want
    to drink something else.

  4. Ikaika says

    Goodness gracious, a 5 oz gold WTE? Before the end of the year we will get the colorized WTE series. Nothing coming from PM surprises me anymore.

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Who can afford, indeed!!! And especially if our only viable purchasing option is the hand-over-fist management at GM. The WTE coins were great when they were “unique,” even from GM, but after 6 versions and, now, a second year of the same offerings, the SS UNIQUE has long since left the pier.

    As you implied in your second comment, we have the ability to choose from some better, lower mintage and more reasonably priced offerings from other world mints. I cannot envision the 2015 WTE offerings garnering anywhere near the same level of interest that the first-year coins did. Certainly will not receive any interest from me.

    BTW – Did you receive the RCM advance notice about their new 2oz, $200 / $200 coin? Has the potential to be a good series, although I’m hesitant on the 20K mintage level. I would have liked to have seen a lower threshold in the 8-12K range.

  6. rgglen says

    These approved/planned issues have been on the Australian Com Law website for quite some time now. Now granted, a 5oz gold High Relief version is pretty unnecessary, but what’s with all the whining? Is anyone really surprised that Perth is continuing the series or making more versions after a successful 2014 series? Doesn’t Perth make multiple versions of the Koala and Kangaroos? No I can’t afford the gold and platinum coins but I appreciate the different varieties, and am content to add all the silver versions to my collection. And continuing the series, with possibly higher mintages in the future, will only serve to bring more notice to the inaugural issues. With the exception of this website, I rarely see this coin mentioned anywhere. You think if all the ASE collectors caught wind of who designed this coin, it would bode well for the secondary prices for the initial releases?

    If you want to whine about something, it should be about the exclusive arrangements with GM, which prevent us from buying direct and in raw OGP from Perth, and Ainslie who not only had an exclusive for the raw bullion, but charged well over $100 to ship them to the States.

  7. Ikaika says


    I do respect your opinion. However, as a collector of the WTE’s I see these additional releases, especially the 5 oz gold something out of reach of the average collector as myself. How many can afford buying every single coin from this series from now on? Almost impossible to own a complete set. As Louis mentioned, this will could backfire and dampen the interest for this series. Can you imagine if the US mint pulled this kind of stuff with the ASE’s? IMHO affordability and interest are tied together. The monopoly by certain distributors is also an issue. However, I did purchase a few WTE’s from GM and I believe the prices were pretty much in line if other distributors were selling (with the exception of those phone calls offering the 5oz silver for $699). Yes, the Perth Mint operates in strange ways most of the time and for this reason I boycotted them for many years prior to the WTE’s.

  8. Louis says

    @VAB- I saw the RCM notice on the $200 coin and decided to give it a pass. The design is very busy, mintage is high, and it remains unclear how much protection one really gets as far as face value.

    @regglen- Saying one likes the previous silver versions but finds these new gold and platinum versions to be over the top is not whining. It is simply expressing a different viewpoint from yours, one that is clearly shared by other people. It is also not true that the wedge tails are seldom mentioned elsewhere. I know of several blogs that continue to discuss them, I have written about them several times, etc.

  9. Pittsburgh P says

    I’ll stick with the HR, Proof, & bullion only… GM seemed to offer the bullion at an excellent price only to entice people to buy & get their info! I was tempted to get the earlier offerings from them but couldn’t pass up the Gem BUs for only 8$ over spot with Mercanti’s signature. The 5 oz price they just offered is outrageous!!! It’s no whining saying this is overkill & it does not surprise me, just disappoints me but I just won’t buy em… Thanks for the article

    As for the 200$ for 200$ I’l pass… 200 bucks for 2 ozs of silver? Even if it’s face value is what it is no thanks-I am not spending it.

  10. M says

    Its common sense that if something does well…any profit seeking entity will try to keep the flame going. Also some seem to forget…this is GovMints program. Like them or not if they had not existed we would not have these coin series. I know GovMint is expensive on exclusives but they are a good company and have good service. Plus even at exclusive prices…the margin is no more than common items bought at the super market.

  11. Enoch says

    The Supermarket margins are razor thin vs GovMint. GovMint has mark ups of over 200% usually. Their sales people will sell you whatever has the biggest spiff like their Smithsonian crap that is worth its weight in metal. They have decimated families savings by shoving those down their customers throats.

  12. chaz says

    A wholesale nose thumbing at collectors when Perth allows GM to corner sales and marginalize the international customers that keep the mint a viable entity . While trolling the internet for resources offering the WTE, a GM advertisement of a PSCG 70 / WTE showed photos of the slabbed version (re & ob) and other photos of the WTE coin OUTSIDE of the slab . Somewhat peculiar that they are selling a slabbed item and have photos that show the WTE item outside the PSCG encasement (slab ? I sent them an e-mail of the advertisement showing the coin both inside and outside the slab. I received 2 responses from someone named Angie who said that GM didn’t sell coins on e-bay. Does where their selling in any way make a difference if the advertised product is misrepresented. Chaz / usa

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