2014 Southern Sky Orion $5 Silver Proof Domed Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has started accepting orders for the third coin in well-received Southern Sky series. Similar to previous issues, the coin features a domed shape, with a convex obverse and concave reverse.

The series has presented constellations which are visible within the southern hemisphere shown on color printed domed coins. The first release of the series from 2012 featured the Southern Cross or “Crux.” The second release from 2013 featured the Pavo constellation.

Southern Sky Oion Coin

The latest release of the series features Orion, a constellation which is visible throughout the world. It was named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology. The constellation is depicted on the concave reverse as seen from the southern hemisphere against an irridescent colored background. A compass themed border surrounds the design, including navigational markers and coordinates.


The convex obverse of the coin carries the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, with the legal tender face value of “5 Dollars” and the “2014” date.


Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% silver to proof quality, The diameter is 39.62 mm, and the maximum mintage is 10,000 pieces.

The coins are offered for sale in the Royal Australian Mint’s eShop with the product page located here and can also be found available from many world coin dealers.

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  1. says

    Downies is claiming this is the last in the series. Any word on whether that’s true? I didn’t see it on the RAM website, and it would seem odd for them to stop a series that is selling well.

  2. Pittsburgh P says

    My order is in 🙂

    @Stuart yes I have read in several different sites that this is the third & final coin in the series… I agree it could’ve continued for awhile & done quite well. Personally, I am conflicted… I am happy they didn’t over do it but wouldn’t mind a few more.

  3. Louis says

    It’s true they could make more or make a 5 oz showing the whole southern sky together and they would sell. But unlike certain other mints that never know when to stop, the RAM keeps it classy. 5K outbacks is another good example.
    PP- How many did you order if I may ask?

  4. Pittsburgh P says

    Louis, my sentiments exactly-RAM keeps it classy… I do love this series though.
    I just ordered 3 from the RAM only to offset the high shipping cost but I found a US company selling them for 120$ and got a few from them first… I like to get them directly from the mint but this dealer deals in high quantities & I don’t believe they’ll be picked thru. I don’t buy a high quantity of coins since I don’t sell that often but feel this will be a solid investment like the Crux. When the Pavo sells out from the RAM I think the secondary market will jump on those also. Thoughts?

  5. Louis says

    Thanks, I agree. I have had good dealings with Downies and have 2 coming from them. I assume you mean
    Royal Scand. Mint for the US co. I am thinking of adding a 3rd from them. I think the color of this one is really striking and may help. I hear Pavo is 90% sold out, but remember the first issue has the benefit of being first in a series, a tried and true value enhancer.

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    Thanks Louis, You assume correct…
    I agree that the coloring of the Orion really pop & it should help. I feel it will do much better than the Pavo. Yes the Crux being the first will mean it will always hold a much higher premium but I’m hoping that since this is the last in the series that more people will try to get all three increasing the premium for all. As with all numismatics it’s a guessing game. I’ve haven’t dealt with Downies yet but have only heard and read good things.

  7. Samuel says

    i like this one because it has more stars than the other 2. and this series, the colors look better in picture than on the coin. i personally dont think the 2nd,3rd will increase in price. the 2nd is still available at the mint.

  8. Pittsburgh P says

    @Samuel how do you know the colors look better in the pictures rather than the coins? Or are you speaking of the first two coins?

    From the RAM with shipping to the US it’s 136.08$ usd if you order 1 coin.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis and PP – Agreed w/ your comments on RAM’s business model. When it comes to their commemorative series, I have yet to see them “keep kicking that can down the road.” Short of their annual Kangaroo coins, I think their next, longest running series is the “Kangaroo at Sunset,” which I loved in the 1 oz versions during the first years. Ever since they migrated to the 1/4 oz Ag coins, though, interest in the series, to include mine, seems to be dwindling.

    WRT the Orion Coin, I like what I see. Personally, the one thing I think might have made it slightly better would have been to use the coloring / digital transfer of the Orion Nebula for the concave field. Again, that’s just me.

    Now that the Orion is out, I’m in for one, and will take this opportunity to order together w/ the Mob of Roos HR, the UNC Victoria Cross, and the Kangaroo at Sunset.

    I’ve also seen pre-order advertising for the 3rd and final Kangaroo in the Outback Coin. Another great, 3-coin series that is so simply yet clearly conveys the harsh realities of the Australian Outback.

  10. Pittsburgh P says

    Beachbum yeah the Kangaroo at Sunset is one of my all time favs also! I was disappointed the RAM continued the series with the 7g version but have one of those also. They used the sunset coin for the f12 then f15 series then switched it to the outback. I haven’t gotten any of those yet but really like how the windmill moves each year & as you said its another 3 coin series… I wonder what they have in store to replace it.

  11. Samuel says

    PP, i was talking about the first two coins, which i have. originally i expected the colors to be more “deep” and “brilliant”, but they are not. so i think this one will be the same.

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    Samuel yeah I do agree with the first two being a little dull but I think its due to the darker colors. I think the orange and pinkish hue will be much more vibrant…

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