UK 2014 First World War Outbreak Silver Proof 6 Coin Set

The Royal Mint has launched an expansive new coin series which will tell the story of the First World War from outbreak to armistice. The first six coins of the series, which are available for pre-order, mark the centenary of the outbreak. The series will continue to build over the next five years to a complete collection of 36 coins.

This year’s releases explore a range of diverse themes including the Howitzer gun, the impact of propaganda, the first black officer in Britain’s armed forces, the Royal Navy, the British Expeditionary Force, and the hard work on the Home Front.

Each of the six coins carries a denomination of £5 and is struck in .925 sterling silver to proof quality. The weight of each coin is 28.28 grams and hte diameter is 38.61 mm. The obverse design for each coin carries the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The reverse designs for each of the coins are displayed below:

2014 British Edpeditionary Force Coin

British Expeditionary Force Coin

2014 Royal Navy Coin

Royal Navy Coin

2014 Home Front Coin

Home Front Coin

2014 Walter Tull Coin

Walter Tull Coin

2014 Propoganda Coin

Propaganda Coin

2014 Howitzer Gun Coin

Howitzer Gun Coin

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Love the last one if the 3 fields come through. Mirror like background, frosting, and a RP like….Hmmm, prolly too expensive…

  2. fmtransmitter says

    not sure, but i am watching the 70th anniv. of storming beaches at Normandy right now. Not many coins around. I suspect the 75 we’ll be inundated…

  3. fmtransmitter says

    The reverse designs for each of the coins are displayed below:
    Thanks for skipping obverse, sheesh….

  4. Mk says

    Waaay OT- do any of you world coin collectors have the 2009 France 10Euro Astronomy coin? I seemed to have developed a fondness for curved coins and I’m curious if anyone has this coin and their thoughts on it.

  5. Mk says

    And I too would like to know the release date on the last southern sky coin… I can’t find anything on it either.

  6. Pittsburgh P says

    I was gonna ask the same thing… I heard it was supposed to be june and it’s Orion. Looks great with an orange pinkish hue coloring…

  7. Pittsburgh P says

    I too have a new found fondness for the domed peices. I just received the 09′ France Astronomy coin today. Its a little smaller than the silver BHoF but imo spectacular! First of its kind… It was hard to aquire and I took a chance getting it off a dealer in Russia… I was leary and asked around about him.

    Actually Mk I beleive it was you that gave me the only feedback about him. I think you asked him about the 12′ Crux…. Could be wrong. Anyway it came with ogp and # coa and is legit. No marks at all… I was really happy, I took it to my local dealer to verify just to be sure. I have every domed coin now except the Crux and the Astronomy gold.

  8. d555 says

    @ MK and Pitt P

    Apparently there is another curved coin out there now…this collection seems to be growing as mints see the popularity of the curved coins.


    1 oz silver; 1.450 mintage; country Congo

  9. John says

    The 300th anniversary coins celebrating Queen Anne minted now at the Royal Mint this year may be worth a look also. The max. mintage of these as noted are limited–I noted the gold plates silver ones are limited to 1,665 coins.

    As for the obverse of the UK coins (LOL)–all I can say is remember the old Victoria coins and the change there over the years from the young head to the veil.

  10. d555 says

    Also, if anyone is still interested, APMEX has the curved/domed 2014 FIFA World Cup (from France) coins just without the original box (only COA and capsule) for $75 (and they have 5 left).

  11. Pittsburgh P says

    D555 thanks, wish I woulda known before… I got mine dealer in Germany for $98 including shipping. All I do is store the box anyway so it’s not worth the $23…. I guess 13$ with Apmex shipping. Oh well…

    I’m gonna do some research on the Galileo thx

  12. Pittsburgh P says

    D555 yeah I have seen that coin before but for the life of me I don’t know how I didn’t know it was domed! Thx

  13. Pittsburgh P says

    Sold mine for 730$ last month! Wasn’t a huge fan of this coin but most love it…
    I do love the ’13 Tokelau snake though… Thx for the link

  14. John says

    It’s on the royal Mint website. Nice looking coin. Interesting i was reading about the UK offering from the standpoint of the proprietor of the 24 K website. He said the pricing on their stuff was “exorbitant” and said they would not be offering the Queen Anne coins as well as others. I believe there is some truth to that, but for anybody looking at already low mintage offerings like the Queen Anne (talking gold and silver ones), it makes you wonder if they will even sell out of the very low mintages to start with, that is good for the future value of the coins, one would think.

  15. Mk says

    Pitt- sorry for the delay.. I forgot I posted in here lol. Thanks for replying. I’m picking up my 09 France Astronomy coin from the post office tomorrow. I purchased mine from a German dealer and I’ll let you know how it goes. Nonetheless, I’m glad the Russian dealer turned out to be trustworthy and you got your coin. Now you just need the Crux.. 😉

  16. Mk says

    d555- I took a look at the Galileo coin and I’m not overly fond of the colored portions. Maybe if I saw it in person, I’d feel differently. Thanks for the info though.

  17. Pittsburgh P says

    It’s all good… I just happened to look here today. 🙂 Thx Hope your coin comes in mint!Yes, the Crux… Its rough payin that much. Then the Orion comes out and there is another domed from Cooks island comin out! Louis did a good article on the domed coins.

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