Perth Mint New Product Release June 2014

The Perth Mint of Australia has started accepting orders for their latest batch of monthly new product releases. The newly available coins include the second release within the well received Gods of Olympus series, Australian Koala Gold and Silver Proof Coins, the latest releases in the Land Down Under series, and more.

For collectors in the United States, sales opened on June 2, 2014 at 12:01 PM ET. These coins can all be found as the first entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website.

Poseidon Silver Coin

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The second release within the Gods of Olympus series features Poseidon, God of the Sea. The reverse carries a depiction of Poseidon holding his trident and riding the waves on his chariot pulled by two hippocampi with dolphins in the background. The 2 oz silver rimless coin is struck in high relief with an antique finish.

Issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu, the coin has a limited mintage of 1,500 pieces. The Perth Mint has imposed an ordering limit of one coin per household until June 5.

The previous release of this series featuring Zeus sold out quickly and commands a premium on the secondary market. The next release of the series will feature Hades.

2014 Australian Koala Gold Coin

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A three coin range of Australian Koala Gold Proof Coins is available. The smallest sized coin contains 1/10 oz of 99.9% gold and features the 2014 Koala design found on the silver bullion release. A close up portrait of a koala appears with a spray of gum leaves. The coin is struck to proof quality and limited to a mintage of 5,000 pieces.

Also available are 1 oz and 2 oz gold proof high relief coins. The same design is rendered in stunning high relief with a maximum mintage of 250 of the 2 oz coins and 2,000 of the 1 oz coins. For collectors in the United States, these coins are exclusively distributed by

2014 Australian Koala Silver Proof High Relief Coin

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A 2014 Australian Koala 5 oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin is also available. This coin carries a maximum mintage of 5,000 pieces. Once again, collectors in the United States are directed to Govmint.

Land Down Under Great Barrier Reef Coins

Silver CoinGold Coin

The latest coins within The Land Down Under series feature the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system which stretches 344,000 square kilometers and supports a wide variety of marine creatures from microscopic plankton to whales.

A 1 oz silver proof colored coin features an aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef framed within a map shape of Australia with a seaplane flying overhead. A maximum mintage of 5,000 pieces has been established.

A 1/4 oz gold proof coin features a depiction of a green sea turtle swimming among coral. A maximum mintage of 1,000 pieces applies.

Each coin is housed within an Australia map-shaped display case with illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity. The Perth Mint has previously released 5 oz silver and 2 oz gold coins featuring the same designs.

Mother's Love Giraffe Silver coin

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The latest release within the Mother’s Love series celebrates the love of a mother giraffe for her calf. The reverse design features a colored depiction of a giraffe calf being nuzzled by its mother in the African savannah.

Each coin is struck in 1/2 oz of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality. The Perth Mint will issue no more than 4,500 individual coins from a maximum mintage of 6,000 pieces.

Previous releases of the series have featured the Lioness and Asian Elephant. Forthcoming releases will feature the Bear and Orangutan.

Australian Vintage Travel Poster Kangaroo Silver Coin

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A new release within the series featuring historic Australian travel posters from the post-war era features a colored representation of Dame Eileen Mayo’s iconic ‘Australia’ (Kangaroo) poster, first released in 1957. The rectangular 1 oz silver proof coin measures 47.60 mm by 27.60 mm and carries a maximum mintage of 5,000 pieces.

King George V Centenary of Stamps Coin Set

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Available from the Perth Mint and Australia Post is the King George V Centenary of Stamps 2014 Stamp and Coin Set.

Included in the set is a stamp-shaped coin struck from 1/2 oz of 99.9% silver to proof quality. The coin measures 30.50 mm by 22.70 mm and replicates the original 1d King George V stamp, featuring a crown above an effigy of King George V in an oval shape with a kangaroo and emu.  An official 70 cent centenary stamp based on the original red 1d King George V stamp is also included.

The stamp-shaped coin and stamp are housed in a wooden display case with illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity. A maximum of 2,500 sets will be released.

Other new releases from the Perth Mint include:

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  1. picturefun says

    NOT true! Because they already sold OUT ALL other 1300 Poseidon to Dealers LONG before yesterday public issuing.

    So NOTHING left except those 300.

    Whether they already put all those 300 online or for phone order, that I do not know

  2. picturefun says

    Personally, I could NOT care less about HOF delay, because eventually, I will get them!

    At least US Mint gives everyone, including dealers, equal opportunities. NOT Perth Mint. They allocated 80% of mintage to middlemen dealers.

    Who are those dealers selling to???

    Retail buyers like us.

    At what Price???

    Double or triple!

  3. Ikaika says

    @ picturefun

    I agree with you. At least the US mint gives everyone a chance to buy their coins. Even with the ordering struggles with the 25th Ann. ASE set , the BHOF and others, I always got my coins. The RCM and PM are a joke when it comes to selling their coins to collectors. But as I said before, we are not forced into buying their coins. They can get away with this because people keep buying their products. Do you remember when the 2010 ATB bullions were released to the distributors? There was a lot of price gouging until our mint stepped in. Not happening with PM or RCM, they could care less.

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