Estonia 2014 Miina Härma 10 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Estonia has recently released a new collector coin dedicated to the work of Estonian composer Miina Härma. She wrote over 200 songs, most of them for choirs, making her a major contributor to the repertoire of Estonian song festivals. This year marks the 150th anniversary of her birth.

The reverse design for the coin was selected through an open competition which ran from February 2014 to March 14, 2014. There were a total of 25 entries received, from which first, second, third, fourth, and fifth place winners were selected. The first place winner received a prize of 2000 euros with their design used for the actual coin. Other winners received prizes of 700, 500, 200, and 100 euros.

The first place winning design entitled “Hoarfrost” was by Jaano Ester.

Miina Härma Euro Collector Coin

The reverse features a distinctive design representing pure tonal vibrations resonating from a tuning fork. This is intended as a symbol of the music teacher, conductor, and composer. The inscriptions include  “Miina Härma 150” and the face value of “10€”.


The obverse bears the coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia with the inscriptions “EESTI VABARIIK” (Republic of Estonia) and “2014”.

Produced by the Royal Dutch Mint, each coin is struck in 92.5% silver to proof quality with a weight of 28.28 grams and diameter of 38.61 mm.

The coins are indicated as available from June 16 at the Eesti Pank Museum, the Omniva online shop, and post offices across Estonia at a price of 35 euros.

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  1. KCSO says

    Have any pucks you’re retaining?

    Here’s a storage idea I’m entertaining for ease of transport, appears it may be a snug fit while permitting either 10 coin tubes or heavy gauge zip locks and waterproof protection. I could paint it to remove markings so that it could be hidden inconspicuously outside of a safe and a bead of silicon would provide added protection.

    I like the straps and that you could throw this at ease in the back of my 4Runner wrapped up in a plain box or tent bag, or something.

    I’ll wait to find new at a lower price point or used in like new condition with the O rings new.

  2. KCSO says

    Can’t beat that Kangaroo deal, thanks.

    Appears I need to be perusing BPE daily

    The highlights coming out of that numismatic exchange, not to be a downer, leaves much to be desired…

    A 4 medal overproduced set mimicking that hideous edge lettering (possibly) and revisiting a S set that’s enhanced in ’18.., Okay…, next.

  3. KCSO says

    Whoahh.., so who is going to buy off all my loot?

    ” The Mint also reported a decline from 14% to 8% of the total number of their customers in the 18 to 44-year-old demographic.”

    – that’s bad, real bad! So 8% of base represent under 45 collector crowd…, geez

    Yeah, all this stuff is is petty lil bullion, ain’t no one gonna be around to pay numismatic,

    Off to London, back on Friday

    from coinweek article about the Oct 13th forum

    “The average age of collectors in the market is increasing. According to statistics provided by the United States Mint (CoinWeek has not had the opportunity to independently confirm them), 52% of the Mint’s customers in 2015 were aged 65 and up. In 2011, the Mint reported that number to be 30%. The Mint also reported a decline from 14% to 8% of the total number of their customers in the 18 to 44-year-old demographic.”

  4. GoldFishin says

    Saturation…..look, any age group can only buy so much before they have what they want to hold. The only thing that will spark a great deal of new buying is either for the price to drop considerably or for the price to rise dramatically.
    I am at about15% of my total assets and really don’t want to increase that a whole bunch more. Most of my purchases from here on out will be gold or platinum only. It will all be bullion at some point, even the classics graded premium will be greatly reduced IF there are no more “KINGS” that take up the hobby.

    Have a Great Trip!!!

  5. KCSO says


    You still watching? My girl still around?

    I got away from it back in February I believe, and last recall Glen getting the axe.

    Just wondering if it’s worth doing a Walkers marathon tonight since I’m going jet lagged and lethargic anyway.

    Watched the movie The Reverent on the flight back – Oh My! Amazing, love the historically accurate frontier/westerns

  6. GoldFishin says

    Yes…still watching…although it is starting to get a bit too macabre for me. I will be watching tomorrow evening for the debut. HA, I have been watching the week long marathon on AMC this week while I refresh my skills playing some online poker. Haven’t seen the Reverent yet, but I have only heard good things about it. My son saw it with his girlfriend and they both liked it.
    Speaking of…. just heard yesterday….My boy passed the first part of the interview and is NOW scheduled for an on site series of interviews for NOV 4th? I think he said. He is invited to a meet and greet dinner/drinks the night before the interviews. I SOOOOO hope he gets this job…great area, schools, and opportunities for he and his girlfriend. TWT, but so far so good. HA….I can’t wait to dump off his car insurance on him… 🙂 .

  7. GoldFishin says

    OFF to the coast for a quick two days….talk later! MNB is so going downhill….I am down to only checking in about every two or three days….and seems I never miss anything.

  8. KCSO says

    Sweet! Love that design, nice security features as well!


    FYI – Would put mintage under 20,000, possible SO within 3 weeks of launch

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park 2016 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver CoinPhiladelphia (P)99 Item(s) In StockQty:

  9. GoldFishin says

    Yes, it very well could be all that they produce…..not really a mintage that is low given the series stats, but much better than selling 30K of them into 2020.

    I am into gold from here on out. I have enough silver bullion( too much to carry) and am even thinking about selling a lot of mine once I retire and switching it out for gold or for a down payment on an income producing piece of land. Day by day for now….thanks for the heads up.
    Did you purchase any extra? I think they killed the series when they removed the 10% discount….I said it at the time and I still believe it to be true. Like Lucy taking away the football from Charlie Brown, eventually you wise up and realize that they are not cultivating a collector base, but simply exploiting a despised demographic group.

    I am not surprised at all by the percentage of women that are purchasing from the mint. I sell more on Ebay to women than I do to men and have for a couple years now. I think in part they are buying on behalf of men in their lives, but I also think Earthling has a very valid point about former beanie baby sellers, now selling mint trinkets to make a buck while they stay at home raising the kids or making a few bucks in retirement. They are a savvy group of women and will sell anything that can turn them a quick buck….shoes, plush items, clothing, all sorts of collectibles, including US Mint pretty bullion.

  10. GoldFishin says

    Have now received both my 1/10 oz. Howlers and Growlers….I am very happy with the quality…shipping a bit slow…but very happy with my BULLION purchase! 🙂

    The Growlers sold out again….they went pretty fast with the sales price. Now they have the 1/10 age’s on sale for $141.

    Looking forward the 1/10 oz Grizz when it becomes available.

  11. KCSO says

    Excellent thoughts and very well articulated last night on the Tributes, those guys need that perspective.

    Under over at CN is soliciting input to pass along to the USM, I was half way attempted to copy and paste it over there. To your point, a lot of poor decisions over the past couple of years have been made by the USM, either in a vacuum and just not thought out, though sustainment and congruence WRT to the base and product line seems to be concepts that they clearly have no appreciation for, or understanding of.

  12. KCSO says

    I did pick up a few more, I view this period as my last Hoorah! Then that’s it.., funny thing I can almost sense There may be a a very mild firm of separation anxiety so I’m preparing myself to wrap it up. I will have gone from spending tens of thousands of dollars for the past few years on mint product to $310 next year.

    I’m glad TR came along when it did, I can go out with a bang with the puck and the WLH.., & then call it a great run!

    I too regret the amount of Ag I’ve accumulated over the past 28 months, albeit at great prices, though I went over board.

    Wish I had been more focused on gold.

    None the less, it’ll be a fun project to liquidate at the proper time.

  13. KCSO says

    Sounds corny, though I’ll soon be in the market for a low profile shooting vest.

    I’m all about ease of travel, and plan is to load up, pun intended hehe, the coins left in capsules into plastic tubes, and then securely place the tubes into the vest, or with the assay cards, in the vest flaps.

    Then throw that into the safe and let that be my gauge of how much I really can reasonablely acquire. 1/10 & 1/4 oz may work best.

    But hey, it’ll transport in a secure brief case or around my person, as needed.

    Besides, I’ve noticed from all my travels, throw on a dark sports coat and black slacks, people don’t screw with ya and make way. And I’m very polite and courtesy, but they just do, so a vest may be a good option, and for appearances too, without needing a badge.

  14. KCSO says

    Really happy with the assay cards, mine look great as well. Looking forward to grizz. Wish they’d continue the series.

    I bought one each for my nephew for Christmas, their set for the next couple of years.

    Been giving them silver, going to gold now for some reason

  15. KCSO says

    I wish I had jumped on the Roaring Griz when the big boy first emerge at $34 over spot and Au was in the $1,100’s. The assay offers a almost certification and inherent security features without it being ‘certified’ by a TPG

  16. KCSO says

    Question, what’s your bullion premium threshold?

    Meaning what’s the most you’ll pay or an ideal range you look for in an ounce of modern gold bullion?


  17. KCSO says

    I’m really irked that TR came back so fast following the CU, That’s BS!

    It’s not because of some heavy returned cancelled order between 99 to 0, though might have to get to 99.

    Anyway, I’m some done after this run, & can always return within the next 2 weeks if I want.

  18. KCSO says

    And it should be of no surprise that I’m back on travel again, so you know where I am now.., off to Kazakhstan tomorrow.., amazing place, ever been there? Heard the view of space is amazing.., anyhoo, be honest, you think trump has a chance? I’m anticipating some volitility now until.., well, through next week.., trying to thing this one through to make some $, I need it with the Walker coming..,

    Speaking of Walker, yeah, it’s getting rather quite predictable and disappointing.. more on that later.. got a flight to catch! 😉

  19. GoldFishin says

    Wow…so much to come back at ‘ya. Brief version….

    MNB comments section driving me nuts….sometimes those guys can’t see the forest for the trees…just had to say something this time.

    TR- sucks, but not surprised…maybe it will be temporary, but I will stay with my high mintage of around 22K, I think I said, no more than that

    Gold ….6-12 percent premium depending on the size. I really just do quick math….ok, so a 1/10 oz for $140 = $1400 per oz. ….gold trading near $1275…. I can live with that long term. I have missed so much gold because I didn’t have the money available for a full ounce and so I bought silver instead….I did want silver so not upset. But I should have more gold, so now I am going to buy nothing but gold and platinum, IF I can only buy 1/10 or a 1/4 at at time, that’s what I will do.
    I have collected the last 4 years of the lunar series in the 1/4 oz. and will continue to do that. I should have bought one of those 1/10 2017 Perth Roos for $136 but I didn’t. Trying to save for the WLH and then Freedom….

    Yes, Trump can win….I spent some time last night studying some of the Early Voting data from some of the swing states and I believe he is leading in FL, NC, and OHIO. He will win IOWA and Missouri. I think he will also win AZ. Nevada he could win, but there may be a lot of cheating and pay offs in Harry Reid’s home state….they pay a lot of the Vegas employees to go vote every election….allowing them to vote on the clock and take the day off. Utah scares me….IF that CIA plant were to win….there is going to be a revolution that is going to rip the R party apart. It’s over then for a decade or more. Unbelievable what those guys in DC will do to hold on to power.

    Nevada will be close and Trump needs it……
    Then he next best chances to take the entire thing are Colorado, New Hampshire, or PA…maybe Wisconsin??? or MN??? He needs one of those, plus the 1 electoral that normally goes R in Maine. That will do it.

    It’s a tough road, but I believe his support is much greater than the MSM lets on, hence the polls coming in so drastically here at the last minute….also the BIG O is beginning to distance himself from the H-lady….for a couple of reasons I believe. You know what they are, so I don’t have to put that to paper for you.

    It will be tough, but the states I looked at where good data is available…he is outperforming the RCP averages currently and the Black vote is not rushing out to vote for H-lady. They are down in every state from 2012, the key will be the white women vote, IF H succeeds in convincing them that Trump is a reprobate, she will win.

    I think the stock market is setting up for a sharp sell off and then a rally, sort of like Brexit did.

    Remember GS(Goldman)….is has been outperforming for a few months now…keeps pushing higher…..I believe that is a TELL for after the election is over… financials may be expecting a Trump win I believe or at the very least anticipating a move to push interest rates higher no matter who wins, which will help their bottom line tremendously.

    IF the H- lady wins I am in for a couple of your vests….and a few black suits. 🙂

    Never been to K-Stan, but did travel to the former Soviet Union and really liked the normal people, not the commies so much, they were like interacting with goldfish. 🙂

    Have a Nice Safe Trip!!

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