Canada 2014 Bighorn Sheep $100 for $100 Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for their latest $100 for $100 Silver Coin, which features the Bighorn Sheep. Similar to the “$20 for $20” and “$50 for $50” series, this program allows collectors the opportunity to purchase 99.99% fine silver coins for their legal tender face value.

Canada 2014 Bighorn Sheep Silver Coin

The 2014 Bighorn Sheep $100 Silver Coin features a “Wildlife in Motion” theme with the dramatic portrayal of two Rocky Mountain Bighorn rams about to clash horns. The rams can launch themselves at one another at speeds of more than 30 kilometers per hour resulting in a crash that can be heard more than a kilometer away. The reverse design was created by Claudio D’Angelo. Inscriptions read “Canada”, “2014”, and “100 Dollars”.

The obverse contains the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with inscriptions “Elizabeth II” and “D·G·Regina”.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a matte proof finish. The weight is 31.6 grams and the diameter is 40 mm. A maximum mintage of 45,000 pieces has been established, which compares to mintages of 50,000 pieces each for the previous “$100 for $100” coins. There is an ordering limit of three coins per household.

Orders are already open to the general public at the Royal Canadian Mint product page.

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  1. M says

    I received this coin the other day and it struck me as odd. The field on the reverse is proof and not matter. The obverse field is matte. It does not match the look of the others. I wonder if its a production mistake. The RCM website shows a matte field and describes the issue as matte proof.

  2. Koichi Ito says

    In fact I have purchased 1985 $100 gold bighorn sheep coin from Royal Canadian Mint in 1985. So what is market price of 1985 $100 gold bighorn sheep coin?

  3. Mark Rex says

    Can these coins be cashed in at a Candian bank for face value? Same question with the $20 and $50 coins. I thought I read somewhere that you couldn’t but can’t find the article. If not it seems like scam.

    Has anyone received their Poseiden coins from Perth yet? Ordered at 8:37p EST and it still says ‘approved’.

  4. Louis says

    I decided to skip this one and the $50 coin issued recently. The first ones had better designs and sold quickly.

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – I’m not skipping, but I’m not in a rush, either, and for one of the same reasons you identified – sales of the later issues have really tapered off. I still need to pick up the newest $20, the $50 and this $100. Probably will pick up examples of all three in a single purchase.

    Personally, I think the RCM creates a false sense of urgency with the way they allocate so much of the intial mintages to their authorized re-sellers, vis a vi the 2013 Eagle and 2014 Bison Sets, to imply a sell-out condition. Meanwhile, many of those same re-sellers still have the $100 Grizzly, Bison and Eagle coins available for at or near the $100 issue price. I also have noticed that the RCM is trying to reinforce a “must buy now” ugency with the 5K reduction in the authorized mintage. I do not think that will impact sales that much and that quickly.

    Side-bar: Have you received an RM notice for the Prince George Birthday 5 Pound Crown? Pulled a seldom used design out of the archive; looks very good. I placed a pre-order for two examples earlier this AM. Since I got hosed with the delivery of my St George special issue coins last year, I’m not wasting any time placing my order for this unique offering.

    @ “M” – I’d hang onto that coin in the short-term, at least until you have received confirmation that the finishes are correct. The RCM has let some interesting Mint Error Coins slip through quality control, the most recent that I can recall being some of the 2013 “Portrait of Power” Eagle coins leaving without the side-incused lettering.

  6. Louis says

    Thanks, VAB. I did not get the e-mail, or maybe I missed it. I agree this one looks interesting, nice design though not quite as striking as St. George, which is such an iconic image. I am considering the new one, but RM coins are expensive, and there are so many new issues now, plus JFK’s soon, etc.

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks, Louis. Michael Alexander prepared a write-up for this new offering that can be found on CoinNewsUpdate.

    Also, keep in mind that when you sign into your RM account and it recognizes your non-UK status, the products are re-priced to remove Taxes, VAT, etc. These coins ended up at 67 Pnd ~ $110 each. With the low max mintage of 7500, I figured, “Why not?”

  8. Louis says

    Strange that there is nothing about the 2014 Britannia proof coins yet. I would like to order both together but that may not be possible.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Yes, and the 12.5 Pnd for shipping. I haven’t come across any of those discount codes since this time last year.

    I also was wondering about the PR and UNC Britannia coins for 2014. That’s one of the things that ensures I check the RM website at least once a week. I’d have to check my order history, but I think the 2013 coins became available in late June, after the dust had settled from the Royal Birth (St. George) and their first 20/20. If I see something, I’ll definitely let you know.

  10. Mark Rex says

    Mine now says ‘picked’ as well. How long does it stay in this stage? Sounds promising none the less.

  11. Mike says

    I just ordered one each of the $20, $50 and $100. Unless the Canadian dollar depreciates considerably vs the US dollar, the potential downside is minimal. Then again, given the relatively low silver content and questionable demand, the upside potential is probably limited as well. I guess I needed something new to collect. I hope these aren’t prone to milk spots like the Silver Maples. I have 50 of those in my silver stack and so far no milk spots.

  12. VaBeachSteve says

    Samuel is right concerning 2-3 days. I ordered around 8:45 and received mine Monday. Mine was #411 which means they really did only release 300 at the opening.

  13. Samuel says

    mine just got dispatched today. my order time is around 1:00PM. i noticed this time, the late orders get fullfilled first. my friend’s earlier order is still “picked”.

  14. Louis says

    A British friend of mine contacted the RM and was told the silver Britannia coins will be launched in a couple weeks.

  15. says

    Has anyone purchsed from Choice Bullion before? I’m thinking about getting the 7 coin 2014 Libertad Proof Set.

    And dang…I missed out on the Poseidon…my Comcast internet went out about an hour before they went on sale…had to wait 2 days to get the problem resolved….oh well, I’ll try for the next one. Looks like there will be 12 coins in this series. The next one should be Demeter….”Goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons. Symbols include the poppy, wheat, torch, and pig. Middle daughter of Cronus and Rhea”

  16. Samuel says

    i just noticed there is a stage called “packed” between “picked” and “dispatched”.

  17. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks for your email.
    Regarding the final coins in the Gods of Ancient Greece series, at present we have them scheduled as follows,

    Early August, Early November and Early February.


    Brent Hindman
    Head of Sales and Marketing
    New Zealand Mint Limited

    I love this series and will keep commenting about them regardless of those childish looking OTHER coins…These are classy and classic!

  18. VaBeachSteve says

    I actually got the Poseidon around 8pm that night thanks to someone who posted on the Blog they had become available again. I was excited until I saw the price of the Zeus coin shot thru the roof (which I was planning on buying) so I threw in the towel and listed it on the Bay. It’s crazy how high these coins have gone. I’ve decided to use the money from the sale tonight to help buy a BHOF 5$ coin since I’m still holding my breath for my 10:30pm order to be filled

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