2014 Australian Saltwater Crocodile 1oz Silver Bullion Coins

The Perth Mint has introduced a new silver bullion coin featuring the Australian Saltwater Crocodile. The coins carry a limited mintage and are packaged in tubes which contain an interesting new security feature.

The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles and is found in suitable habitats from northern Australia through Southeast Asia to the eastern coat of India. The males of the species can grow to 7 meters in length and weight over 1,000 kilograms. Females are much smaller and reach only 4 meters in length and 100 kilograms in weight. The Saltwater Crocodile is an extremely formidable and opportunistic predator capable of killing almost any animal that enters its territory. Due to their size and distribution, they are the most dangerous of all crocodiles to humans.

Saltwater Crocodile Silver Bullion Coin

The reverse design features an image of the saltwater crocodile with it mouth open and sharp teeth displayed. The inscriptions include “Australian Saltwater Crocodile”, “2014”, and “1 oz 999 Silver”. The obverse design features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the Australian legal tender denomination of “1 Dollar”.

Each coin is struck in 99.9% pure silver with a weight of 31.135 grams and diameter of 40.60 mm. There is a maximum mintage of 1,000,000 pieces.

packagingThe coins come packaged in tubes of 25 coins, with 20 tubes placed in a monster box of 500 coins. An interesting feature is that the tubes carry a tamper evident security seal. The undisturbed seal would provide some assurance that the coins included in the roll have not been handled or cherrypicked for high grade specimens.

The new Australian Saltwater Crocodile Silver Bullion Coins are being exclusively distributed within North America by CNT (Coins ‘N Things). It seems like CNT will handle distributr on a wholesale basis, meaning that the coins should be available at the retail level from a variety of coin and bullion dealers.

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  1. GoldFishin says

    I’m confused, which side is the crocodile on, the reverse or the obverse? 🙂 In all seriousness, I was first to go after the Canadian Mint’s Wildlife 1 oz. bullion offering, still have a couple of rolls of the “Wolf” coins. I collected that 6 coin series. But, I can’t collect everything in rolls, so maybe I can pick up a couple of cherry picked crocs on Ebay. I like the security feature on the monster box, something that is long overdue.

  2. VA Rich says

    Good looking croc!

    OT: Jagfan, two articles past, you posted the PCGS pop report #’s for the WTE 5 oz, I can’t find the WTE anywhere under the Australia category, can you share how you worked that magic? Thanks

  3. Erik H says

    OT: I don’t know if it has been reported on this blog previously but I just received an email from the New Zealand Mint and they will NOT be producing any 2014 Fiji Taku Bullion coins.

  4. Louis says

    Thanks, Erik. Did they say why? I really like the 5 oz Taku and they are low mintage.

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks from me, as well, Erik. I, too, really like these coins, and have acquired a couple from each year, in each size available, as well as their collectible versions in the really neat display case. Like Louis, I’d be really curious to know the reason(s) behind the decision, as these coins always seemed to have steady demand.

    @ Louis – Did you receive any notices from the Royal Mint about the 2nd 20/20?? I received an email yesterday, indicating a strong initial interest and their decision to increase the authorized mintage to 250K and in line with the first coin in the series. I like that the series is gaining visibility, but would have like to have had a more limited mintage.

  6. D55 says


    Regarding the 2014 taku, I have read that New Zealand Mint could not agree to a contract with Fiji due to issues with their dictator (strained political relations between Fiji and NZ). They do plan to resume production when all issues get worked out (likely 2015).

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for the additional info D55. Still, very disappointing. Nothing worse than a hole or two in a coin series, visa vi, the lack of a 2009 ASE Proof or 2009 and 2010 ASE-W UNC. Here’s hoping for 2015 – if not sooner.

  8. Erik H says

    Unfortunately they didn’t give a reason. The email came from Chris Gillard in the Bullion Department.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis, please let us know how you like the FIFA domed coin please. Interested in your opinion..I love it and will keep it…Looks like I will be keeping my HOF Gold, Highest offer $1255

  10. Ikaika says

    OT: Just received the 5oz WTE from Coins Australia. It is a true hockey puck. The eagle looks much better in this version.

  11. fmtransmitter says

    @Ikaika: Congrats…Sending in for grading? I don’t believe NGC has started a count down for graded examples yet, at least I have only seen PCGS ones graded…Is it pretty? is it a classic?

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Theres no website so i guess we need to find dealers who use them to get some of these cool croc bullion’s….

  13. Hidalgo says

    I really like this bullion coin. I plan to buy one for my collection. I can’t wait for some of the major coin dealers to sell them.

    Can anyone recommend a very good online coin dealer that sells world coins? I have used Modern Coin Mart and APMEX in the past. (Note: the quality of the coins I receive from APMEX and inferior to those that I have received from Modern Coin Mart).

  14. Louis says

    @VAB- Haven’t heard anything from the Royal Mint about the 20 for 20. I think their version is rather high-priced and like the first one may be cheaper later.

    @FM- Will do on the FIFA. Should be here soon. And for the Libs sometime this summer maybe June.

  15. Louis says

    Hidalgo- Right now I only know Downies has them, but if you wait, most major U.S. bullion companies should have them in a few weeks at a lower price, i.e, Provident Metals, Silvertowne, etc. I am surprised about the APMEX comment, as I have always received very nice coins from them.

  16. Ikaika says

    FM, I don’t plan in sending it for grading. I got the 1oz PF and HR in OGP. Therefore, I will keep the 5oz that way. Yes, the details are way better in this coin compared to the 1 oz. I was also impressed by the thickness of the coin. As I mentioned, it resembles a real hockey puck. The 5oz ATBs are much thinner. In my collectors eye, it is a winner 😉

  17. VABEACHBUM says

    @ JagFan – Agreed. And I have noticed that most of the Royal Mint’s 2014 Commemoratives are being issued in Sterling. I had seriously considered a Queen Anne 350th Piedfort Coin until I read the coin specs – then weighed their initial price of the coin w/ their shipping against the Sterling composition. Pass. At this point and unless they identify a real “wow-factor” coin for 2014, looks like my only Royal Mint purchase is going to be their second 20/20, 0.999 Silver coin marking the 100th Anny of the end of the Great War.

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