Royal Canadian Mint Offers $50 for $50 Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new “$50 for $50” silver coin series, which offers 99.99% pure silver coins priced at the face value of $50. The new series follows the same concept as the ongoing “$20 for $20” and “$100 for $100” silver coin series.

2014 Polar Bear $50 Silver Coin

The 2014 Polar Bear $50 for $50 Silver Coin features an original design by Emily Damstra depicting a polar bear within an arctic landscape. The inscription reads “Canada” ,”50 Dollars”, and the date “2014”. The obverse carries the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a matte proof finish. The weight is 15.87 grams, which works out to 0.510 troy ounces. The diameter of each coin is 34 mm. A maximum mintage of 100,000 pieces is indicated with an ordering limit of 3 per household.

The coins are available for sale priced at their face value of $50 CAD. The product page can be found here.

Comparisons to Other Programs

The Royal Canadian Mint began their “$20 for $20” silver program with a 2012-dated coin featuring a depiction of five maple leaves flowing upwards to form a “C”. These coins had a weight of 7.96 grams (0.256 troy ounces) and diameter of 27 mm. The maximum mintage for the initial releases was 250,000, although recent releases have carried a maximum of 225,000 pieces.

The initial $20 for $20 silver coins were always quick sell outs, with some of the earliest issues going on to sell for premiums on the secondary market. Collectors responded favorably to the low price point for a 99.99% silver coin and the equal face value. From the Royal Canadian Mint’s perspective, the program had been responsible for adding approximately 67,000 new customers, many of whom went on to become repeat customers for other products.

The popularity of the program seems to have waned from earlier levels, as this year’s two releases have not yet sold out and remain available for sale.

In May 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint launched their “$100 for $100” silver program with a 2013-dated coin depicting a herd of bison in motion. The coins of the program have a weight of 31.6 grams (1.016 troy ounces) and diameter of 40 mm. The maximum mintages have been set at 50,000 coins.

So far three coins have been offered under the program, with each one achieving a sell out. The dynamic designs and popular subject matter such as bison and the bald eagle have kept the series in demand with collectors.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Another fine example of a great design and beautiful coin, Just do not be deceived with the face value thinking you can take it to the bank and get $50 cash to pay a bill. They will pull the 3 per household limit and make you wait 6 months for the $150 if say you tried to redeem 3 of them.

  2. Louis says

    FM- I don’t get your point. What does cashing in the coin have to do with the 3 per household limit when buying from the Mint? those are separate issues. If you are in Canada in theory banks are required to cash them in, but in practice, you may need to request the bank manager as the teller may be unfamiliar. By law they are not required to exchange them because they are NCLT coins but in practice you could do it at most Canadian banks. In the U.S. is another story.

  3. Erik H says

    I like the 20 for 20, 50 for 50, etc.

    FYI, I just saw for a limited time at MCM…for those who might have wanted the 2013 UK “St George & The Dragon” £20 for £20 Coin, MCM has them on sale for $35 free shipping. Currently £20 is equal to $33.29 and the Royal Mint didn’t ship to US customers. eBay sales are closing at $42+.

  4. fmtransmitter says

    My point is if you walked in with 100 of the coins and asked for cash in return for the face value, you can ask for the teller or manager and have them call the the Mint but the 3 per household limit COULD be used in this case so the Bank doesn’t take a LOSS, which is what would happen if you tried to get $50 cash for a half ounce of silver.

  5. Jay says

    I ordered 3 two days ago and they already shipped. These coins are fun and I have heard where many people have had no trouble cashing them in for face value at banks in Canada. Beyond that, with these things selling out as they do, I’m sure it would be fairly easy just to sell it to anyone for face value.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    @Jay: Do you proof of anyone cashing in MORE than 3 at a Canadian Bank? Curious if you have a link of proof of this you could share?

  7. Tom P. says

    fmtransmitter, what is your obsession with “more than 3”? Give it a break. Go to one bank with 2, go to another bank with 2, repeat as often as necessary.

    My problem is that these will eventually fall to bullion value or CAD face value. Techincally the best bullion value would be the $20 for $20 with a quarter ounce. With the $100 for $100 series I don’t see much of a premium on Ebay. I agree the designs are beautiful, but I also don’t see much of an upside.

  8. Jay in NC says

    No on lie proof, just Canadian friends that have done it. Don’t know how many they cashed in at a time. But there is no downside or “losing money” for the bank. Money or currency has as much value as the issuer says. In this case, the Canadian Government. So, from that standpoint a $100 CAD bill has much less intrinsic value as its fiat money as the paper or plastic is worthless except what they say it is worth. The silver coins however will never be worthless as they are made of real money (i.e., Silver). I don’t think they will ever be worth much more than face value, but they will never fall below that.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    You give it break Tom P. I have just as much right as anyone to post my thoughts. I said its a marketing scheme by the RCM to make people believe they have a, for instance, $100 bill in their hand in the form of a silver coin and they DON’T. .
    OT: That TE Lawrence coin that won art award didn’t sell ar $79 in NGC PF 70 so I emailed the seller and asked if they would take an offer. Well they did and it was a heck of a great price…Very happy, that is a cool coin esp. for what I paid…

  10. fmtransmitter says

    Love the new look Michael, very streamlined and easier to read. Very nice…

  11. Michael Zielinski says

    Thanks. The US side will be updated tomorrow.

    Also I have switch ed to threaded comments, which allows replies to specific comments. This should make discussions easier to follow.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Could you please check on the NIUE T E Lawrence coin. I looked on your site and couldn’t find. Didn’t it get nominated for a COTY award? I just got that PF 70 for $55 and the seller had one negative feedback and it was from a buyer with over 1,000 positive feedback begging for an invoice to pay $120 for the exact coin. Why the seller never sent I don’t know but with a NGC pop of 2 and total mintage of 1,888 I believe I may have made a very good buy.

    Should help with the upgraded site. The baseball coin just drew so much attention because sports fans are die are collectible’s too and blew your site up looking for a gold bball. Glad mine is in stock and reserved!

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