Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases April 2014

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders from the general public for a wide array of new releases. The products include coins struck in gold, platinum, and silver, across a range of sizes, in both new and ongoing series. Several of the new releases have already sold out online.

All of the new products can now be found within the new releases section of the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.

2014 Howling Wolf one-half kilogram silver coin

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The 2014 Howling Wolf 1/2 Kilogram Silver Coin represents the first-ever half-kilogram sized offering from the Royal Canadian Mint. The reverse design features a profile portrait of a howling wolf against the background of a coniferous forest. Up to four separate finishes were used to create a sense of high relief and bring texture to the wolf’s coat.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 500 grams and diameter of 85 mm. The 500 gram weight represents 16.075 troy ounces of pure silver. The maximum mintage for the coin is 1,000 pieces.

2014 Matriarch Moon Mask Ultra High Relief Coin

Gold CoinSilver Coin

Ultra high relief gold and silver coins are available which feature a reproduction of a wooden carving of the Matriarch Moon Mask by Haida artist Carol Young. The coin honors women in their roles as leaders, sages, and guardians of their clan’s history.

The 99.999% pure gold ultra high relief proof coins have a weight of 33.17 grams and diameter of 30 mm. The maximum mintage is 500 pieces. The 99.99% pure silver ultra high relief proof coins have a weight of 30.76 grams and diameter of 36.15 mm. The maximum mintage is 6,000 pieces. Previous gold and silver ultra high relief coins have sold out.

Canada 2014 Pope John Paul II Silver Coin

Gold CoinSilver Coin

Gold and silver coins sharing a common design are issued to commemorate the life achievements and canonization of Pope John Paul II. The design is an artist reference of a photograph of the Pope offering Mass during this first visit to Canada in 1984.

The gold coin is struck in 99.99% purity to proof quality with a weight of 7.8 grams and diameter of 20 mm. The maximum mintage is 1,500 pieces. The silver coin is struck in 99.99% purity to proof quality with a weight of 23.17 grams and diameter of 36.07 mm. The maximum mintage is 8,500 pieces, with an ordering limit of 3 per household.

Alice Munro Canadian Silver Coin

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A silver proof coin is issued to celebrate Canadian author Alice Munro, who was the recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature. She was the first Canadian woman to receive the award and referred to by some as “Canada’s Checkov.”

The reverse design of the coin presents a passage chosen by the author from one of her short stories titled The View from Castle Rock, which reads: “And in one of these houses – I can’t remember whose – a magic doorstop, a big mother-of-pearl seashell that I recognized as a messenger from near and far, because I could hold it to my ear – when nobody was there to stop me – and discover the tremendous pounding of my own blood, and of the sea.”

The design shows the words within a book and an ethereal female figure emerging from the pen. A laurel branch appears above celebrating the author’s distinction as a Nobel Prize laureate. The coin uses advanced engraving techniques so that the words can be viewed crystal clear under a magnifying glass.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with a weight of 23.17 grams and diameter of 36.07 mm. The maximum mintage is 7,500 pieces.

100th Anniversary of the Ontario Museum Silver Coin

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A selectively gold plated silver coin is issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Ontario Museum. The design of the coin features a gold plated image of the Statue of Cleopatra VII, a unique piece that was purchased by the museum’s first director in the early 1900’s. The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal fills much of the background field, providing a contrasting modern element. This was the centerpiece of a major renovation to the museum, which opened in 2007.

Each coin is struck in 1 oz of 99.99% fine silver to proof quality with selective gold plating. The maximum mintage is 8,500 pieces.

2014 Canadian Maple Canopy Spring Silver Coin

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The latest release in the Canadian Maple Canopy series carries a spring theme. The design features a view from the base of the trunk of a maple tree leading upwards to the tree’s canopy which is enhanced with hues of springtime green. Previous coins in the series have sold out.

Each coin is struck in 1 oz of 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a mintage of 7,500 pieces. There is an ordering limit of 3 coins per household.

Nanaboozho Coin Series

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A series of five coins pays tribute to the Legend of Nanaboozhoo, a tale that has been passed down through generations. Searching for the strongest feathers for his arrows, Nanaboozhoo climbed the highest cliff to reach the Thuderbirds’ nest. When the adult bird left to find food, he pulled out the young birds’ feathers. The adult returned and pursued Nanaboozhoo, who found shelter in a hollowed out birch tree. He later emerged unharmed and blessed the birch tree by declaring that it would forever protect and benefit mankind.

Three 1 oz silver coins tell a portion of the story in sequence, showing the climb, Nanaboozhoo and the Thunderbird, and the chase. Separate gold and platinum coins also feature a portrait of Nanaboozhoo.

Arctic Fox Proof Coin

Gold coinSilver coin

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering premium versions of the bullion coins featuring the Arctic Fox. The coins are struck in proof quality with a mirror like background.

The 1/4 oz 99.99% gold proof coin has a diameter of 20 mm and mintage of 2,000 pieces. The 1 oz proof 99.99% silver coin has a diameter of 38 mm and mintage of 7,500 pieces.


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The second release in this year’s O Canada gold coin series features the profile portrait of a moose in its native habitat. The coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold to proof quality with a weight of 3.14 grams and diameter of 16 mm. The mintage is 4,000 pieces.

2014 Silver Maple Leaves 1/2 oz Silver Coin

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A 1/2 oz 99.99% pure silver coin with a specimen finish pays tribute to the silver maple with a depiction of three leaves caught on an autumn breeze. The offering is positions as one of the Royal Canadian Mint’s most affordable silver coins and carries a maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces.


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The second release in a series of hologram coins features a display of the Northern Lights. The reverse design depicts a lone wolf howling with the northern lights seeming to emerge from his muzzle. The hologram is intended to capture the ethereal quality of the northern lights with shimmering color against the silver composition representing a wintry scene.

Each coin is struck in 1 oz of 99.99% pure silver to proof quality. The maximum mintage is 8,500 pieces.

Additionally, there are four new releases which are no longer shown as available for sale online. These include:

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  1. Ed D, says

    Looks to me like the Royal Canadian Mint is following Perth Mint’s lead…making lots and lots of different “Limited Edition” coins, hoping that something will stick. Mass produced so-called rarities like these are setting a very bad trend for our hobby IMHO.

  2. F Santis says

    Not a fan myself. I find most of their shrapnel to be quite bland, however “limited” it is, when compared to examples from other mints.

  3. bd says

    Ordered the Matriarch Moon Mask (silver). Missed out on last years Grandmother moon mask, so was happy to see a similar one.
    For me, I enjoy the variety of coins the RC Mint puts out, and look forward to the first of each month.

  4. Erik H says

    Lots of nice designs but the premiums are way too high on must their stuff. I guess that why they say coin collecting is the “hobby of kings”.

  5. bd says

    fmtransmitter – looked at my history, in the past 12 months – 4 orders ($160 average order). So a little looking and a little buying. I do believe that they are over priced coins. But from a hobby stand point, some are to cool looking to pass up.

  6. Mr Louis Golino says

    Got my frog today from the Mint. Very nice and a good deal at about $133 delivered.
    Bison #3 is the only other one I got this month as I also collect that series.

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