New Domed Coins for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The Monnaie de Paris has released a set of gold and silver domed coins to mark the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. These coins may see some added attention following the United States Mint’s recent release of the extremely popular domed Baseball Hall of Fame Coins.

The authorizing legislation for the US Mint’s program actually made specific reference to a previous domed coin issued by the Monnaie de Paris. It was included as the sense of the Congress that the Baseball coins should be produced with concave and convex surfaces in a fashion similar to the 2009 International Year of Astronomy Coins.


The new releases from the Monnaie de Paris celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup, an international football (soccer) tournament that is scheduled to take place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014. There will be 32 national teams participating in the tournament with 64 matches to be played in twelve cities across Brazil.

France 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Domed Silver Coin

The convex obverse design of the coin features a map outline of the country of Brazil surrounded by stylized elements of flora and fauna. The 2014 FIFA World Cup logo and official name appear within the map shape.


The concave reverse design features an aerial view of the Maracanã Stadium, which will be used for the final match and six other games of the tournament. The name of the stadium and the competition are inscribed along with RF. A ball appears to spring from the stadium, which carries the denomination of 10 Euro. The circular and concave shape of the coin seem to fit well with the design.

The 10 Euro Silver Coin is struck in 90% purity to proof quality with a weight of 22.20 grams and diameter of 37 mm. The maximum mintage is 10,000 pieces.

France 2014 FIFA World Cup Domed Gold Coin

A 1 oz gold proof coin featuring the same design and domed shape is also available, struck in 99.9% purity with a diameter of 37 mm. The maximum mintage for this version is only 500 pieces.

Two additional smaller sized gold coins are also available, which feature the same design but are not struck with the domed shape. A 1/4 oz gold proof coin is struck in 92.0% purity with a diameter of 22 mm and mintage of 3,000 pieces. A 1/2 gram gold proof coin is struck in 99.9% purity with a diameter of 11 mm and mintage of 5,000 pieces.

Finally, a 5 oz gold proof coin will be available from February 7th. This version is struck in 99.9% purity with a diameter of 50 mm and mintage of 99 pieces. The design is the same as the other coins, but it is not domed. Only the 37 mm silver and 1 oz gold coins have the domed shape.

These coins can be found on the Monnaie de Paris website in the Sports section.

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  1. Ikaika says

    Looking at the GM website, the 1 oz proof WTE is still for sale. I am surprised it has not sold out yet. Are we the only ones buying these?

  2. Samuel says

    when we had a 400+ posts for this coin last time, i said, there is a big difference between, 200 people, everybody post 2, and 4 people, everybody post 100.

  3. VARich says

    Thanks guys – seems we’re all seeing the same.., the pending crap shoot come Monday. Good luck, hope we’re all able to snatch one!

  4. JagFan says

    It is actually going to be tougher then you expect on Monday for the WTE…. Just because Perth releases their new coins at noon, Downies & Direct Coins are not as quick to list them on their pages for sale due to the timing.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    They are “sold out” in OGP. When a seller corners the market and doesn’t sell until graded etc. Called flooding the market. Bay prices are strong.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    From Direct: Thank you for enquiring about the 1oz and 5oz Wedge Tail Eagles.

    We have had a unprecedented demand for this coin and due to extremely limited supply (as the majority are going straight to the US market) we have received a limited allocation.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to reserve any for our customers due to limited supply. We can confirm that they will be available on our website from 7AM AWST (GMT+8) on the release date- 6th May 2014.
    What did they get, 5 of them? lol

  7. fmtransmitter says

    Can’t wait for my domed FIFA, says it is on the way straight from Pear-ee…

  8. Louis says

    So Direct will have them on May 5 at 7pm U.S. EST (12 hrs. before)? I don’t think Talisman will get them. hey did not get the 1 oz version.

  9. Louis says

    FM- Did you order the FIFA from the French Mint or from the French sellers on the Bay? I have ordered from the Mint several times and never got a shipping notice right away as you said you did.

  10. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – OT, but thought you might find this interesting… So when was the last time you looked at secondary market sales for our wonderful 2014 NIUE HR 5 oz Lunar Horse coin?? While on Talisman this morning looking for some other products, I came across their listing – $1499.00.

    Then, driven by sheer curiousity, I checked completed auctions / sales on the Bay. Three completed transactions in the last month for $1000 or more!!! Could not believe it, but especially when we purchased ours early on, back when Talisman couldn’t give them away for $395.00. Still one of my very favorite coins.

  11. Mr Louis Golino says

    Thanks, VAB. I did notice that and was recently thinking about the possibility of selling it and then I told myself “no way, the coin is too nice”!

  12. VABEACHBUM says

    Head ups to anyone still trying to acquire the 2014 Tuvalu “American Bald Eagle” 1 oz Silver UHR.

    Looks like MCM has received their quantity of OGP and Graded coins. The OGP is reasonable compared to recently completed auctions, but $10 higher than original issue. Graded coins are starting lower than most of the current auctions, but still higher than the respective graded coins that had been offered 4 weeks ago by Silvertowne and others.

    Get ’em while you can. I have no doubt that these OGP coins also will disappear quickly!!

  13. VA Rich says

    Mr Louis – Talisman told me it would be very questionable if they received any, though I personally will continue to check throughout the day. Numismatik was another possibility, though another ‘maybe’

    What gets me is that on the Perth Mint Blog, the blog team says check with GM on the US availability and GM (so I am told) isn’t getting any.., what gives?

    I’m trying to determine if there’s difference layers (or classes) of communication within GM – if anyone has heard if GM is receiving raw 5 oz WTE, please chime in.., this really shouldn’t be that difficult in finding someone what will pony up with an answer..,

  14. Louis says

    VA Rich- Thanks for your efforts. I think Ralf will get them but probably not right away. It is frustrating and odd that for such a major release, we have little idea who will have them.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    Colissimo is shipping company…Tracking number says it is prepared to leave the Country of origin…

  16. VABEACHBUM says

    FMTX – Downies will charge the same amount, regardless of the currency. So, they will force the US customers to use $US during check-out, then, in today’s market, also enjoy the benefits of instant $10 profit on the $100 when they convert your purchase back to $AU. I’ve dealt with it twice before, when Downies was the only source of coins I had been trying to find. First time, $AU was up, and I saved; second time, not so much.

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