Finland: 2014 First Mark and Numismatics Gold Coin

Today, the Mint of Finland has released their first and only gold coin of the year as a tribute to the birth of Finland’s national currency and an homage to numismatists. The design of the new gold coin features elements from the first silver Finnish mark minted in 1864.

The original silver mark, which can be seen here, featured on the obverse a depiction of the two-headed Russian eagle and the coat of arms of Finland on a shield. The reverse featured a decorative wreath of oak leaves encircling the date and denomination.

Finnish Mark and Numismatics Gold Coin

Across the obverse and reverse design of the new gold coin are portions of the oak leaves and decorative ribbon from the silver mark’s reverse. The inscriptions “NUMISKMATIIKKA” appears on the obverse with “SUOMI FINLAND” on the reverse. The “2014” date appears on both sides of the coin, on a field and against one of the oak leaves. Completing the design is the “100€” legal tender face value.

Each coin is struck to proof quality in 91.7% gold with a weight of 5.65 grams and diameter of 22 mm.

The overall mintage of the 2014 First Mark and Numismatics 100 Euro Gold Coin is 6,000 pieces. This includes a special edition of the coin limited to 100 pieces, numbered on the obverse in 1/100 format and packaged in a Vitriini glass cases.

The product page can be found on the Mint of Finland online shop.

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  1. Koichi Ito says

    I rather collect 2014 Latvian Silver and Gold euro commemorative coins instead. So what is next Latvian commemorative for 2014 and 2015?

  2. fmtransmitter says

    NZ Mint just released two springtime coins. 1/4 gold, 1 oz silver. Cheers!

    Feng Shui Koi
    NZ Mint are very proud to release the Feng Shui Koi 1/4 oz Gold Coin. Based on the very popular Feng Shui Koi 1 oz Silver design, this release takes it’s place as our very first gold Feng Shui commemorative.

    Niue Blue Butterfly
    Commemorating the only endemic butterfly species found on Niue Island, our Niue Blue Butterfly 1 oz Silver Coin features both colour and relief engraved depictions of this recently discovered beauty.

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