Perth Mint New Product Releases April 2014

The Perth Mint of Australia has started accepting orders for another round of new product releases. This includes the annual Australian Gold Sovereign, a new high relief silver proof coin, a 1 kilo silver proof coin, and the latest releases from two ongoing series.

For collectors in the United States, sales began at March 31, 2014 at 12:01 PM ET. These coins can all be found as the first entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website.

2014 Australian Sovereign

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In 2009, the Perth Mint resumed the production of gold coins bearing the historic sovereign title. The design represents an adaptation of the original Type I sovereign first produced by the Sydney Mint in 1855.

This year’s 2014 Proof Australian Gold Sovereign features a portrayal of St. Edwards crown and a laurel wreath. The inscriptions include “Perth Mint”, “Australia”, and “Sovereign”. The obverse carries the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the “2014” date and the denomination of “25 Dollars”.

Each coin is struck in 91.67% purity with gold content of 0.2354 troy ounces. The diameter is 22.60 mm and the weight 7.9881 grams. The coins are housed in a presentation case with illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity.

2014 High Relief Silver Kookaburra

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The 2014 Australian Kookaburra High Relief Silver Proof Coin features a depiction of the iconic Australian bird sitting on a tree branch surrounded by gum leaves. The obverse contains the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The high relief obverse and reverse of the coin are both minted on concave surfaces to achieve optimum metal flow and makes for a stunning appearance.

Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver with a diameter of 32.60 and maximum thickness of 6.00 mm. The there is an issue limit of 9,000 coins in this packaging from an overall maximum mintage of 10,000 coins.

2014 Australian Koala 1 kilo Silver Proof Coin

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A 1 kilo silver proof version of the 2014 Australian Koala is also being offered. The design features a close up portrait of a koala with a spray of eucalyptus leaves at the base. The obverse contains the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 1 kilo of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality with a diameter of 100.60 mm and thickness of 14.60 mm. A maximum mintage of only 500 pieces has been established.

Centenary of Australian Submarines Silver Coin

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Following last month’s release to mark the centenary of the first flight of an Australian military aircraft, this month a new coin marks the centenary of Australian Submarines. The reverse design features a colored depiction of a submarine cruising through the ocean. The ocean is seen breaking through two concentric circular ropes, which are derived from the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service ship’s badge. Just above the surface of the ocean are dolphins and crown, also derived from the ship’s badge.

Inscriptions on the reverse read “Centenary of Australian Submarines” with the dates “1914-2014”. The coin also includes edge lettering over the reeded edge indicating “Silent Service” three times around.

The coins are struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality with a diameter of 40.60 mm. The maximum mintage is 3,000 pieces. The coins are accompanied by an enamel replica badge of the official Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service Bade.

2014 Mother's Love Elephant Silver coin

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The second release in the “Mother’s Love” series features a colored representation of a mother Asian elephant and her calf locking trunks and surrounded by jungle palms. Each coin is struck in 1/2 oz of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality with a diameter of 36.60 mm. The maximum mintage is 6,000 pieces.

The series will include a total of five different coins. The previous release featured a lioness and her cub. Forthcoming releases will feature the giraffe, brown bear, and orangutan.


Silver CoinGold Coin

The latest releases in the “Land Down Under” series features Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system which stretches 344,000 square kilometers and supports a wide variety of marine creatures from microscopic plankton to whales.

The 5 oz silver proof coin features a colored aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef framed within the map shape of Australia and with a seaplane flying overhead. The inscriptions read “The Land Down Under”, “Great Barrier Reef”, and “5oz 999 Silver”. This coin carries a maximum mintage of 400 pieces.

The 2 oz gold proof coin features a green sea turtle swimming among the coral. The inscriptions include “The Land Down Under”, “Great Barrier Reef”, and “2oz 9999 Gold”. This coin carries a maximum mintage of just 200 pieces.

Both coins come in wooden display cases with an illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Other new releases from the Perth Mint include:

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  1. Zeeman says

    Thought about the carded horse from downies but i was not going to pay $30 for shipping on a $59 dollar coin, i wanted the canadian glass frog , Gatewest donot have it, Downies is $195.00 plus $30.00 shipping, not for me.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    @Zeeman, that is way to much for shipping, obviously that is part of their “bottom line”. Common with small businesses.

  3. Louis says

    Zeeman- Gatewest does have the frog, but you have to call it in. Price was $169 when I looked but could go up.
    As for Downies, if you ordered anything recently that won’t ship for a while, you should be able to add it to the order.
    Or go to e-Bay where you can get the horse for same price from a Canadian seller with free shipping but no card, only coin and COA.

  4. Samuel says

    i bought last yrs glass coin for about $200, right now u can find it $200 everywhere!

  5. picturefun says

    you may call downies, and try your luck, I read some people talked them into selling 2 carded horse. then you can sell one on ebay, make the shipping plus more back

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