Kremnica Mint Considers Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

Earlier this week, the Kremnica Mint of Slovakia announced that they were considering producing and issuing gold and silver investment coins which would be known as “royalty coins.”

According to a news release, the new bullion coins would be produced under license of an African country such as Gabon, Congo, or Niue Island. The obverse of the coin would include the the face value, name of the issuing country, and the country’s national emblem. The reverse would depict of design of the Kremnica Mint’s own choice.

The gold coins would be struck in 999 purity and priced based on the market price of gold, the license fee, and the production cost. The approximate price ranges mentioned seem to imply low premiums and the coins would not subject to Valued Added Tax (VAT). The silver coins would be struck in 999 purity and subject to VAT.

The Kremnica Mint created a brief survey to gauge interest in the potential offerings and find preferences for the coins. The questions cover the country of issue, preferred weight of the coins, the finish, and potential coin design themes. Four of the proposed themes are related to Slovakia with one option for a motif with an international topic.

The survey can be found on their website here.

In a previous post, I had shared my purchase a few Slovakian collector coins, which I had found beautifully designed and well produced. I am hoping that the Kremnica Mint sees a positive response to their survey and moves ahead with their plans for the Royalty Coins.


Shown above is another Slovakian coin which I plan to purchase depicting a mining scene and mining equipment.

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  1. Ladislavius says

    Definitely good move by Kremnica mint.Previously I have bought several coins and have always been satisfied with the quality.Just for info,Kremnica mint is the one of the oldest mints in the world…

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