Belarus Chinese Lunar Calendar Silver Coins

Many world mints offer coin series which feature representations of the animals of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. One such series which recently caught my eye is offered by the Republic of Belarus with the coins struck by the Mint of Poland.

In a previous post, I had showcased some issues from the Belarusian Folk Legends series which I had added to my collection. Similar to those coins, the Belarus Chinese Lunar Calendar series coins feature very intricate and distinctive designs.

Belarus Year of the Snake Silver Coin

The series appears to have started recently with a 2012-dated issue representing the Year of the Snake. The reverse design features a stylized image of a snake coiled into a spiral, with a gold plated Chinese hieroglyph at center. Around the image are spirals, stars, an ornamental pattern, and an inscription which translates to “The Year of the Snake”. The overall design and the spiral effect fit well with the circular shape of the coin.

Belarus Lunar Chinese Calendar Coin Series

The obverse design, seems like it will be used with slight variation throughout the series, features an intricate arrangement representing the passage of time. At center, there is a depiction of the sun, the moon, the inner gears of a clock, and the hands of a clock with a cubic zirconia gem inlaid at the base. The twelve years within the calendar cycle appear surrounding. Various elements of the design and the “2013” year are gold plated. The metal purity of “Ag 925” and the “2012” date appear around the edge with additional inscriptions which translate to “The Republic of Belarus” and “20 Rubles”.

Each coins is struck in .925 silver with a weight of 33.63 grams and diameter of 38.61 mm. The mintage is indicated as up to 8,000 pieces.
Belarus Year of the Horse Silver Coin

The latest release for the Year of the Horse features a fanciful depiction of two horses coming to meet at the center of the coin where a gold plated Chinese hieroglyph appears. The design is completed with ornate patterns at the border and stars in the field.

The obverse of the coin carries the same basic design of the prior year, with the central gem colored orange and the “2014” date highlighted in gold.

I have added both of these coins to my collection and will likely stay on board for the entire series.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    IMO mule error was done on purpose to spur collector interest in a failed Mint program in England. Great tactic.

  2. Louis says

    What failed program? Britannias are one of the most popular silver bullion coins in the world and even last year’s coin which had an unlimited mintage has a higher retail premium than ASE’s The older ones carry about the highest premiums of any modern bullion coin and are very hard to find. And the new Lunar coins are popular too and have a limited mintage.

  3. Louis says

    Belarus makes some nice coins. Their zodiac series from a few years ago in antique silver is excellent. I have the one for my sign. They did another zodiac series last year.

  4. NumisMatt says

    Michael, is there a dealer or distributor that carries these? I haven’t found one yet.

  5. Michael Zielinski says

    NumisMatt- Thus far, I have been purchasing Belarus coins from various sellers on eBay. Internet searches turn up a few dealers, but they don’t usually have the particular issues I have been looking for.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    To add to that, if you email them and ask them they could also get them for you. I told one dealer about the 3 ounce redux and then they added it to their website and blew my email up! Wow! Eastern Euro group. Anyway, Dealers usually can get what you want by asking them. They just don’t like putting money out if they have to sit on inventory. Emailing them which coin you want will usually get a quick response! At least it did for me, this is VERY fluid hobby and they (dealers) are more than willing to accommodate.

  7. Koichi Ito says

    Just go to Kiev Ukraine to meet Alla Ishchenko for these Belarus Chinese Lunar Calendar silver coins and other coins from her. Because she is a so-called coin goddess?

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