Royal Canadian Mint New Coin Releases February 2014

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders from the general public for an array of new numismatic products. This includes the first coin in a new series featuring the bison, a coin featuring the highest relief ever used on a 5 oz silver coin, numismatic versions of yet to be released bullion coins, the latest glow in the dark coin, and more.

All of the new products can be found within the new releases section of the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.

2014 Bison Portrait Silver Coin

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A 1 oz silver proof coin featuring a close up portrait of a bison begins a new 4-coin bison series. The design portrays a front facing portrait of a wood bison offering a close up glimpse of the physical attributes of the animal. The proof coin is produced using three different finishes and includes edge lettering.

The coin carries a maximum mintage of 7,500 pieces and is priced at $99.95 CAD.  The online product page shows the coin as “awaiting stock.”

Tim Barnard Gold Coin

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The second release in a series of contemporary Canadian art coins features “Canada Through the Eyes of Tim Barnard.” The design which is offered across 2 oz gold or silver coins includes more than 50 images which spiral outwards from the center. The images include Canadian fauna and flora, First Nations culture and art, historic portraits and images, and various logos.

The 2 oz proof gold coin has a mintage of 300 pieces and is priced at $5,199.95 CAD. The 2 oz silver coin, which no longer appears to be available on the RCM website, has a mintage of 5,000 pieces and was priced at $169.95 CAD.

2014 Maples Leaves 5 oz Silver Coin

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A new 2014 Maple Leaves 5 oz Silver Coin features the highest relief that the RCM has ever achieved on a 5 oz silver coin. It was struck multiple times using enhanced tooling to create a visually stunning result. The design includes three maples leaves drifting on an autumn breeze rendered in the sculptural qualities of high relief.

The proof quality coin has a mintage of 2,500 pieces and ordering limit of 2 per household. The price is $519.95 CAD.

Peregrine Falcon Silver Coin

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This year the Royal Canadian Mint is beginning a new bullion series which will be similar to the previous Canadian Wildlife silver bullion series. The new series will be known as  “Canadian Birds of Prey” and feature two coins per year released in 2014 and 2015. The 1 oz 99.99% pure silver bullion coins will each carry a limited mintage of 1 million pieces and be distributed through bullion channels.

The first issue in the upcoming bullion series has been released this month in collectible proof format. The design depicts a peregrine falcon in mid-air attack position. The 1 oz 99.99% pure silver proof coins carry a limited mintage of 20,000 pieces. The price is $89.95 CAD.

2014 Howling Wolf Gold Coin

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A new 1 oz 99.999% pure gold bullion series will also be launched this year. Known as the “Call of the Wild” series, a different design will be released annually from 2014 to 2016. The coins will carry a denomination of $200, representing the highest legal tender value among the world’s 1 oz gold bullion coins, and will be produced to demand.

This month’s numismatic product releases include a collector proof version of the first issue of the series. The design features a profile portrait of a howling wolf with lines in the background to represent its call. The 1 oz 99.999% pure gold coins are struck to proof quality and carry a mintage of 2,000 pieces. The price is $2,799.95 CAD.

Snowy Owl Silver Kilogram Coin

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A new 3-coin annual series will celebrate the striking eyes of Canadian wildlife. The first coin features a close up portrait of the snowy owl with its eyes highlighted with yellow and back enamel.

The design appears on a 1 kilogram silver proof coin with a mintage of 500 pieces and a 1 kilogram gold proof coin with a mintage of 10. The silver coin carries a price of $2,299.95CAD, while the gold coin is priced at $69,000.00 CAD.


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The fourth release in the Preshistoric Creatures series featuring glow in the dark elements carries a paleontoloists’ rendition of what Tiktaalik probably looked like. This creature bridged the evolutionary gap between water and land.

The cupronickel 25-cent coin with a specimen finish is limited to 30,000 pieces. Previous releases had sold out quickly, but this coin still remains available priced at $29.95 CAD.


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A 1/2 oz silver coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the First World War. The design depicts a Canadian soldier as he embarks on a ship bound for England. The coins carry a mintage limit of 40,000 pieces and are priced at $44.95 CAD each.

Additional new releases for this month include:

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  1. Schalk says


    Please let me know as soon as you spot the Mongolias, including those stunning Tiffani coins, likewise I will do the same. The one thing about Downies that I like is that if you bought the Mongolia or Tiffany coins from them before, they will give you a special window in which to buy them before the general public.

  2. Ikaika says

    @ Schalk

    Will do. Those Tiffany coins are stunning alright. Last years Palau Venetian Gothic Tiffany is one amazing piece of art.

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