Mongolia 2014 Manul Pallas’s Cat 500 Togrog Silver Coin

The opening night of the Winter Olympics happens to coincide with a numismatic tradition: the annual spotting of the Mongolian Endangered Wildlife Series release! With the low mintage of 2500, the 500 Togrog series has many ardent supporters who find themselves looking to purchase the coins for their collection without huge secondary mark-ups.  So far, no sellers have been seen sporting these silver pieces, but keep your eyes peeled: these round pupil’d cats will undoubtedly play hard to get.

Collectors will likely have to look to international distributors to snare the fifth installment of this unique series.  With Swarovski Element gemstones again marking the animal eyes (this time in green), the Manul (Pallas’s cat) has the trademark ‘full face’ design.

Mongolia 2014 Manul 500 Togrog Silver Coin

As the original series with designs of the frosted super-close up have become so popular (the key date wolverine still goes for $1500+) there have been imitators who have done okay in their own right- notably the red squirrel coin that was minted for Palau with the same type of design (and the exact same COA printing)- which fetches about half of the Mongolian coins.  There are plenty of frosted crystal eyed animal coins these days- but the Mongolian is the undisputed gold medal winner.

Red Squirrel Palau Coin

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and for the lucky few who both have and enjoy (and there are some who are turned off by the designs) these Mongolian coins, they are likely cornerstones of the collection.  There’s just nothing like them.

Pallas Cat

The Pallas’s Cat is indigenous to Central Asia, and like the others in the series, poachers present a terrible threat to their future.  Other fun facts about the Pallas’ Cat: about the size of a house-cat, hunted for fur and medicine potions, 47 worldwide in zoos in 2010 and the highest mortality rate of kittens.  Incredibly, they are they only cat that has round pupils, which seems to match the green crystals perfectly, and is likely news to most (all other cats have slits as pupils).


Finally. just for fun. the Manul’s interesting photo was used as a type of performance art- with posters going up made to look like lost-cat fliers but actually just showing off the Pallas’s Cat’s unique appearance.  Until they are released, collector’s will be asking themselves:

Have you seen this cat?

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    @Zeeman, way more than a US Mint ATB and in line with World 5oz HR’s. Hope this helps. It does come with a large Perth clamshell box, COA, and made to fit PCGS 5 ounce slab signed by Mercanti. Same as in feebay but 69.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    I also obtained a First Release HR 1 oz NGC PF70 UC! Happy about that. Co-Worker’s Regular Proof came back FR PF69 UC FR NGC!

  3. Samuel says

    just got my zeus several minutes ago. huge box small coin. have to say it is a nice coin, looks better than in picture. at the beginning, i did not like it.

  4. AkBob says

    FM – Congratulations!!! Might be the only “First Releases” for this coin!!! One of One! Sorry to hear about the co-worker’s coin too.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    I’m not, he still has a great coin to cherish and pass down to his kids and he really isn’t into the hobby so he is VERY happy right now.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    Samuel: If you find a link with actual photos of the COTY coins, could you please share? Maybe Michael will run a post soon as well covering them.

  7. fmtransmitter says

    oh yes, Michael covered these before. The art one had a blue enamel hand. I have the Italy one in for grading now. Stunning coin.

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