France: 50 Years of European Space Cooperation Gold and Silver Coins

The Monnaie de Paris have recently launched a set of gold and silver coins to commemorate 50 years of European space cooperation. The coins were developed together with the European Space Agency.

50 years of European space cooperation Silver Coin

The reverse design highlights the Ariane launchers, the most well-known and popular symbol of European space cooperation. The Ariane launcher is depicted at launch and the arrival at its orbit. The ellipses in the background represent the many satellites put in orbit by the launcher over the years. An inscription around the circumference reads “50 ANS DE COOPÉRATION SPATIALE EUROPÉENNE 1964-2014” with the European Space Agency logo at the top right.


The obverse of the coin features the face of the goddess Europa with her flowing hair strewn with stars. Around her head are twelve Euro symbols representing the twelve stars of the European flag. The design also incorporates twelve flags, some of which appear on flag poles to the left of the coin and some of which are draped across the base of Europa’s neck. The inscriptions include “Europa” and the date “2014”.

50 Years of European Space Cooperation Gold Coin
The designs appear on three different sized 99.9% pure gold proof coins and one 90% silver proof coin. A 1oz gold coin carries a face value of 200 Euro and mintage of 500 pieces. A 1/4oz gold coin has a face value of 50 Euro and mintage of 1,000 pieces. A 1/2 gram gold coin provides a low price point and carries a higher mintage limit of 10,000 pieces.

The 10 Euro face value silver coin has a weight of 22.20 grams, diameter of 37 mm, and mintage of 5,000 pieces.

The coins can be found on the Monnaie de Paris e-Shop at this page. They should also be available from various world coin dealers or on eBay.

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  1. Louis says

    To really appreciate the silver coin you need to see it in hand or in a good photo that shows the different finishes which make the rockets standout. Also mintage is lower than for most issues, but these will be popular.

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    Agreed, Louis. I was looking at these coins on the Monnaie website. They really are very well done. Still, Samuel is not wrong about the size and metal content – 22.2 grams of 0.90 Silver. Meh.

    More importantly, though, a coin like this only reinforces the need for a commemorative and/or an entire series reflecting upon the US Space Program. The possibilities for creating some very impressive coins would be endless.

  3. says

    As an astronomer, I felt obligated to get one. Note that if you order from the French Mint’s website, IF you’re getting the 1-ounce gold coin, it is cheaper even with shipping than APMEX … based on the current exchange rate. I’m also trying to remember if VAT gets removed, but I’m not sure. Guess I’ll see on my credit card statement.

  4. Koichi Ito says

    I tried to order from Monnaie de Paris by credit card, but bank refused to pay for coins? Why?

  5. says

    It might only be 22.2 g of 0.900 silver, but we all know these aren’t bought for their precious metal content, esecially given the couple of dollars difference in value.
    As for size, at 37mm they’re only 1.6mm short of a standard 1oz 0.999 round.

    I’d also like to see them a little larger, but they’re nice enough to buy and you do get well struck artwork on both sides. We like them.

  6. Louis says

    Stuart- If you have an account with the MDP and log on, when you select overseas shipping, it will change the price in your cart to reflect the non-VAT amount. From my experience they do not ship as quickly as say Perth, but you will get your coins.

  7. Koichi Ito says

    So what is difference between Monniae de Paris and Austrian Mint? So if I can buy coins from Austrian Mint, why can’t buy coins from Monniae de Paris? Does Monniae de Paris has different policy on purchasing coin by credit cards?

  8. Louis says

    Just saw that, Stuart. I wonder why they don’t deduct it for the gold. Might be better to go with APMEX in that case.

  9. says

    Yup, 1 oz is still cheaper directly from the French Mint. At 500 pieces, I didn’t waffle like with the Zeus coin, but apparently the sell-out is tempered by the price ;-). Still, it’s really nice to see some classic-type artwork on a coin that’s just engraved, no gimmicks like color or holograms or embedded glass or rocks.

  10. Koichi Ito says

    Why bank refuses payment by credit card of purchases of commemorative coins from Monnaie de Paris? So why same bank accepts payment of purchases of coin from Austrian Mint refuses to pay for coin purchase from French Mint?

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, all 4 of my PRE SCREENED with a 10X loupe came back PF69 UC from NGC. Rather stunned and I could not find a single flaw on any of them and why I thought I was investing in grading/encapsulation.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Koichi Ito, we (I mean myself), cannot answer why your credit card payment is not going through. i would call your issuing card company. I am AWARE sometimes credit card companies automatically block purchases from over seas until they consult with the card owner to make sure it is legit purchase. call your credit card company…

  13. says

    Just call the card company. Mine went through fine. I’ve had issues before with card being blocked for a Canadian computer parts purchase … just called and it went through fine.

    In other news, my coins shipped today!

  14. fmtransmitter says

    @Koichi, maybe it is because when you do a Google search under French Military victories, and click on I’m Feeling Lucky, it says, You mean French Military DEFEATS? lol

  15. says

    The French ones in this post :). Both the gold and silver. Supposedly they’re at the post office now, but I haven’t been able to check yet due to their early closing hours.

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