2014 World Money Fair Special Coin Releases

The Perth Mint and Royal Canadian Mint are offering special coin releases for the 43rd World Money Fair held in Berlin, Germany. Both products are available for sale online for those not attending the fair.

2014 Australian Kangaroo Silver coin

Product page

The “Berlin Coin Show Special” offered by the Perth Mint is the 2014 Australian Kangaroo 1 oz Silver Colored Coin. The reverse design features a colored depiction of a kangaroo amid a rural scene of wildflowers framed by hills and trees. This is the design which has been used for the 1/10 oz to 1 oz sized 2014 Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coins.

Each coin is struck in 1 toy ounce of 99.9% pure silver with a diameter of 40.60 mm. The coins come housed in a presentation case with an illustrated World Money Fair shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity. The Perth Mint will release no more than 2,000 of these coins.

Separately, the Perth Mint has also just released gold and silver coins to celebrate Charlie Chaplin. The silver coin features a lenticular design which shows Chaplin’s character walking jauntily as depicted in the 1928 silent movie The Circus. The gold coin is housed in a presentation case incorporating an MP4 player which plays a short clip when the case is opened. I have covered these releases on Coin Update News.

Silver Maple Leaf World Money Fair privy mark

Product page

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a premium version of the 2014 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf, which includes a World Money Fair privy mark.

The coin features the same basic design as the bullion Silver Maple Leaf with a large central leaf on the reverse and the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Similar to the premium version coins released last month, these coins are described as premium struck for added relief and greater detail and presented in a reverse proof finish.

The World Money Fair privy mark version carries a mintage of 7,500 pieces and has an ordering limit of 3 per household. Currently, orders only seem to be open to Master’s Club members.

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  1. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Samuel – I had been wondering that, as well. Now that I think about it, I do not recall Perth making a specially packaged Snake for the 2013 World Money Fair, either. For 2012, Perth issued a total of 5 different 1 oz Coin Show Dragons, as well as their usual 2 oz ANDA product. The 2oz ANDA has continued to recur every year.

  2. Louis says

    Last year for Berlin they did a colored 2 oz snake and for ANDA they did a colored eagle (wedge tailed I believe). I like this year’s Berlin coin.

  3. Zeeman says

    VARich@ few days ago, u were talking about the HR eagle, and some german dealer, i would like to buy one too, any info, can u sent me a note too 🙂

  4. Koichi Ito says

    Dear Sir:

    I cannot order collector coins from Lithuanian Mint by credit card from U.S.A.? Since I can order coins from Bank of Estonia and Austrian Mint by credit card but why not Lithuanian Mint?

  5. Samuel says

    Zeeman, it is too late for “best-kept-secret” kind of thing. it all happened in 1 or 2 days after the official release.

  6. Koichi Ito says

    I think that colored coins look like a coin from Toy ‘R’ Us? But I like holographic coins from Perth Mint or Royal Canadian Mint.

  7. Ibex says

    Any word on the Disney coins coming out of New Zealand ‘Mint’? They were supposed to have been revealed at the Berlin show.

  8. JagFan says

    Quick note – thanks to Dustyrhodes over on the reg mintnewsblog site…

    Govmint has just released approximately 300 Wedge Tailed HR PCGS PR70 Mercantin Signed this morning…

    It was a challenge to pull them up however I tracked them down by putting 2014 mercanti in the search box… I was able to grab three of them and they are currently in stock!

    Don’t know where they came from or if there will be more but for those that were looking for one, jump on it quick!

  9. CAGCRISP says

    I previously bought an ungraded HR wedge for $199. NOW for the same $199 I could purchase a PCGS PR70. Not exactly a happy camper. Lesson learned.

  10. Samuel says

    price ups and downs r very normal for small mintage coins, especially, when u want to be ahead of other people.

  11. Ikaika says

    I looked at the GM website after I read all the comments. The only coins available are the proof and HR PF69 in PCGS holder. Any info on the 5 oz?

  12. Louis says

    I figured the 70s would disappear fast and would have bought more than 1 if I could, but I never even saw the 5 oz’ers. Addielise- Did you catch the price for the silver 5 oz 70? I got an e-mail from them when they posted the graded 1 oz and don’t understand why they did not mention the 5 oz were going to be listed too. It’s hard to just keep checking. Oh well, probably would have been way too much anyway. I will wait for the raw 5 oz.

  13. Ikaika says

    @ Louis

    After receiving my 1 oz HR from Germany, the WTE design in the 5 oz version will really standout. Might go for that one.

  14. addielise says

    It was $799, and it was only after I called and was talking to the guy that he told me oh by the way, we just got the 5oz version in today and it looks amazing. If Perth prices the raw 5oz like their other proofs, I would imagine it’s going to be around $450 USD? So $799 seems pretty reasonable for a graded 70 with the signed Mercanti label. Interesting that Perth did ship their allotment to them already, but don’t plan on selling in Australia and Europe through their website until June.

  15. Louis says

    Thanks, folks. I knew GM was going to sell some 5 oz this month and figured they would be graded. In the case of a 70 for what the raw coins sell for, it’s a no brainer. Regular proofs are coming down now, but the hr’s seem to be still going for $200 or so raw. But for the 5 oz, I would rather wait for an Aussie or German dealer and pay something like $450. $800 is beyond my budget and those might be cheaper later too. Perth will not be selling them to us in June, so we will need to check around.

  16. Hidalgo says

    Michael, can you provide any information on the Royal Mint’s series of one ounce silver lunar coins? Apparently, it’s the start of a new series, Shengxiào Collection, of 2 GBP coins. The 2014 Great Britain coin celebrates the Year of the Horse.


  17. Kochi Ito says

    I also like Zeus Silver and Gold commemorative coins from Perth Mint, because it is high relief proof coins.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    OT: govmint has the 5 ounce Wedge Tail Eagle but you have to call and talk to one of their reps, it is NOT on the website. They have them in PCGS HR PF69 for $599-mintage 5,000 I orderded one. Get em while they are hot!

  19. fmtransmitter says

    great samuel, that is your choice, I wanted one so i bought it. I just wanted to share IF others DID want one…

  20. fmtransmitter says

    govmint is sitting on 572 NGC PF70 HR Wedge Tails 1 oz, I know this because I saw a glitch in their inventory last night! They are releasing them in batches to keep the price up!

  21. Samuel says

    fm, thx for the tips, please keep sharing.

    they know how to market, and we also know how they market. the only problem here is that they are the ONLY seller in US. if not, they dont have a chance.

    by the way, my PR70 eagles are shipped today.

  22. Louis says

    Appreciate the tip, but I will wait for a better price. These kind of hot issues almost always come down as we just saw with the 1 oz hr.

  23. hw says

    The Royal Canadian Mint has the 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Silver Maple Leaf – Mintage: 7,500 (2014), with World Money Fair privy, available again.

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