Mercanti’s Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle Design To Appear on More Coins

Earlier this month, the Perth Mint released the 2014 Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle High Relief Gold and Silver Proof Coins featuring an exceptional design by former United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti. The coins represented one of the most discussed and well received world releases in years and promptly sold out on the Perth Mint’s website, although US customers were directed to an exclusive regional distributor.

Mercanti Wedge Tailed Eagle Design

It appears that Mercanti’s design will also be used on as many as three different upcoming coins. Basic details of these upcoming coins can be found in explanatory statements to Determinations that the Perth Mint files to specify the weight, dimensions, and composition of upcoming numismatic coins.

In addition to the already released 1 ounce gold proof high relief coin and 1 ounce silver prof high relief coin, the statements provide for the following additional 2014-dated coins:

  • 5 ounce .999 Silver Proof High Relief Coin
  • 1 ounce .999 Silver Proof Coin
  • 1 ounce .999 Silver Bullion Coin

The explanatory statements can be found online here and here.

I reached out to the Perth Mint to see if they could confirm these additional issues and provide any preliminary information. The upcoming issuance of the 5 ounce silver proof high relief and 1 ounce silver proof coin were both confirmed. Each coin will have a mintage of 5,000 pieces. (Curiously, this would give the 1 ounce silver proof coin a lower mintage than the 1 ounce silver proof high relief coin.) Distribution to collectors in the USA will once again be handled by the New York Mint. Release dates have not yet been determined.

At this point, the Perth Mint could not confirm any details about the 1 ounce silver bullion coin due to product embargo.

Some other interesting upcoming issues listed in the explanatory statements include “The Land Down Under” series gold and silver coins which will represent Australia’s Gold Rush, Australian Great White Shark silver bullion coins, and a silver proof coin with an insert of abalone shell.

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  1. AkBob says

    There’s a WTE on the Xbay in an auction and with 5 hours to go it’s at $227.50 already. This is a BOOM!!! This is for the HR w/10,000 minted. Wonder what the regular proof w/5,000 minted will do. Is it the “sleeper”? MAYBE MAYBE NOT!!!!

  2. Samuel says

    the HR eagle is becoming rarer everyday. no offence, i think the reg proof is a “by-product”.

  3. AkBob says

    VARich – Last night someone bought 7 of the WTE’s. Not too many HR’s left on the Bay either, mosty regular proofs.

    Samuel – You may be right but I’m still waiting to see. I thought the regular proof woud end up being the sleeper with half the mintage of the HR but us collector’s are fickel so maybe the HR will be the ONE! We’ll see and time will tell

  4. VARich says

    Bob – I totally agree! Fewer HRs are showing up and they are easily surpassing $220+ and we’re coming up on the 4th week since Michael posted?

    Proofs are showing up more regularly though they’re selling handsomely and they are still available at gm! I love mine and won’t sell but to see what’s happening real-time in a matter of 4 weeks is exciting. And honestly, I’m ashamed that I was so late to the game on this one…, but I don’t think most realize the significance of a Mercanti design foreign coin is and how spectacular it is relative to other offerings…, maybe wishful thinking but I think they’ll all be winners. No word on whether this is a repeat from PM.

    Sam – I received my proof yesterday, I think it’s a thing of art and detail is amazing. I hope you got some partner. If you want to unload yours, let me know please. I can’t wait to see a 5 oz’er.., I may have to forgo my entire AtB budget for it…, but if it’s like the proof…. 😉

  5. Michael says

    I know some in the coin community dislike retail operations like GovMint mainly because they must charge the 3 times markup which is common in the retail industry whether it be toothpaste or a iPhone. But GovMint really churns out some tasteful and interesting exclusives. GovMint seems to also offer competitive prices in many ways as well. $99 for the 1 ounce Eagle is not off target at all. I just wish they wouldn’t ship 3-dimensional items in a padded mailer.

  6. Samuel says

    Bob and Rich,
    there is no HR eagle at ebay this moment, the last one finished several minutes ago at about $270. the completed listings will show up tomorrow.

    i do not have regular proof. i cancelled mine after knew it is not HR.

  7. Samuel says

    another thought, the gold version at $2600 at the beginning was not that expensive, because all the canadian and australian 1oz gold coins are at that level.

  8. Michael says

    I see the 5 ounce Shakespeare coin listed for March on the Perth site. I wonder if it will actually show up?

  9. AkBob says

    I received my two orders of the regular proof Australian Wedge Tailed Eagles today from GovMint. Wow, this is a very beautiful coin. The more I look at it, the more I like it. It has such a stunning design for sure and a real winner in my opinion and will be a great addition to my personal collection. Welcome to the family, Wedgie’s, LOL

  10. Michael says

    Yeah the Wedge Tailed Proofs are stunning. The sculpting just jumps off the field. It is as good as the fine medals Franklin Mint struck in their own mint back in the day. Like the Gilroy Roberts Bird Series. All amazing pieces of art.

  11. Terry Power says

    Anybody seen a product schedule for the two follow ups to the Zeus coins?

    I’ll have mine on Monday…’s in Japan right now. What a small world…

  12. VARich says

    Samuel – just a thought here, I would STRONGLY recommend picking up some Proofs.., as Louis has commented, the larger canvas bring the coins to life (with the sculpting).., & at a mintage of 5,000.., you may want a couple.

    I personally think one variant of the coin will be a serious contender for Coin of the Year and can’t wait to see all for silver WTE lined up together by this fall. Perhaps given the over whelming reception of the design, we’ll see a unique twist or something different with the bullion version, wishful thinking I’m sure. After the seeing the amazing craftsmanship with some of the these World coins, I’m really beginning to loose my enthusiasm for the HOF design/uniques, well see how it looks in short order.

    I hear ya on the gold coin, now, that $2,600 doesn’t seem like such a big number as it did last month given current market price. Unfortunately, there will be no gold one to go along with the silvers that’ll be lined up.

  13. VARich says

    Just FYI guys – the certs from the Reg proofs from the batch that was just sent out came in as 06xx’s, those ordered back on 18 Jan came in as 05xx’s.., thought this was odd/interesting, thoughts there would be more separation for a coin minted to 5,000 and selling like hot cakes…

  14. Samuel says

    Rich, thx for the recommendation.
    honestly, i dont like the proof one. i actually saw the reg proof at their website abt a month before they released the HR one. i did not even bother to click the link to see the detail. but i can’t wait for the BU one. i like the perthmint HR coins very much. i also like their BU, kind of reverse proof. i will buy some BU ones. and i probably will pass the 5oz, i bet the price will be high.

    if these 5000 is only for US market, i think thats too much.

    finally, i worry abt the white spots for the proof coins.

  15. AkBob says

    VARich – The PR70’s are SOLD OUT already. They didn’t last long. They currently have PF69 in the 5 oz for $599. I think they have PF69’s in the gold version as well. So here’s the update from me for all of you out there that have been keeping up with this series.

    Michael – Hope you get your 5 oz’er too. I wanted a 70 but I got a 69 as that’s all they have., When/If I can get a 70 I will buy that and sell my 69.

  16. AkBob says

    Well I don’t know what happened but the three 5 oz’ers I ordered from GM didn’t happen afterall. GovMint is so messed up. I am still trying to order them though. I can’t give up. Problem is all you get is an answering machine, Oh Lord!!!

  17. VaBeachEd says

    AkBob & VARich,
    I received a couple of Reg Proofs last week and my #’s were 051X & 051X, $99.00 each.

    From what I am reading here, no one seems to have a regular sales person at the GovMint. I have no problem getting a hold of my Rep., after you dial the # and get the recording you need to dial your Reps. ext. # and if he is busy I leave a message and he calls me right back. It also helps if you have his direct email address.

    He called me first thing this morning and said he just got in “All Three High Relief Australian Wedge Tailed Eagles, Signed John Mercanti, PCGS PR70, in 5-OZ Silver Eagle,1-OZ Silver Eagle and 1-OZ Gold Eagle DCAM.

    I bought 2 of the 1-OZ Silver Eagles, one 5-OZ Silver Eagle and one 1-OZ Gold Eagle DCAM, all PR70 Signed John Mercanti.
    He told me they were going to sell out of the 70’s and I should buy two of each, but I explained that funds were tight after I bought (8) 2013 Buffalo’s.
    I felt the Buffalo Proof FS PR70 were the best buy (lowest mintage) and I had bought 4 of them, then I bought 2 FS REV PR70’s and 2 FS MS70’s all in PCGS, then he said no more about it. I think he felt sorry for me…..

    I buy mostly U.S. Gold and Silver, but think these Signed Mercanti will be a great investment.

    I wanted to get in on the JFK 50th Sets, but am not sure if I can after the last few months of gold coins.

    AkBob, you were right on point, because later today I called him back to get another 5 OZ and he told me they were sold out of all 3 HR in 70 and 69 signed JM.

  18. AkBob says

    VABeachEd – Glad to hear you got yours. I was able to finally get a PR69 in the 5 oz. I wanted a 70 but they were already sold out. They have 69 in gold still but I want a 70 so I’m going to hold out for it. If I can get a 70 I will but I won’t settle for a 69. The 5 oz I settled for the 5 oz’er but I want to upgrade if possible. I may be able to get it in 70 at some point, I hope. Wow, what a storm this series has been. We still have the BU version to deal with too. Well it sure has made this offering a lot more special. Sure won’t forget this one for awhile, lol

  19. Michael says

    The PR70 5 ounce silver was $895. Cheaper than some offerings in the past similar in nature. GovMint kept the gold prices the same too as when they were first offered. I am always fine with PR69 in gold as the quality seems most evident in silver pieces from what I have seen. Plus Perth items seem to rarely have the white spots. Mainly the Royal Mint has those. No excuse for that with modern technology.

  20. Michael says

    I have a regular account manager there as well. If you dial the toll free # it auto routes you to his extension. I have dealt with them off and on even back to the “Preferred Customer Service” days before they became a primary marketer.

  21. VARich says

    Guys – that did happen fast. Last time I was two weeks behind (due to work) and this time 2 hours though saved by a posting on the other side by a during a meeting. Anyone know how many might have been released to gov during this initial release? I want one or two of the 5 oz’er raw.., nothing like balancing it in the paw! I emailed numismatik the other day and nothing more heard about the arrival of any more HRs.., can’t be that more to go around. Well see…

  22. VARich says

    Hey guys, dumb question here from a newbie but I’m getting kinda hooked on the World offerings.., how often does this happen? Even something like the 25th Ann. Piedfort, is this recurring every year or so, a new unique offering that is? Thanks!

  23. Michael says

    No I am not the blog Michael. Just Michael the coin collector. Though I am glad I found this blog as I love the news and comments.

  24. AkBob says

    VARich – Yes, there are a lot of world offerings, in some ways too many, lol. I have been hooked on some of them too. Check out the “antique finish” coins. They really grow on you. Just put in “Antique Finish” in the search box on Xbay and you’ll get a taste of them. It’s the designs that got me. Enjoy

  25. Michael K. says

    I received the UHR 1 ounce silver and gold and the 5 ounce today. These are outstanding. The packaging is cool too…its nice how GovMint is working with the mints to develope custom packaging for graded material. I got 70’s in the silver and 69 in the gold due to the price difference…the gold looks just as good as the silver. The signed slabs are cool as well.

  26. Michael K. says

    My 40 mm non-high relief Wedge Tailed Eagle came back from NGC as PR70…so they are shipping high quality coins.

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