Austria 2014 Evolution Silver and Niobium 25 Euro Coin

Another new release from the Austrian Mint is the latest 25 euro silver and niobium coin, which carries a theme of Evolution. For the first time ever, the inner niobium core features two different shades of color.


Designed by Helmut Andexlinger, the obverse of the coin depicts DNA and RNA as the keys to evolution. Inscriptions in the outer ring include “Republic Österreich”, the “2014” date, the denomination of “25 Euro”, and “Evolution”.


The reverse presents images dealing with the history of human development and the diversity of forms of life brought about by evolution. The central feature recalls the famous scientific illustration “March of Progress”. A toucan represents life in the air, while a fish and frog represent life in the water and its evolution to land based creatures. A mushroom appears as a complex biological organism. The design incorporates bubbles to represent oxygen’s role in life.

Each coin consists of an outer ring of .900 fine silver with a weight of 8 grams and an inner core of .998 fine niobium with a weight of 6.5 grams. The niobium carries a green background color with relief elements in aqua blue.  The different colors are created through anodized oxidation, whereby a thin oxide layer is produced to enable different colors to arise. Previous coins have featured only a single color within the niobium core.

The coins are struck in special uncirculated quality with a mintage of 65,000 pieces and come in a case with numbered certificate of authenticity.

The product page on the Austrian Mint website can be found here. These coins will also likely be widely available from world coin dealers.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Compare these to the Great Cathedrals silver rectangle coins and you may see high selling prices for them. I tried to obtain just one or two and couldn’t match the high bidder. Seems we are split down the middle about religion and Darwinism.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    OT: So $610 for this “stunning” red mother of pearl 2014 year of the horse cook islands coin. Thought I would share, found it on that same site I posted for Ak. The horse looks amazing, curious what it actually looks like in real life. Red mother of Pearl sounds really cool to me though. $610 doesn’t for 5 ounce. Saving to pay around that for the 5 oz Wedge.
    Cheers and happy hunting…

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