2014 Chinese Gold and Silver Panda Coins

The Chinese Gold and Silver Panda Coins are among the eagerly awaited bullion coin series featuring annually rotating designs. The People’s Bank of China released the 2014-dated coins featuring a brand new design on September 30, 2013.

2014 Gold Panda Coin

The common obverse design features the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (The Temple of Heaven). Inscriptions within an outer ring include the title of the People’s Republic of China and the “2014” date. The new reverse design for this year features a panda at play with a tree branch against a backdrop of bamboo. The inscriptions include the legal tender denomination and the precious metal weight and purity.

2014 Silver Panda

The line up for the 2014 Panda coins includes seven different denominations in gold and three different denominations in silver. The gold options are struck in 99.9% purity and range in size from 1/20 oz to 1 kg. The silver options are struck in 99.9% purity and range from 1 oz to 1 kg.

Maximum mintage levels are established for each option. With one exception, the maximum levels are unchanged from the prior year. The one change occurs for the 1 oz gold coin, which carries a mintage this year of 1,000,000 pieces compared to 600,000 in the prior year.

The most popular 1 oz silver coin has a maximum mintage of 8,000,000 pieces. In earlier years of the series the mintage for this size was significantly lower. From 2003 to 2010, the mintage was 600,000. This was raised to 6,000,000 in 2011 and 8,000,000 from 2012 to present.

2014 Chinese Gold Panda Coins

  • 20 Yuan: 1/20 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 800,000.
  • 50 Yuan: 1/10 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 800,000.
  • 100 Yuan: 1/4 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 600,000.
  • 200 Yuan: 1/2 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 600,000.
  • 500 Yuan: 1 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 1,000,000.
  • 2000 Yuan: Proof quality 5 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 5,000.
  • 10000 Yuan: Proof quality 1 kg with maximum mintage of 500.

2014 Chinese Silver Panda Coins

  • 10 Yuan: 1 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 8,000,000.
  • 50 Yuan: Proof quality 5 troy ounces with maximum mintage of 50,000.
  • 300 Yuan: Proof quality 1 kg with maximum mintage of 20,000.

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  1. Samuel says

    i bought some silver panda this time last year for about $40 a piece. now, u can get it for $27. what a difference a yr can make.

  2. picturefun says

    @Nick, you can go to Providentmetals or Pandaamerica for 5oz panda coin. Although 2014 5oz panda perhaps not on the market yet

  3. fmtransmitter says

    @Nick: I haven’t found a single coin outside the USA in 5 ounce for less than our bullions. Close with the Libertads but other than that, like RCM, they are way up there in price.

  4. Nick says

    I hear you, these pandas are nice though. I’m trying to decide which of the atb 2014’s will look the best as the 5 ozers

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    I’ve been following the Panda Series for nearly 12 years now, and feel fortunate to have had access to some of the earlier, lower mintage coins before interest, demand and pricing started to take off. For those who might be new to Pandas, if you are patient and do some research, you still can acquire some of those rarer issues for reasonable prices. Be warned though, the counterfeiting of the 1oz Silver Panda Coins is becoming prevalent, so make sure you find a reputable source / dealer, or concentrate on graded examples of the early issues. I’ve always had great success w/ Panda America and Jay’s Rare Panda Coins.

    WRT the 5 oz Panda Coins, they’re kind of a niche market – but on a world stage. 15 year old examples are just now starting to pay some returns, but someone must be willing to buy them. For those interested in 5 oz Pandas, I would recommend some of the recent 5 Oz Medals from the past 3 years. Great designs, much lower mintages and still available, at or near issue cost, from several trusted suppliers.

    The great thing about our 5 oz ATB Bullion Coins is that the pricing structure is legislated against the price of silver and a fixed premium, vice the direction of the Mint and what the market might bear. Still, it has taken 5 years for the ATB series to gain traction right here in the US. Granted, the program suffered through some FUBARS during the inaugural year, but as the interest increases and the designs improve, I think they’ll start selling AND offering returns at an excelerated rate. 2014 will tell the tell, for sure.

  6. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Nick – I have been collecting ungraded examples of each release in the BU and “P” formats since the program started in 2010. So, I’ll be adding one of each in 2014. But, of the five releases for 2014, I am most excited about Everglades and Arches, then Shenandoah and Smoky, then Dunes. Everglades (another Iskowitz design) is awesome, while I hope that the engravings for Arches and Shenandoah incorporate more depth into those depictions by adding a high relief effect for the stone structures within the near-field. Great as they are, for sure, but they have the potential for so much more!!

  7. CW says

    I would imagine the insane amount of counterfeiting has severely hurt Panda sales across the board. Just look at the Kitco Numi forum thread with thousands of replies all trying to determine if what they bought is real. What a joke! One would think it is in China’s best interest to stop it.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ CW – Older Pandas are slow to move, but that’s a combination of over-pricing the fear for potential counterfeits. Over the past 3 years, and as China has begun to support citizen’s purchase and ownership of precious metals, 1 oz Silver Panda production and sales have begun to sky-rocket – attaining 8M strikes in the past two years. Still, when you talk about existing collectors in the world AND the population of China, 8M isn’t a whole lot of coins.

    As indications are that 95%+ of all counterfeit coins appear to be coming out of China / SEA, I agree that the lack of action is very surprising. WRT the Pandas, those same counterfeiters also are attempting to counterfeit the secondary vinyl pouches the mints used to seal the coins for distribution. So far, those forgeries are obvious, but they continue to get better. I’m not a fan of TPGs, per se, but when it comes to older, more valuable Panda Coins, this is the one instance where I don’t mind the slab. However, it won’t be long before the counterfeiters start chasing the slabs and labels, either. Some examples already have been identified.

  9. raymond brann says

    I am 97 years of age and have been around the block a few times.
    I would want to say to new young buyers when buying for example
    2014 one ounce gold pandas you are buying for bullion value.
    You cannot expect appreciation because of date

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