2013 Gold and Silver Libertad Mintages

As all Libertad collectors know, the end of the year revelation of mintages is an exciting event.  With a number of new sets offered in 2013, the Banco de Mexico continues to revise their offerings.  One blessing: they haven’t made the same choices that the Perth Mint has made in regards to overpopulating existing series in different formats, but they have tried a few new offerings.


2013 saw the return of fractional proofs, a set released just in Europe and Mexico (the 5 coin silver proof set), one released just in America (with BU and Proof fractionals), and a number of small twists.  Last year the Libertads started for sale in January, this year word has it that it won’t sell until later in the year- which might be because they are setting up some new set possibilities.  We shall see.

Here are the mintages (special thanks to Pat Stovall at Don Bailey and Sons):

  • Gold Bullion: 1 oz 2350, 1/2 oz 500, 1/4 oz 750, 1/10 oz 2150, 1/20 oz 750.
  • Silver Bullion: 1 oz 774,100, 1/2 oz 24,500, 1/4 oz 9600, 1/10 oz 18,900, 1/20 oz 13,500
  • Gold Proof: 1 oz 400, 1/2 oz 300, 1/4 oz 600, 1/10 oz 300, 1/20 oz 300
  • Silver Proof: 1 oz 9100, 1/2 oz 3000, 1/4 oz 3200, 1/10 oz 4100, 1/20 oz 4200  (5 oz 1600, 2 oz 1300) The KG silver prooflike mintage was 400.

The biggest surprise here is the microscopic mintage levels of the gold coins.  The proof coins was at least announced as available in small sets, so it’s not as surprising, but there was no indication that the gold bullion coins would be this rare.  The silver bullion fractionals were very rare, and the proofs, excepting the 1 oz, in silver were also on the lower side.

Gold Proof LIbertad

The secondary market hasn’t really flipped out over gold Libertads, so it may not be as impactful as it would be if it were burnished eagles, but on the same token, imagine if collectors one day decide to piece together a gold bullion set- only 500 people could do it.

What will 2014 have in store? Surely they are working things out, so as Libertad collectors, we can hope for more of the same: the unexpected.

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  1. Eric says

    Gabe great news,
    thanks for the update,
    these are such great coins.
    and still reasonable.

  2. POP says

    This is unbelievable, I guess. When I purchased the 2013 one ounce Au bullion Libertads I was informed that the maximum mintage would be 200,000 units.

    Didn’t expect that the actual mintage would be anywhere near the low quoted in your informative article. Thanks for the information!

  3. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Fm, that is a nice coin (the 25th anniv. Canadian). Mine came in this week too from Provident. I could just buy from the US Mint, but would miss out on these very nice (and well done) silver coins from Canada and Mexico. 🙂

  4. Jeannie says

    Fabulous! My great great great grandfather was a well known numismatist and daguererotypist in the late 1800’s–has always fascinated me. thanks for the info.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    Just became one of the 1600 on planet Earth to own a 5oz Proof 2013 Libertad. On the list for grading along with about 50 others one day! Ha!

  6. Samuel says

    i stopped buying 5oz proof coins, no matter libertad, panda, or coins for perthmint. i realized that it just takes a tiny milky spot to ruin the whole thing.

  7. fmtransmitter says

    Samuel, It takes some special coin cleaner made for coins to remove any spots. I know how you feel about your spots. I had some Canadian Maples, bullion, spots all over them. One bath they were stunningly beautiful again. I hear you though.

  8. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Ahhhh, but when a Libertad is in flawless condition…well “a thing of beauty” is what comes to mind. I have them in all sizes except for the 1 Kilo version and wish I had it too. The Libertads are simply some of the most beautiful coins in my collection and I will continue to collect them just like I do American Eagles. I feel that Mexico has captured one of the things that US coins have done well for years with the American Eagles. Adorn their Libertads with a beautiful, angelic woman. 🙂

  9. CW says

    Can someone recommend places to buy libertads beside Don Bailey and the obvious spots like Apmex and Provident? I am wondering where the best deals can be had. Don Bailey really needs to get with the millennium and revamp the website.

  10. Samuel says

    Jus-a-coin-luvr, i originally plan to buy a 2013 kilo. but when i checked ebay, i saw a big dealer sells kilo of previous year with significant toning, so, i cancel my plan.

  11. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Fm, that’s some coin! Never saw that image before…cool.

    CW, I bought some of my Libertads from Apmex (a Banco de Mexico authorized US Dealer), some from Provident and one Proof set from this eBay seller.

    In reality, there are not that many authorized US Dealers for Libertads and some of them don’t carry much stock (or none). I agree with you on the Don Bailey website and have the same reactions to it. Finding Libertads can be a bit of a search and then some of them (like the 1 Kilo version) can be very expensive when you find one because of the low mintages.

    Here’s another US “authorized” Dealer, but I have not bought from them:

    All of my Libertads (from all three sources I’ve used) were is top condition. Maybe I’ve just been lucky to not have received ones with “milk spots”, etc. All I know is that they are one gorgeous design in pristine condition! 🙂

  12. ciaorock says

    Only 300 could put the set together.
    ie the 2003 1/10 Gold Unc had only 300 minted

  13. ciaorock says

    I have collected the silver libertads for many years. The older silver dates are my favorites; 1982-1989. With the lettered edge and retro old school look they are very unique from the other bullion coins produced. They tone beautifully, an under valued type coin when it is natural toning. Then you have the varieties;
    1991 Type I and II, 1987 1 dot and DD, I could go on an on! The crazy low mintage figures, the condition which is always interesting since many early date coins were throw into bags.
    My #1 now is the 1983 silver 1 oz proof
    Enjoy the journey!

  14. WishICollectedYOUNGER! says

    thanks for the info! I love the libertads! they are BEAUTIFUL 😀 wish i had more FRN’s to buy more libertads!

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