Kazakhstan 2013 International Space Station 500 Tenge Silver & Tantalum Coin

Kazakhstan has recently released the latest coin in their “Space” series. The coins of the series have an outer ring of silver and inner disc of tatalum, which is a blue gray metal used in the aerospace industry.

Kazakhstan 2013 International Space Station 500 Tenge Coin

The reverse design for this year’s release features an image of the International Space Station orbiting the Earth with an astronaut floating in space. The emblem of the ISS appears above, with the inscription “International Space Station” below. The “2013” date appears opposite the astronaut.


The obverse design, which has been used for all releases of the series, is intended to symbolize the unity of mankind with the world and the connection between the past and the present. The inscription “Republic of Kazakhstan” appears in Kazakh and English. The face value and metal weights appear within the inner disc.

The website of the National Bank of Kazakhstan indicates that this is the first time that the technology of tantalum color change has been applied to the production of a coin. For all previous releases of the series, the metal has had its common blue gray appearance.

Each proof quality coin has a weight of 41.4 grams, consisting of the outer ring of 92.5% silver weighing 14.6 grams and the inner disc of tantalum weighing 26.8 grams. The diameter of the coin is 38.61 mm.  The mintage is indicated as 5,000 pieces.

I have several of the prior releases of this series in my personal collection. I highlighted the first release of the series in this post from a few years ago showcasing some of my favorite world coins.

Images of all prior releases of this series can be found here.

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  1. KCSO says

    The garden sounds Amazing! It has certainly come together nicely! I’m envious. See, this is how I would enjoy spending what free time I have, though the current abode doesn’t permit the space, besides I’m expecting a harsh winter any day now and it’ll be May before I could transplate, lucky you.

    If this misaligned realignment at work goes through, I may be joining you all down there in the Great Lone Star state as I look elsewhere, FTW most likely, not a bad area of what I know of it.

    I missed this, and not to happy about it. This is the type of reading the markets and anticipation plays i want to be out in front of, my focus was on short-term dead money coins and not where it needed to be, and had some other tippers that the R in BRIC was set to spring loaded. This is my goal for the year, to be out in front in antipation of power plays and market movements, next time.


  2. KCSO says

    Man that garden does sound good, if I got into hypo which I hope to do someday, I’d be doing a bunch of fish too.., like salt water fish and eels, love that stuff grilled. I’ve been smoking a lot of butt in applewood over 6-8 hours as of late, amazing! There’s an art just to the mop and timing just to achieve perfect.. the best part is if you screw it up, it still taste awesome.

    Here’s the annual New Year’s finx’n – you have access to gulf shrimp down there, you should try this.., throw on fresh okra and some pep’s, oh my!


  3. KCSO says

    I”m going to get cranky as I go through withdraw, one I’m ceasing inbib’n for a couple months, and two, this will be the first time in 10 years that I will not have bought something from the mint for a straight 6 months, or even a month. Sounds silly, but this hobby can be addictive, so yeah, 6 month without a purchase until the APE, which I”ll just get one. I’ll pick up two of the AtB silver quarter sets though they really don’t count, and not for me.

    Did receive two of those 1/10 oz assay cards today, boy is it easy to pull the trigger on those though. gotta love BPM.. and for $140 with cc, what’s not to love. Need to stop until growler time, I’m sure they’ll look sharp.

    Don’t go crazy tonight, and protect the back.

    Oh, I bought another Walker. My power steering pressure line developed a hairline crack, and after telling the dealer that he was on crack for offering to replace it for $950 (+6% sales tax), I bought the hard to find part for $165, replaced the line this past week and thus, problem solved, and I found $800 bucks for a Walker.., Win, Win!

    I’m such a geek, I view everything as a potential offset and a means to cut cost, then just turn around and blow it on what brings us here. Oh well 🙂

  4. GoldFishin says

    The smoked butt sounds awesome!!

    Checked out the Eglet…very cool, especially how both parents were doting over the helpless little lad. Noticed how the mom turned her talons inward to prevent any chance of striking her chicklet.

    Too many privy’s…..the RCM had ruined just about everything I have bought in the past, SO I have no doubt they will do the same in the future. I will only buy the sealed sheets with a design I really like in the future. The quality of Fat BOY part 1 was incredible. I like the Privy mark part 2, but GOLD is my only priority for the foreseeable future, ease of transport and much less of IT than silver.

    Best of luck with your hiatus from alcohol. I quit overdrinking about 26 years ago. I still love a cold one or two, but no more. I inherited an alcoholic gene from my dad’s side, my dad was the only member of his family that wasn’t a drunk and made something notable of himself, probably because he got tired of cleaning up after his drunk dad as the oldest of 7 children, the sibling rearing fell to him while his mother was at work, Anyway, as trite as it sounds God took away my desire for overdrinking in an instant 26 years ago. I didn’t drink for about 15 years after that, but one day somewhere in that range I came to understand that I no longer had a drinking problem, SO I occasionally would drink a beer or a glass of wine(mostly beer), but always stop at two.
    I realized later that I almost took out my liver as a younger version of myself. I discovered that after I witnessed a young lady slowly kill herself drinking. It was like looking in the mirror at how my health was going downhill when I was much younger. Funny thing is I never drank to get away from any problems, just because I liked beer so much…lol. Funny, my son hates beer, but likes whiskey or dark rum instead, but he has always had a handle on how much he drinks.
    I taught him that it is not necessarily horrific to drink, as Jesus turned water into wine, and freed us in a spiritual sense from the bad things our body wants to naturally do, but it is a problem to be a drunkard, causes all sorts of social and economic problems. His girlfriend drinks very little, so he very rarely drinks, but when he does, he likes the strong and smooth stuff, but in modest amounts thank goodness.
    Didn’t mean to get off on that, but I can definitely relate to folks that have an affinity toward the suds and don’t know quite where to draw the line. I had more of problem quitting Mountain Dew that I did alcohol….everyone has weaknesses and faults. Everyone! I have too many to number, but somehow I manage to control most of them and like yourself am currently in withdrawals from buying coins. My last purchase was the WLH and even though I wanted to buy another one after this latest price drop, I decided to stick to my priorities of paying down what debt I have left and saving for my Tundra…..a couple of my final steps before being able to retire in a year or two.

    Cheers……..and thanks for the heads up, even though I may not always buy, I ALWAYS like to be aware of what is being offered in the coin world.

    Nephew caught his first BIG TUNA today!!! Season opened on the the 1st….he and his girlfriend hauled in a 400+ pounder…..currently en route to Japan. Paid for a lot of equipment he has bought in the last year just to be able to fish for those monsters. What a great girl he has…beautiful blonde in her final year of studying to be a specialized physical therapist for traumatic child injuries, and loves to go deep sea fishing! It was just the two of them out there today.

  5. KCSO says

    Thanks for the link, yes they are still CA based though most have expanded, appears NV has coin retail friendly tax laws.

    I’ve been checking APMEX as I suspect they would have them as the exclusive US distributor.

    Check my on this, doesn’t it seem that APMEX has had similar items in the past about 30 days after the CA release?

    I’ll wait a couple of more week to see if I can get a price break from APMEX, otherwise I’ll get 4 through SGB.

    No way they sell out or sell enough to jack up the price with 50,000.

    The privies just lost a lot of steam.

  6. KCSO says

    That Buff is horrendous, though the tigers stripes on the back are neat looking,

    What a shame!

    I’ve seen some great deals on PCGS coins as of late though I refuse to buy. No way am I supporting their market share.

    USG dropped the official request back on the 28th, yeah, smack in the holidays, headed home late this evening, back at it on Monday, great to be in demand and have a job!

  7. KCSO says

    I read Coinnews, Facebook, and other comments regarding the new planned release.

    A lot of valid points though I’ve never recalled such a divisive offering before. At what will be $1,640 to $1,720 by April, at a stated 100,000, I don’t don’t see it in the cards.

    Psychologically, after the Tributes this year, among all the other stuff, I’m just in no way ready to plunck down any large outlay of over priced USM stuff.

    Besides, too many ETFs I want to throw 2 grand at

  8. GoldFishin says

    I really like the Eagle on the Reverse of the HR, but again doesn’t go with obverse. I would love to see a well depicted turkey or rooster on the reverse instead. If they want a modern depiction of Liberty in America these days I believe a turkey or chicken would depict the “snowflake” state of affairs just fine.
    One advantage to purchasing the ’17 HR gold coin would be its immunity to future seizure in the future. No way would they ever recommend seizing the first depiction of an African American Liberty from collectors?

    Yea, I have been shopping for some gold coins on Ebay that I have wanted for a while now. I have bid on a few, but got outbid by some overly exuberant bidders. I am looking back at some of the pre-2010 issues and of course the ’13 buffalo reverse. I bid on one the other day, but just got outbid at the last second. I also am ONLY mostly looking at NGC coins, but I have identified some of the PCGS reverse labels that seem to coincide with most of the problem toned coins, so I avoid those like the plague, but I do not rule out buying them IF they currently look good and crossing them over to a NGC holder.

  9. GoldFishin says

    Heck, I would love to get back in FAS where I sold it….around 38 or lower. I am always watching ERX as a energy play. I am patiently biding my time waiting for a correction of note, OR at least a technical indication of oversold levels on a daily time scale. TLT is very interesting to me also and am watching it closely. Things are just sort of muddling along right now, not where I like to take new positions…give me overbought or oversold any time and I can find something to trade.

    I really like the proof on the HR Gold….I SO wish they would have done that with the ’15 HR gold….I would still own 2 of them IF they did. I DO NOT like the flat edges of the coin. The lettering is OK I guess, but that collar makes it look like a medal and not a coin. A few positives and a few more negatives, including the price, so I will most like be a spectator on that one.

  10. KCSO says

    For what will be a $1,640 to $1,760 coin, the positives must 2x the neg’s for me, otherwise I’ll be right there with you on the bleachers.

    Thought more about your Obv / Rev relationship comment, it’s so true, it is two devices struck on a coin without the symbology or connection, very poorly executed. Resembles a silver round more than anything. Amazing Eagle, though just an awesome eagle thrown on the Rev without traditional allegoric symbolism.

    Found etfdb.com and been having all sorts of fun, like a kid in a candy store!
    Sat through two ’17 Outlook reviews and have a Sector outlook review tomorrow, just wish I had found these vehicles 16 years ago, though marriage, work, moves, careers get in the way! ;7

  11. GoldFishin says

    Nice links….No, I didn’t buy any yet….been busy and really no in a big hurry to pick up a few. It’s all about the gold……hahaha! I’m now officially a gold bug….whatever the latest definition of that is?

  12. KCSO says


    1/10 oz. Gold – AT SPOT – This is not a misprint!
    As a way of saying “Thanks” for your past business – and to hopefully inspire you to continue acquiring top quality coins – we have an offer which you may think is too good to be true. But believe us, this is not a misprint.

    For a limited time starting 1/23 until 1/24 at 4:00 CT, you can purchase the world’s first 1/10 oz. Gold Wedge-Tailed Eagle coin at spot! That’s right, there are no additional premiums, no markups, no catches; nothing but the price of the gold content alone!

    Since the series began 3 years ago, the Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle has become one of the most popular coins in both silver and gold. Designed by John Mercanti and struck by the Perth Mint, it marked the first time that a U.S. Chief Engraver has worked with a world Mint to design and produce a coin.

    1/10 oz. gold coins usually sell for around $150.00 at ModernCoinMart, but now you have the chance to add one of these historic 2016 1/10 oz. Wedge-Tailed Eagles to your collection for a special price of ONLY $121.40 each! The spot price of gold was locked in at 8 am CT on (1/23/2017).

    We have to limit this offer to a maximum of one coin per household and only for orders placed before 4 pm CT 1/24/2017. Don’t miss your opportunity to secure Brilliant Uncirculated 2016 Australia 1/10 oz. Gold Wedge-Tailed Eagle coins for their gold value alone! ONLY $121.40! Again, this is a special call in only offer…

    Call Now: 1-888-201-7090 and mention Code MCMAT3
    Special Offer Terms: Only credit card orders will be accepted. Free shipping offer valid for domestic standard delivery orders only. Not valid on previous orders. This promotion is reserved for existing customers only. It is non-transferable and only valid for the customer addressed in this email.

  13. GoldFishin says

    Dang…..didn’t get home in time today. Tonight was first night of league bowling, managed one game of 222, bad back and all. I would have liked to get that deal on the wedgies, but I have to wonder what the catch or the quality is? Let me know IF you were fast enough to get one or two. Thanks for the tip though.

  14. KCSO says

    You didn’t miss out –

    When I called, no one at ‘MCM’ answered and then I got kicked over to a Gov Mint voice mail.

    I hung up.

    Saving $30 on a 1/10th wasn’t worth the hassle of what I most likely would have endured.

    I finally got them to stop calling me. I’m sure ‘MCM’ will have them on sale soon, if not that many were moved.

    I’m still checking AP for Fatboy, should be within the next 10 biz days.

    My friend, this stuff is getting more predicable. What’s not, is the mint, with these Buff’s.

    Oh I so hope they bring out the guns and we get all three variants. I’ll be able to complete my collection and can, with conscience, walk away from the ’08.

  15. KCSO says

    Nicely done on the 222.., take care of that back though.

    I wish I had that time, good on you.

    GS says 60% prob of a 10%’er, before we right the ship to finish at 9 for the year.., guess I should be buying! Hehe

    I’m so ready to hop in.., but young grasshopper must be patient. Though I do have all my materials picked out before they shot up in the past week, oh well. Day late, and dollar short.

  16. KCSO says

    Did an audit of all my mint purchases from ’08 to ’13, and 2015.

    Wow, was that insightful.

    From ’08 to ’13 – Some buyers remorse, lucked into some good buys, don’t care for a lot of it.

    Pissed away a lot of money on clad and silver. 13 oz Au is breaking even to MV; numismatically it’s doing rather well.

    2015 – not even going there, need $1,800+ gold to break even at spot. Probably never recoup Ag purchases for a long, long time.

    I seriously reinforced what we’ve discussed here and why there’s a plan forward.

  17. GoldFishin says

    Yea, I don’t own ONE SINGLE clad coin. I have bought and flipped some clads, namely some 2010 ATB clad quarters and silver quarters when they came out and the Kennedy Annv. clad halves and of course the Truman and Ike C & C sets. Other than that no clad purchases, I didn’t even buy the Baseball HOF clads, but If I did I would have flipped them also. Oh, and I also flipped some Kennedy Spouse sets for not much profit, really more of a break even on them.
    My biggest losers on a percentage basis are some early Proof ASE’s that I had graded in 2011 and some Walking Liberties graded MS65-66 that I purchased in 2010 and 2011, but I really like them and only bought less than a dozen.
    My most expensive silver bullion are the 2011 Grizzlies that I bought as silver was declining from its peak. I paid around $32 a coin for a roll of those, but the next most expensive bullion is the Panda Privy ML’s we bought. I paid the higher price of $26 a coin for those, but I am not losing anything on them currently. All of my other silver bullion was purchased at less than $22 an ounce.
    By flipping for profit over the years most of my Mint purchases and all of my bullion is owned at below purchase price, because most of it was purchased with proceeds from Ebay flipping OR purchase price was subsidized by profit from flipping. I haven’t done the extensive analysis that you have, but overall my plan of buying close to spot as possible and flipping to defray costs has done a sufficient job. My only regrets were NOT selling some things when prices were crazy on Ebay, as in the unc. BBHOF gold when they were selling for$1800, what a nut job I was for that. I sort of was thinking that maybe I had lucked into an ’08 Buffalo, but alas not to be. The mintage was just too high after the delayed product shipped and I believe the circus atmosphere of signed coins being available everywhere really hurt the offerings staying power also.

    Anyway, live and learn, sometime in our lifetimes we will be very happy that we purchased what we did. If not at least we have some fiat diversified and we can pass them on to the next generation, hopefully to benefit their lives.

  18. GoldFishin says

    I bought FAS back on the last dip at 40.86. My oscillators showed SPY oversold on the Daily charts and I happened to be at home that day and watching my level 2. That was a day or two before the inauguration I think. Stuck it in my long term account with shares instead of options this time.
    I would also like to see a nice correction to move adjust my retirement account, but its starting to look like every 2 or 3% correction is going to bought aggressively. At some point bonds are going to be a screaming buy. I am still keeping an eye on TLT for some indication as to when it is time to jump.
    Currently, I am not enamored with precious metals although some of the industrial metals could retain some strength IF the manufacturing and infrastructure side of the economy does indeed experience some sold growth going forward. I see more downside on gold than I do upside and I am only a passive accumulator at current prices. I would not be surprised at all with a move down in gold of $200 or more over time, and not really surprised either IF we just stay in a narrow trading range for the next year. I would be surprised with $1600 gold in the next couple years, but you never know. IF all assets were to begin to inflate irrationally as all the trillons of FED QE money gets off the sidelines and starts moving into anything and everything we could see bubbles like we haven’t seen since the 2000 to 2007 time frame.

  19. GoldFishin says

    🙂 🙂 I wish I knew what they were really saying….wouldn’t be nearly as funny I am sure!!!

  20. KCSO says

    I’ve done my part to keep MNB a worthy blog for coin related thought and discussion.., after seeing what I saw today, I’m done with it entirely.

    I hope we can continue to exchange thoughts and ideas, though it won’t be here and I believe you know how to connect up,

    It’s quite a disappointment to try to others out and here’s just nothing to work with on the other side, oh well.

    Best my friend!


  21. GoldFishin says

    Sorry Rich, I haven’t been keeping up with the blog. My mother-in-law is back in the hospital and my wife is spending a lot of her time there and with her father in law.

    I just read the comments from the last two days. Hawkster has always had the potential to be nasty, but I was somewhat surprised. The rest of them not surprised at all.

    My take has been and continues to be that MNB has been infiltrated by paid political hacks that infiltrate any notable online forum that still retains a bit of conservative thought or members. They use multiple screen names and make themselves appear to be in the mainstream about whatever topic they are promulgating.

    They even go so far as to complement and agree with their own posts under another screen name…..sometimes even trying to disguise this repetitive pattern by sometimes disagreeing with a minor point, but then following up in a subsequent post with even more vitriolic behavior.

    Most of the conservatives and real coin collectors have quit posting on MNB. Conservatives typically would rather avoid conflict and stay out of the fray. This pattern of subsidized political bullying and propaganda has practically taken over the internet. IT WILL also be the demise of politically driven social media outlets. IF I was a longterm shorting investor. I would short FAKEBOOK, GOOGLE, Twitter, and the rest of these ad driven, click driven, sites. They can only fake their ad subscription and member growth for so long. Mark my word that there will be a day of reckoning for all of them. Over time thoughtful people will realize that don’t need all the headaches that come with them and move to become members of moderated forums that keep out the riff raff( if that is possible)?
    Trump is doing an outstanding job of keeping his promises so far and I believe that he understands that the resistance against him is mostly coming out of DC, NY, and socialist Europe. It is a minority of thought in this country that has the appearance of being a majority. If you step away from the MSM outlets( which I have), you will find out that in the real world these people are a significant minority in numbers.

    MNB is going downhill fast and Diana seems to refuse to moderate very few of these politically driven posts. Maybe her political leanings agree with them? You know they say that all good things must come to an end. Well, I don’t necessarily believe that, but in this case I believe it to be true. MNB is already dead, it just hasn’t been buried yet.

    I expect Trump to make a move on all of these so call charitable organizations by removing the tax exempt status they enjoy that was implemented by Bush 2. Bush wasn’t smart enough to know that he had been played by the left by approving the legislation. He actually thought it would lead to more charitable work from sources other than religious groups and churches. WRONG!!
    Bannon is not so naive and I expect that this issue will be dealt with in a very strong way. It is how the left finances all of these violent protests and extreme political behavior that has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our daily life. I have the greatest hope that I have had in 20 years that America is on the right track finally. Trump is no dummy and he does not EVER show all of his cards until the deal is done.
    I love the fact that he is going to allow “minority religious groups” aka Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Coptics, Kurdish Peshmerga, etc. to enter the U.S., while keeping the death cult of ISLAM out.
    As he said, we only want people here who love freedom and love the United States. Period!!(My word)

    Best to you also Rich! When things settle down over the next few years, son is employed, my wife and I are retired(wife is out in Sept)….I would like to get together and meet you in person. Maybe I will get my nephew to take us out in the gulf in his boat and we can catch some real fish! I am not sure if my neck and shoulder could stand up to an hour long fight, but that is what the youngsters are for. 🙂

  22. GoldFishin says

    On a coin topic…near and dear.

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit about potential 2017 Buffalo Fractionals. You know that the mintages will most likely be high, much higher than the 2008’s. I don’t think it will hurt the 08’s at all over the first few years, probably will strengthen them this year and next as type set collectors begin to show interest in having a complete set. BUT IF the Mint continues to produce them year after year, the mintages will inevitably drop and may drop below the mintages of the 08’s given enough time….I am thinking it would take at least 3-5 years before they would. But the 2017’s will like be the high water mark so far as mintage goes and so I would purchase accordingly and not overdo it. I just want to buy gold and I could find nothing that I would rather buy that numismatic buffalo gold that is somewhat affordable. That is why I am happy about the buffaloes in fractional sizes, not really because I think they will be a great aftermarket performer. But you never know…..it alls depends on how many the Mint will produce.

  23. KCSO says

    Thanks for your note!

    Ironically, Ak bob sent me a nice email over the weekend whom I haven’t heard from in quite some time, so I called him back and we must have spoken for close to an hour, and of all things, a lot about fishing. He’s such a great American and an awesome perspective on life and on going events (and not excitable as he may come across on the blog). We laughed about our experiences with those BHoFs, what we still have, and what we WISH we had done. It was good time, and I’m inclined someday to go back up there for some King fishing and swing by his island up there.

    Yeah, so agree with perspective on the blog, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it when it was good back in ’11-’14.., learned A lot and had some great laughs, I used to laugh so hard at some of that stuff we and others wrote, definitely good times.

    Great points on the frac buffaloes, I was thinking the same. I just love buffaloes and the proposed Palladium designs, so I’ll be in going in on those though going light. The mintages will be high on both though I just will need to have. Truth be told, I have way too much stuff, and pulling back by 90%. The last two week I did an audit of all that I’ve acquired from ’06 and gleaned A LOT from it, and a lot of buyer’s remorse. For example, for just mint holdings from ’06 to ’13, there 190 / 13 for silver and yellow, if I had to unload today at MV, I’d incur a (3,000+) on the silver, the yellow I’d break even on, though numismatically, it’s doing pretty well, if there was a liquid market for it (today). For 2015 when I went over board on p pucks and the end of year low mintage buffalo count down (which I’ve decided to keep), USM $5 UNC and the end of year high relief sell off (which I thought was a one and done), the numbers are similar though entirely different story and I need $1,800+ gold to break even at MV. Needless to say, I’m now on the Atkins numismatic diet. I’ll mostly likely pass entirely on this year’s HR, simply just don’t need it and the premium is likely to be a whopping $465 to $500. If it’s $440 or less, the mint is reducing their margin on it to help move it, with a stated mintage of 100,000, they apparently don’t think that moving it will be a problem, time will tell.

    Good luck with the family situation, and take care of that back! Sounds like a new pup will be in order when things settle down for ya, sounds like you have a great set up down there and have many great years a head on the beach! I’m happy for ya and sure you’re son will have a bright future in his new career.., see, America is still great and getting better (Iet me quantify that, “getting better in regional ‘happy places'”

    I’d certainly welcome an opportunity to throw back a beer or two, that would be fun. I’m going to try to venture down to AR sometime and get cag out over lunch, we email a lot though he’s about as secretive as you are, which I find funny as I’m the one that you should be weary of your two.., haha. But yes, even a lunch would be great. I’ve have some domestic andinternational travel coming up and once that passes, gonna tackle upgrades and repair on mi casa.., a good repurposing of those otherwise coin bongos!

  24. KCSO says

    Oh, almost forgot, last night, picked up some jumbo gulf shrimp, butterfly’d them, stuffed some horseradish cheese and wrapped with thick cut, applewood smoked bacon.., in the smoker at 215 for 90 minutes over applewood… OH MY GOSH…, you need to try!

  25. GoldFishin says

    Awesome….I have to get me a smoker!! What brand did you purchase?? Smoked shrimp sounds so delicious, especially with a ICY COLD one.

    I am glad AK bob is doing well….the last I had heard of him a year or two ago, he was having some health issues. Do you remember the time when people were civil to each other on MNB and the only troll we had to worry about was Jon in Ct. By today’s standard Jon was down right civil….at least he could take a punch as well as give one.

    Bowled a 235 today….started off with 5 strikes, then two 9-1 spares, then two more strikes, and then failed to convert a 9-1 spare to go open in the 10th frame. I could have had at least a 240+ IF i hadn’t choked in the 10th.
    HAha….followed that game up with a 140. 🙂
    It was my 4th game in a row, so I will use the excuse that I was getting tired. Left my chiropractor and went straight to the bowling alley this morning. I guess my adjustment worked pretty well, of course I am not telling him about all the bowling I have been doing.
    After the game, an elderly couple came over and congratulated me on the good game. That was nice and sort of made my day. They had to be in their 70’s, but they were there today bowling as a couple and not doing too bad for their age.

    IF what Cag says is true, I may begin watching the 08 buffaloes to try and pick up a bargain. I agree with him(even said so) that eventually there will be lower mintages, BUT what IF this is only a one or two year thing…..OR WHAT IF….this is all just a ruse, and it doesn’t happen at all?

  26. KCSO says

    Man, I’m going to start calling you Rambo, or is it Rambowling! Sounds awesome!

    A little short on time, though some random thoughts:

    – Yes, J n CT doesn’t seem that bad with the trolls that are present now, I do truly miss the old blog

    – mine is just the electronic type the size of a college dorm fridge that can be found at Bass Pro, I swear by the electronic type as temp control is a MUST, consistent temp control is key in perfecting smoking, I have meats by lbs in a spread sheet to temp and what I’ve found to be the ideal time. Temp & time must be consistent for perfection, I won’t go into the sauces, that an all new tier of perfection

    – I ran those buff numbers, several of those post I was behind, though I’m not touching them, still too expensive.

    – Jeppson screwed the HR in announcing the Buffs prior to the HR release, those self-righteous clowns are tout the HR all they want, though when they get a taste of a $1,700 coin, watch out Buffs, He should have waited until after May, the Buffs will pull all HR fence sitters toward 1sh Qtr, FY18

    – You’ll see more Buff comments and analysis as 06 April approaches, 😉

    – Personally, in assessing the 17 & 18 schedules, the mint needs the Buffs for revenue and that is their Go To and fall back plan, I think when they see how successful the Proof fractionals are, in 2018 we’ll see Burnished and Bullion, that’s what I’m anticipating.

  27. KCSO says

    Oh, & I think the Proof Buff fractionals are the mint’s hedge should the HR not sell, which I, wearing my former PM hat, would categorize as a medium to high risk,

  28. GoldFishin says

    This is the original article posted on Zero Hedge…Huffpost, Reddit, etc. also have linked to this story.


    Buy coins as close to spot as possible and sleep easy. Buy a 1 oz. perth mint limited mintage gold coin for $4999. one deserves what they get.

    And remember, there are by far more millennials than baby boomers. I didn’t start aggressively collecting PM’s until I was in my 40’s. As long as unsound fiat money is the norm, there will always be demand for PM bullion in whatever form. Over the years I have manages to keep my numismatic purchases to probably about 15% of my overall purchases. Although I love to collect beautifully toned classic coins, I try to do it knowing that I may never see a return on those purchases…it is a classic case of buying what a like, but I never lose focus that what I really what is to stack some silver and gold for a rainy day and a vital hedge against inflation and depreciating paper assets.

  29. KCSO says

    Hope you’re doing well down there. And is cooperating.

    All that hard work last year got me a few surprises back in early Feb, a realignment that I’m not too keen on and a relo request, which I’m trying to find the excitement in. As in life, it is what it is. If I didn’t enjoy my job so much that decision would be made already.

    Received 4 of the fat boys II, they’re Ok, each one though has a perfectly round shiny speck at the center 10 o’clock on the R. Nice. Oh well, I have taken a three months siesta otherwise and it feels good. Been spending what little free time I have searching investments, it’s been refreshing and empowering.

    Good luck with the bowling…

  30. KCSO says

    Getting in from a conference in which I learned that 30% of GS employees are cyber specialists.., very interesting. Your son could actually go work for GS!

  31. KCSO says

    Congratulations Set has an ASE S;

    likely to be a one day CU if they make less than 50,000 of the sets. Sneaky

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