Kazakhstan 2013 International Space Station 500 Tenge Silver & Tantalum Coin

Kazakhstan has recently released the latest coin in their “Space” series. The coins of the series have an outer ring of silver and inner disc of tatalum, which is a blue gray metal used in the aerospace industry.

Kazakhstan 2013 International Space Station 500 Tenge Coin

The reverse design for this year’s release features an image of the International Space Station orbiting the Earth with an astronaut floating in space. The emblem of the ISS appears above, with the inscription “International Space Station” below. The “2013” date appears opposite the astronaut.


The obverse design, which has been used for all releases of the series, is intended to symbolize the unity of mankind with the world and the connection between the past and the present. The inscription “Republic of Kazakhstan” appears in Kazakh and English. The face value and metal weights appear within the inner disc.

The website of the National Bank of Kazakhstan indicates that this is the first time that the technology of tantalum color change has been applied to the production of a coin. For all previous releases of the series, the metal has had its common blue gray appearance.

Each proof quality coin has a weight of 41.4 grams, consisting of the outer ring of 92.5% silver weighing 14.6 grams and the inner disc of tantalum weighing 26.8 grams. The diameter of the coin is 38.61 mm.  The mintage is indicated as 5,000 pieces.

I have several of the prior releases of this series in my personal collection. I highlighted the first release of the series in this post from a few years ago showcasing some of my favorite world coins.

Images of all prior releases of this series can be found here.

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  1. KCSO says

    The garden sounds Amazing! It has certainly come together nicely! I’m envious. See, this is how I would enjoy spending what free time I have, though the current abode doesn’t permit the space, besides I’m expecting a harsh winter any day now and it’ll be May before I could transplate, lucky you.

    If this misaligned realignment at work goes through, I may be joining you all down there in the Great Lone Star state as I look elsewhere, FTW most likely, not a bad area of what I know of it.

    I missed this, and not to happy about it. This is the type of reading the markets and anticipation plays i want to be out in front of, my focus was on short-term dead money coins and not where it needed to be, and had some other tippers that the R in BRIC was set to spring loaded. This is my goal for the year, to be out in front in antipation of power plays and market movements, next time.


  2. KCSO says

    Man that garden does sound good, if I got into hypo which I hope to do someday, I’d be doing a bunch of fish too.., like salt water fish and eels, love that stuff grilled. I’ve been smoking a lot of butt in applewood over 6-8 hours as of late, amazing! There’s an art just to the mop and timing just to achieve perfect.. the best part is if you screw it up, it still taste awesome.

    Here’s the annual New Year’s finx’n – you have access to gulf shrimp down there, you should try this.., throw on fresh okra and some pep’s, oh my!


  3. KCSO says

    I”m going to get cranky as I go through withdraw, one I’m ceasing inbib’n for a couple months, and two, this will be the first time in 10 years that I will not have bought something from the mint for a straight 6 months, or even a month. Sounds silly, but this hobby can be addictive, so yeah, 6 month without a purchase until the APE, which I”ll just get one. I’ll pick up two of the AtB silver quarter sets though they really don’t count, and not for me.

    Did receive two of those 1/10 oz assay cards today, boy is it easy to pull the trigger on those though. gotta love BPM.. and for $140 with cc, what’s not to love. Need to stop until growler time, I’m sure they’ll look sharp.

    Don’t go crazy tonight, and protect the back.

    Oh, I bought another Walker. My power steering pressure line developed a hairline crack, and after telling the dealer that he was on crack for offering to replace it for $950 (+6% sales tax), I bought the hard to find part for $165, replaced the line this past week and thus, problem solved, and I found $800 bucks for a Walker.., Win, Win!

    I’m such a geek, I view everything as a potential offset and a means to cut cost, then just turn around and blow it on what brings us here. Oh well 🙂

  4. GoldFishin says

    The smoked butt sounds awesome!!

    Checked out the Eglet…very cool, especially how both parents were doting over the helpless little lad. Noticed how the mom turned her talons inward to prevent any chance of striking her chicklet.

    Too many privy’s…..the RCM had ruined just about everything I have bought in the past, SO I have no doubt they will do the same in the future. I will only buy the sealed sheets with a design I really like in the future. The quality of Fat BOY part 1 was incredible. I like the Privy mark part 2, but GOLD is my only priority for the foreseeable future, ease of transport and much less of IT than silver.

    Best of luck with your hiatus from alcohol. I quit overdrinking about 26 years ago. I still love a cold one or two, but no more. I inherited an alcoholic gene from my dad’s side, my dad was the only member of his family that wasn’t a drunk and made something notable of himself, probably because he got tired of cleaning up after his drunk dad as the oldest of 7 children, the sibling rearing fell to him while his mother was at work, Anyway, as trite as it sounds God took away my desire for overdrinking in an instant 26 years ago. I didn’t drink for about 15 years after that, but one day somewhere in that range I came to understand that I no longer had a drinking problem, SO I occasionally would drink a beer or a glass of wine(mostly beer), but always stop at two.
    I realized later that I almost took out my liver as a younger version of myself. I discovered that after I witnessed a young lady slowly kill herself drinking. It was like looking in the mirror at how my health was going downhill when I was much younger. Funny thing is I never drank to get away from any problems, just because I liked beer so much…lol. Funny, my son hates beer, but likes whiskey or dark rum instead, but he has always had a handle on how much he drinks.
    I taught him that it is not necessarily horrific to drink, as Jesus turned water into wine, and freed us in a spiritual sense from the bad things our body wants to naturally do, but it is a problem to be a drunkard, causes all sorts of social and economic problems. His girlfriend drinks very little, so he very rarely drinks, but when he does, he likes the strong and smooth stuff, but in modest amounts thank goodness.
    Didn’t mean to get off on that, but I can definitely relate to folks that have an affinity toward the suds and don’t know quite where to draw the line. I had more of problem quitting Mountain Dew that I did alcohol….everyone has weaknesses and faults. Everyone! I have too many to number, but somehow I manage to control most of them and like yourself am currently in withdrawals from buying coins. My last purchase was the WLH and even though I wanted to buy another one after this latest price drop, I decided to stick to my priorities of paying down what debt I have left and saving for my Tundra…..a couple of my final steps before being able to retire in a year or two.

    Cheers……..and thanks for the heads up, even though I may not always buy, I ALWAYS like to be aware of what is being offered in the coin world.

    Nephew caught his first BIG TUNA today!!! Season opened on the the 1st….he and his girlfriend hauled in a 400+ pounder…..currently en route to Japan. Paid for a lot of equipment he has bought in the last year just to be able to fish for those monsters. What a great girl he has…beautiful blonde in her final year of studying to be a specialized physical therapist for traumatic child injuries, and loves to go deep sea fishing! It was just the two of them out there today.

  5. KCSO says

    Thanks for the link, yes they are still CA based though most have expanded, appears NV has coin retail friendly tax laws.

    I’ve been checking APMEX as I suspect they would have them as the exclusive US distributor.

    Check my on this, doesn’t it seem that APMEX has had similar items in the past about 30 days after the CA release?

    I’ll wait a couple of more week to see if I can get a price break from APMEX, otherwise I’ll get 4 through SGB.

    No way they sell out or sell enough to jack up the price with 50,000.

    The privies just lost a lot of steam.

  6. KCSO says

    That Buff is horrendous, though the tigers stripes on the back are neat looking,

    What a shame!

    I’ve seen some great deals on PCGS coins as of late though I refuse to buy. No way am I supporting their market share.

    USG dropped the official request back on the 28th, yeah, smack in the holidays, headed home late this evening, back at it on Monday, great to be in demand and have a job!

  7. KCSO says

    I read Coinnews, Facebook, and other comments regarding the new planned release.

    A lot of valid points though I’ve never recalled such a divisive offering before. At what will be $1,640 to $1,720 by April, at a stated 100,000, I don’t don’t see it in the cards.

    Psychologically, after the Tributes this year, among all the other stuff, I’m just in no way ready to plunck down any large outlay of over priced USM stuff.

    Besides, too many ETFs I want to throw 2 grand at

  8. GoldFishin says

    I really like the Eagle on the Reverse of the HR, but again doesn’t go with obverse. I would love to see a well depicted turkey or rooster on the reverse instead. If they want a modern depiction of Liberty in America these days I believe a turkey or chicken would depict the “snowflake” state of affairs just fine.
    One advantage to purchasing the ’17 HR gold coin would be its immunity to future seizure in the future. No way would they ever recommend seizing the first depiction of an African American Liberty from collectors?

    Yea, I have been shopping for some gold coins on Ebay that I have wanted for a while now. I have bid on a few, but got outbid by some overly exuberant bidders. I am looking back at some of the pre-2010 issues and of course the ’13 buffalo reverse. I bid on one the other day, but just got outbid at the last second. I also am ONLY mostly looking at NGC coins, but I have identified some of the PCGS reverse labels that seem to coincide with most of the problem toned coins, so I avoid those like the plague, but I do not rule out buying them IF they currently look good and crossing them over to a NGC holder.

  9. GoldFishin says

    Heck, I would love to get back in FAS where I sold it….around 38 or lower. I am always watching ERX as a energy play. I am patiently biding my time waiting for a correction of note, OR at least a technical indication of oversold levels on a daily time scale. TLT is very interesting to me also and am watching it closely. Things are just sort of muddling along right now, not where I like to take new positions…give me overbought or oversold any time and I can find something to trade.

    I really like the proof on the HR Gold….I SO wish they would have done that with the ’15 HR gold….I would still own 2 of them IF they did. I DO NOT like the flat edges of the coin. The lettering is OK I guess, but that collar makes it look like a medal and not a coin. A few positives and a few more negatives, including the price, so I will most like be a spectator on that one.

  10. KCSO says

    For what will be a $1,640 to $1,760 coin, the positives must 2x the neg’s for me, otherwise I’ll be right there with you on the bleachers.

    Thought more about your Obv / Rev relationship comment, it’s so true, it is two devices struck on a coin without the symbology or connection, very poorly executed. Resembles a silver round more than anything. Amazing Eagle, though just an awesome eagle thrown on the Rev without traditional allegoric symbolism.

    Found etfdb.com and been having all sorts of fun, like a kid in a candy store!
    Sat through two ’17 Outlook reviews and have a Sector outlook review tomorrow, just wish I had found these vehicles 16 years ago, though marriage, work, moves, careers get in the way! ;7

  11. GoldFishin says

    Nice links….No, I didn’t buy any yet….been busy and really no in a big hurry to pick up a few. It’s all about the gold……hahaha! I’m now officially a gold bug….whatever the latest definition of that is?

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