Austrian Mint 2014 Coin Program

The Austrian Mint has recently provided information on the numismatic issuing program for the coming year. For the most part, many series will see their continuation with the 2014-dated issues, although there are a few surprises along the way.

New Year 5 Euro Coin

The 2014 New Year Coin will be released on December 4, 2013 and celebrates some of the typical customs that the people of Austria perform to ensure the new year brings good luck. Bleigiessen is the melting of lead into shapes whose meaning is interpreted much like the shapes made by tea leaves. The Neujahrsschnalzen banishes the winter with the crack of a whip and the sun mask wards off the cold. Other symbols of good luck such as the four leaf clover and horseshoe appear along with Austrian symbols of good fortune, pigs and mushrooms.

The 5 Euro coin will have a maximum mintage of 50,000 special uncirculated 80% silver coins and 200,000 uncirculated copper coins.

Also on December 4, 2013, the 2014 Official Austrian Euro Coin Set will be available, limited to 50,000 units in special uncirculated.

Evolution Silver and Niobium Coin

The 2014 Silver and Niobium Coin will carry a theme of Evolution with the inner core colored green and blue. This coin is scheduled for release on January 22, 2014 and will carry a maximum mintage of 65,000 pieces in special uncirculated quality.

Next on the schedule is the third release of the Klimt and his Women series featuring the works Nuda Veritas on the obverse and Judith II on the reverse. The coins are struck in .986 gold with a weight of 10 grams and maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces in proof. The release date is indicated as February 19, 2014.

The series Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead will have two releases scheduled for the year. On March 19, Cretaceous- Life on the Ground will be released, followed by Tertiary- Life on the Ground on October 9. Each coin is struck in .900 silver with a weight of 18 grams and maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces in proof.

On April 9, the release of a 5 Euro coin identified as Arctic Adventure is listed. This coin will be available in .800 silver with a special uncirculated finish or copper with an uncirculated finish.

The Austria Piece by Piece series will have two releases. The coin featuring Salzburg is scheduled for May 7, and the coin featuring Tyrol is scheduled for October 8. Each coin is available in .925 silver proof or special uncirculated, with maximum mintages of 30,000 and 40,000 respectively. Uncirculated quality copper versions are available with a maximum mintage of 130,000.

On June 25, 2014, a 20 Euro Silver Coin is scheduled to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain. The coin will be struck in .900 silver with a weight of 18 grams and maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces in proof quality.

The final release of the year will be the second coin in the Wildlife in Our Sights series. The Wild Boar will be featured on the 100 Euro Gold Coin, struck in .986 gold with a weight of 16 grams and maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces.

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