Recent World Coin Releases of Interest

As some readers know, I also operate the site which provides a daily news round up as well as original articles and coverage of new coin releases. I wanted to highlight here three recent releases that might be of interest to readers.

Royal Christening Gold Coin

The Royal Mint has released new coins to celebrate the Christening of Prince George of Cambridge. The coins which feature the common reverse design shown above are offered across several different metals and sizes. At the lower end is a cupro-nickel BU piece with an unlimited mintage priced at £13.00. At the higher end, a 1 kilo .999 gold proof coin with a mintage of 22 piece is priced at £50,000.00. Different sized gold and silver proof coins are also available, along with a platinum piedfort coin.

More information on the coins can be found here.

Niels Bohr

The National Bank of Denmark has issued a series of coins honoring famous Danish scientists. The release of the coins coincides with the centennial of the publication of Neils Bohr’s atomic theory. The four coins of the series honor Neils Bohr, Hans Christian Ørsted, Ole Rømer, and Tycho Brahe. The reverse designs contain simple but striking images representing the major accomplishment of each scientist.

The aluminum zinc coins are issued for circulation and also in proof version. There are also .999 silver versions carrying a denomination of 500 Kroner, which are sold at face value.

Additional information on the coins and the scientists can be found in this article.


The Royal Dutch Mint will issue a new coin to celebrate 200 years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The reverse design is composed of a single ribbon that twists and intertwines to create profiles of the seven Dutch monarchs. The current King Willem-Alexander appears as the outermost with the previous monarchs shown in decreasing size with alternating facing profiles nested within one another.

The €2 coins are struck in base metal with a proof and colorized proof version available.

More information on the coins can be found here.

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