Kyrgyz Republic: 2013 Saimaluu Tash Silver and Copper-Nickel Coins

An interesting new release from the Kyrgyz Republic represents the first in a new series of silver and copper-nickel coins dedicated to the historical and architectural monuments of Kyrgyzstan. The coins feature Saimaluu Tash, which is the site of the largest concentration of petroglyphs in Central Asia. Over 10,000 carved pictures have been identified so far at the site which date from 2000 BC up to the Middle Ages.

Saimaluu-Tash Silver Coin

Pictured above is the silver version of the coin which features color versions of the petroglyphs depicting a sun man, mountain goat, and a bull carrying the sun disk. The color is used to realistically convey the images as found on the surface of the stones in bluish black. The reverse of the coin features an assortment of different petroglyphs against a frosted background and with the coast of arms of the Kyrgyz Republic above.

The silver coin is struck to proof quality in .925 purity with a weight of 28.28 grams and diameter of 38.6 mm. The mintage is indicated as 2,000 units.


The copper nickel version of the coin features the same design without colorization. These coins are indicated as “brilliant uncirculated” with a weight of 12 grams and diameter of 30 mm. The mintage is listed as 5,000 pieces.

My attention was drawn to the coins of the Kyrgyz Republic last year after they won a Coin of the Year Award for their coin featuring the route of the Great Silk Road. This latest issue similarly draws interest from a historical perspective and particularly the colored version seems like it would be intriguing to examine in hand.

Some example of both the silver and copper-nickel version can be found on eBay. Some specialized world coin dealers may also carry the coins.

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  1. VABEACHBUM says

    Based on your COTY article from last year, I picked up two examples of the “Silk Road” Coin from a trusted seller within the Republic. Once I had those coins in hand, I was not disappointed. Great Artwork and Design Detail.

    These new coins seem to incorporated a nice, balanced use of negative space, just as the Silk Road coin did. I’ll definitely be checking in with my guy to see if he has these coins available. If these pictures are any indication, I, too, believe that these new coins will be great in hand.

  2. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Who’s your guy VA? Is there a website that is available?

    I’m also interested in where people here source their Mexican Libertads. I’ve gotten one 2oz Libertad from Provident, but they don’t carry other versions (or sets) that I have wanted. I bought a Silver Libertad set from this Seller on eBay and it was a smooth purchase with no surprises.

    Sourcing and buying these foreign coins can be a bit of a challenge at times.

  3. Rolling-Thunder says

    For those interested

    Here is link to Kaz Coins – bought 2011 Silk Road coin directly from them last year – beautiful coin – good communication & no problems with transaction.,saimaluu-tash-kyrgyzstan-silver-coin-with-pad-printing

    Silver Saimaluu Tash, listed at ~$88,(not including shipping). If coin is/becomes popular they will raise price – if you want it I would not wait too long.

    I like the pad-printed colored side, but looks like little engraving on that side at least. My taste which favors engraving over color for my collection seems less popular these days – RCM group of 7 coins & Untamed Canada Arctic Fox & Pronghorn magnificent engraving – selling at or below original cost while color coins with a piece of colored glass & little engraving escalate!

    Finally received one of my orders for 1 oz Royal Birth from Royal Mint – excellent coin,- my other order still where????

  4. VABEACHBUM says

    @ JACL – The site that R.T. listed is one source that I have used previously. There also is a K.R. local who lists coins on the Bay in $US. He, too, is pretty reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to use either source again. R.T isn’t kinding about the product pricing being directly proportional to popularity. Two days after I purchased my Silk Road coin and upon publication of the COTY announcement, those coins increased by $50-$75 per unit. Glad I picked mine up when I did.

    @ R.T – I do not disagree with your take on engraving vs. colorized. I’ll readily admit that I have purchased some colorized coins but, given a choice, I will not hesitate to pick the skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail found in engraving!! Congrats on receiving your St George Royal Birth coin. I hope the 2nd piece arrives soon. My situation still is not completely resolved, as the RM has yet to post my refund. More to follow…

  5. Jus-a-coin-luvr says

    Thanks RT and VA…really helps to have a recommendation from other collectors who have used a particular coin reseller. 🙂

  6. jweber says

    Just asked KazCoins about availability of Kyrgyz coins. They replied that silver coins are almost out of stock… So I wonder to buy from them… They sell coins with original boxes, that’s important to me.
    Thanks Rolling-Thunde for the link.

  7. Rolling-Thunder says

    1st address label was completely wrong – just my name, Alabama (wrong state), & my correct California zip code. This shipment was returned to RM as undeliverable & after e-mail exchange with them RM re-sent it with proper address.

    May be in same situation as VABEACHBUM on 2nd coin I ordered, as RM has not indicated that it was returned and I have not received it either – so more to follow here too.

    I’d have to admit having some colorized coins too – as I do collect Perth 1oz colored lunar proofs & 2oz colored lunar bullions (some other misc colored coins too).

    RM has posted a new lunar series starting with “horse” on their website – pricey

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ R.T. WOW!!! Can’t tell if that first delivery makes you really lucky, or the USPS really good. Wait… if my recent history is the example then, clearly, you are very lucky. I’m more surprised that the RM accepted the return then shipped it out again. I hope you’re as lucky with the second coin.

    WRT the RM Lunar Coin, I was kind of surprised to see them jump on the lunar band wagon with so many collectors already chasing 2-3 different lunar series. And, yeah. Very Pricey across all the offerings. I still say the best Lunar Horse coin going is that 5 oz Gilt Silver HR coin from NIEU. Whatta Coin!! The Tokelau Lunar Horse coins are a close second.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    @ JACL – I tried to post this last night, shortly after my previous post, but it did not list. Anyway… I also would recommend Panda America, an authorized distributor for Libertads w/in the US. I have used them several times as a source for Libertads and Silver Panda Coins. Back in July 2012, when there was a big issue w/ un-numbered COAs within the Libertad 30th Anny Set, a Panda America Rep (Will) became an active participant in the W-MNB running at the time, and was quick to offer insights into the problems, as well as corrective actions that PA was willing to support. That thread remains available within the W-MNB Archives.

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