Images of 2014 Coin of the Year Nominees, Part One

Krause Publications has announced the nominees for their 2014 Coin of the Year Awards for 2012-dated coins. This includes a total of 99 different nominees from 48 different countries across ten categories. One winner will be selected from each category with the awards presented on February 8, 2014 at the World Money Fair in Berlin. One overall Coin of the Year will be selected from the ten category winners.

As I did last year, I wanted to showcases images of all of the COTY nominees that have been covered in articles either on Coin Update News or World Mint News Blog. I am not affiliated with Krause Publications and was not involved in the judging, but I believe their annual process provides a great way to explore the varied themes, technologies, and styles employed by mints around the world.

Before the images, I also wanted to share a tally of the number of nominees for each country. The Royal Canadian Mint led with eight nominees, however its worth noting that they probably had the largest number of 2012-dated coin releases of all the world mints. On the other hand, some countries with relatively limited numismatic programs had a disproportionately large number of nominees.

8  Canada 2  Cook Islands 1  Denmark
5  Australia 2  Fiji 1  Estonia
5  Finland 2  Japan 1  Ireland
4  Austria 2  Kazakhstan 1  Isle of Man
4  Great Britain 2  Netherlands 1  Israel
4  Hungary 2  New Zealand 1  Kyrgyzstan
4  Latvia 2  Portugal 1  Luxembourg
4  Poland 2  Russia 1  Niger
3  France 2  Slovakia 1  Niue
3  Germany 2  United States 1  Slovenia
3  Greece 1  Alderney 1  South Africa
3  Italy 1  Aruba 1  Switzerland
3  Lithuania 1  Ascension Island 1  Transnistria
2  Armenia 1  Brazil 1  Uganda
2  Belarus 1  Cyprus 1  Vatican City
2  China 1  Czech Republic 1 Ukraine


Following are images of 2014 COTY nominees across the various categories. I have not tracked down all 99 nominees. These are only for coin with images and information were available through my sites.

Click on any image to go to a full article with larger image and issuance information.

Most Historically Significant Coin


Canada – 25 Cents, Nickel-Plated Steel, War of 1812 – Sir Isaac Brock


Fiji – 50 Dollars, Silver, 100th Anniversary of the Titanic


Germany – 10 Euro, Silver, 200th Anniversary of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales


Greece – 10 Euro, Silver, Greek Culture – Socrates


Hungary – 10,000 Forint, Gold, Golden Florin of King Charles I


Latvia – 1 Lats, Silver, 200th Anniversary of Riga Zoo


Niue – 2 Dollars, Silver, RMS Titanic

Best Contemporary Event


Ascension Island 60 Crowns, Silver with Diamonds, 60th Anniversary of Reign of Queen Elizabeth II


Brazil – 5 Reis, Silver, Delivery of Olympic Flag London to Rio


Great Britain – 5 Pounds, Copper-Nickel, 60th Anniversary of Reign of Queen Elizabeth II


Greece – 10 Euro, Silver, Dr. George Papanicolaou


Poland – 10 Zlotych, Silver, Stefan Banach

Best Gold Coin


Austria – 100 Euro, Gold, Imperial Crown


Canada – 1 Cent, Gold, The End of the Penny


Great Britain – One Sovereign, Gold, New Depiction of St. George Slaying the Dragon


Greece – 100 Euro, Gold, Balkan War Centennial


Israel – 10 New Sheqalim, Gold, Tel Megiddo


Netherlands – 10 Euro, Gold, Amsterdam Canals


Slovakia – 100 Euro, Gold, 300th Anniversary of the Coronation of Charles III

Best Silver Coin


Australia – 1 Dollar, Silver, Kangaroo in Ultra High Relief


Austria – 20 Euro, Silver, Egon Schiele


Canada – 20 Dollars, Silver, $20 for $20, “The Penny”


Japan – 1,000 Yen, Silver, International Monetary Fund Meeting


New Zealand – 1 Dollar, Silver, Queen’s 1953 Christmas Message


United States-  25 Cents, Proof Silver, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Click here to read part two.

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  1. G says

    one of my favorite articles of the year- thanks Michael! I think history will judge the Hawaii silver quarter as the best of the ATBs,and the Latvian zoo coin is on my desk- I love it. I think the last penny in gold was a great Canadian coin, I’ll be surprised if the Mongolian Hedgehog doesn’t end up on here. Great looking Amsterdam thumbprints and Israel coin with the bridge off set to the side- really nice use of perspective.

  2. Koichi Ito says

    I pick 2012 Hungarian 50,000 forints Charles 1st. gold coin and 2012 Netherland 10 euro Amsterdam Canal gold coin for coin of the year 2014?

  3. John says

    I see Belarus has the similar number of nominations as the USA. I wonder if Legend of the Bear was one of them? Thanks for featuring that coin in an earlier article on this blog.

  4. Michael Zielinski says

    Yes, the Legend of the Bear was nominated. The coin will be included in part two published tomorrow.