World Heritage Huangshan Mountain Gold and Silver Coins

The People’s Bank of China has recently issued a new set of gold and silver commemorative coins for Huangshan Mountain. The area is known for its scenery, sunrises, strangely jutting granite peaks, pine trees, and views of the clouds from above. It is one of China’s major tourist destinations, a World Heritage Site, and the frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature.

A total of eight different coins are included, with three in 99.9% gold and five in 99.9% silver. The common obverse design includes the National Emblem of the People’s Republic of China, the title of the PRC, and the 2013 year date.

1 kilo gold

A 10,000 Yuan face value 1 kilogram 99.9% gold coin features the Guest Greeting Pine against mountain scenery. The proof quality coin has a diameter of 90 mm and mintage of 200 pieces.


A 2,000 Yuan face value 5 oz gold coin features a view of a granite formation topped by a pine tree known as Flower Blooming on Brush Tip. The proof quality coin has a diameter of 60 mm and mintage of 1,000 pieces.


The final and smallest gold coin has a weight of 1/4 oz and face value of 100 Yuan. The design features the Guest Greeting Pine against mountain scenery, similar to the depiction on the 1 kilogram sized coin. The 1/4 oz version is struck in proof quality with a diameter of 22 mm and mintage of 30,000 pieces.


A 300 Yuan face value 1 kilogram 99.9% silver coin features a view of Jade Screen Scenic Area from which elephant and lion shaped rocks can be seen as well as the three famous main peaks of Huangshan Mountain. The proof quality coin has a diameter of 100 mm and total mintage of 5,000 pieces.


The first of four 1 oz 99.9% silver proof coins features a scene of a curious boulder perched on a ridge, known as Monkey Watching the Sea. All of the 1 oz silver coins have a face value of 10 Yuan and are struck in proof quality with a diameter of 40 mm, and mintage of 50,000 pieces each.


The second 1 oz silver proof coin features a formation known as Intruder Rock set against mountain scenery.


The third coin features the Flying Rain Waterfall against mountain scenery.


The fourth and final 1 oz silver coin features Jade Screen Pavilion, which was originally the seat of a temple,but now a tourist center with complete service facilities.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    I am really impressed more and more with the Perth mint. After looking at my 2014 Kook today, I counted 4 different fields. To myself that is impressive for a Bullion item and reasonably priced. The offerings above are nice. My collecting interest has not reached the far East, YET! Read the article about the Platnium Pandas, great article.

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for providing us with some great information on this latest release, Michael.

    I’d just like to see the 1-Kg Ag coin. If prepared with just enough variety in the finishes, I think it will look spectacular. Unfortunately, it’ll be out of my price range. If they happen to prepare some 4-coin sets of the 1 oz Ag coins, I may give them more consideration.

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Schalk & Hidalgo – When considering the initial pricing of other, limited edition commemoratives from the People’s Bank of China (Panda Coins, etc), then compare that to what we have willing paid for similar issues from the RM, RCM and Perth, I think $92 per coin is tolerable. Just so many great offerings from the various World Mints. I may have to sharpen my pencil this weekend!!

    @ Louis – I took delivery of my 2014 NIUE Year of the Horse 5oz HR Proof Coin from Talisman yesterday. I couldn’t not agree more with your initial assessment. WOW!!! Depth of field; the devices; the finish; the packaging. Quite simply, a spectacular coin. Just too bad this series did not start two years ago with the Year of the Dragon. 500 of those coins would have disappeared within an hour of listing.

  4. Patrick says

    @vabb I got mine through APMEX and am very happy with the 2014 NIUE Year of the Horse 5oz HR Proof Coin.

  5. VABEACHBUM says

    @ FM – I picked mine up through Talisman when their pricing for this piece was at it’s lowest. My coin has # 067 of 500.

    @ Patrick – I’m curious to know how far apart our numbers are, but only to gain an understanding of which portion of the 500 strikes APMEX had acquired for distribution.

    I know that Perth struck this coin as a commemorative issue for NIUE. However, I’m not sure which US / World retail entity might have commissioned / sponsored this coin and the potential for a series. In most instances, the program sponsor will get the first releases from a series. Still, I have no reason to believe these coins are serialized immediately and in the order they are struck. I’m just happy to know that we have acquired 1 of these 500 beautiful coins.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    Wow, nice low number VABEACHBUM. Do you plans to send it in for grading or just keep it OGP? I wanted to pull the trigger on this coin but those funds went to my General MacArthur gold. It was my first, and probably only gold coin. I have a set number of coins I plan to send in for grading after a new/old local Coin Shop opens up for business after the original owner died and all the probate issues are done now.

  7. Louis says

    @VAB- Glad to hear you are pleased with your Niue jumbo horse. It puts a smile on my face every time I admire it! I checked into this, and Perth did not make it. It was actually made by the Swiss co., PAMP, that makes exquisite bullion bars and come coins for various mints. It is believed to have been commissioned by Downies, but I can’t fully confirm that.
    By the way, apparently there are some delays with the Perth horse proof sets. Have any of you received yours yet? Mine has been delayed as the co. I ordered from has not gotten its order from Perth yet.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ FM – I’m a mostly OGP collector. I only deal with TPGs when shopping for either some older or some foreign coins – where there might be a concern about quality and/or authenticity. So, no grading for this HR coin.

    @ Louis – as of this evening, still no despatch notices for the Perth 3-coin PR Lunar Horse Set. According to their original listing, shipping was to begin on or about September 9th. I’ll be sure to let you if the status changes.

  9. Schalk says

    As I said before, I agree with VAB and Louis. The Niue 5oz year of the horse is absolutely exquisite. You will be hard pressed to find anything that can compare in the next year. To VAB and Louis, glad you joined me in this venture. At $369.00 from Talisman, it could not be beaten – It also appears that this coin is sold out at this price, everywhere! My number is 169 – something about that :). I plan to send it to PCGS for grading as I have scrutinized the coin for defects and found nothing. Even if it was Pamp Suisse that struck this coin, that is ok because they are very meticulous on quality and looking at this coin, that is exactly what I see.

    VAB, I still don’t have any shipping notification on the three coin set either.

  10. fmtransmitter says

    I picked up the hundred gram valcombi 1 gram mini bars. Cool design. When it is time to spend those Zombucks I will have 1 gram bars to snap off for a piece of bread or an apple to barter with. Also the 2014 Tokelau bullion Year of the Horse, after seeing a youtube video of a guy opening it, had to pick one up. Stunning proof quality, high, high mirror like foregrounds, for not a lot of fiat…

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Nice number Schalk, says to me these are going to be and already are sold out, and with a swiftness! If you ever create a video of the actual coin, shoot us a link please. In the meantime I will look for one to share, I know I WANT TO SEE THAT COIN live…

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Could not agree more with the quality and workmanship of Pamp Suisse, why we consistently see high premiums for their items.

  13. Louis says

    @Schalk- Could not agree more, though I do not plan to have mine graded. I think it is also flawless but I prefer the look of a coin like this in the original display box esp. as it is not insanely big. Please let us know what grade you get. You may have a better shot of a 70 at NGC.
    @FM- Man, I admire your enthusiasm! And you are right about the Tokelau bullion horse. Awesome coin I got way back when they first came out and were less than $30 but still worth it at $40.
    BTW- For those who are interested in the ANDA wedge-tailed eagle from this weekend’s show in Sydney, Talisman has it for $75, which seems like a very fair price for a coin with 2500 mintage and great design.

  14. fmtransmitter says

    Thanks Loius, I found some (6) sequential Star $2 FRN’s, 1976 GEM BU to sell on the Bay. I try to sell stuff to cover the cost of new aquisitions. They all have low serial numbers, 3 zeroes to start.

  15. fmtransmitter says

    That low mintage on the Wedge Tail is nice but for some reason I do NOT like the look of that Eagle IMO. I am going to pass, still waiting on them to ship my last order. I will not place a second order from a place that I am awaiting a first order from unless it was the greatest deal ever. Need to check out waiting times, shipping and handling, and how a business conducts itself.

  16. American Home Shield says

    interesting, no one is really talking about this set. Is there anyone else to buy this set from besides panda america?

    I like it, completely diffrent from the constant panda offerings or lunar stuff.

  17. VABEACHBUM says

    @ AHS – I’m still on the fence for picking up the 4-coin set. Just have some other things going on. I also saw that P-A has a listing for a 5-coin set that includes the small gold coin. That one’s kind of over-priced for the contents.

    I’ve found one listing for the 4-coin set and the Ag Kilo coin on eBay. The seller is out of China, but I have completed many transactions with him – some list price and some best offer – and always have been satisfied with the coins and the customer service. Currently, his pricing is higher that P-A. But, again, he does consider best offers.

    You really need to take a look at his pics for the Kilo coin. If I didn’t have some higher, non-numismatic priorities right now, I would find a way to make that happen. Still, depending upon markets and collector interest, there probably will be several available over the next couple of months. Here’s to being hopeful.

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