Royal Canadian Mint 2013 Superman Gold and Silver Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the designs for seven different Superman coins issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the iconic superhero. The coins are struck in gold, silver, and cupronickel, with some coins including color, lenticular, and achromatic hologram technology. The images used for the coins include classic depictions by co-creator Joe Shushter and modern depictions by artist Jim Lee.

Pre-orders for the coins began last week and were initially indicated as only available to Canadian customers. The designs were unveiled today and the ordering is now indicated as open to Canadian and US customers. All seven coins can be found at this page.

Superman Gold Coin

Product page

The $75 face value 14 karat gold coin is indicated as the first gold coin to ever carry the image of Superman. The reverse features a painted image of the cover of Superman #1 as drawn by Superman co-creator Joe Shuster. The background includes a representation of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. The inscriptions include “75 Years of Superman” in Kryptonian language in both French and English.

The proof quality coins are struck in 58.33% gold and 41.67% silver with a weight of 12 grams and diameter of 27 mm. The mintage is 2,000 coins with an ordering limit of 2 per household.

S Shield Silver Coin

Product page

There are three different $20 face value 1 oz 99.99% pure silver coins offered. The first features Superman’s well known “S-shield” in red and yellow enamel, which is actually applied to each coin by hand. Once again the primary inscriptions are shown in Kryptonian language, which is also seen across all remaining coins.

Each of the three different $20 silver coins are stuck in 99.99% purity with a weight of 31.39 grams and diameter of 38 mm. A mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and household ordering limit of 2 pieces applies to each.

Man of Steel Silver Coin

Product page

The next coin features a recreation of a depiction of Superman from modern times. The image, which shows Superman standing guard over the city of Metropolis, originally appeared as the cover of Superman #204 from April 2004 drawn by artist Jim Lee. The coin utilizes “color over relief” whereby the colored image of Superman is also a relief.

The specifications, mintage, and household ordering limit are the same as the previous $20 silver coin.

Superman Hologram Silver Coin

Product page

The next release represents the world’s first achromatic hologram coin. A three-dimensional image is created using nanotechnology based imaging. The RCM indicates that the image is not an overlay or film fastened to the surface of the coin, but an engraved image, etched on an ultra-microscopic level.

The image used for the coin originally appeared in a comic from the early 2000’s and was drawn by artist Jim Lee. Superman is shown flying over Metropolis with the Daily Planet in view.

The specifications, mintage, and household ordering limit are the same as the two previous $20 silver coins.

Modern Superman Silver Coin

Product page

Next up is a $15 face value 1/2 oz 99.99% pure silver coin featuring a modern rendition of Superman in full color. The coin is produced with the RCM’s proprietary laser etching technology which allows ultrafine detail of the image to be perfectly replicated on a light matte background.

Each coin has a weight of 15.87 grams and diameter of 34 mm. The maximum mintage is 15,000 pieces, with an ordering limit of 2 per household. The product page indicates that 80% of the mintage has already been sold.

Vintage Superman Silver Coin

Product page

A $10 face value 1/4 oz 99.99% pure silver coin features an image of Vintage Superman breaking chains. The image originally appeared in Action Comics #1 and was drawn by co-creator Joe Shuster. The proof quality coin is created utilizing five different finishes. This is the only coin of the range that does not incorporate color.

Each coin has a weight of 7.96 grams and diameter of 27 mm. The maximum mintage is 15,000 pieces with an ordering limit of 2 per household.


Product page

The seventh and final coin is the lowest priced option of the range and is offered as a Stamp and Coin Set. The coin features a 2-image lenticular design. When the coin is tilted, the image shifts between an image of Superman from his 1938 debut to a modern interpretation of the same scene.

The cupronickel 50-cent coins carry a specimen finish and have a weight of 12.51 grams and diameter of 35 mm. There is no mintage limit indicated but an ordering limit of 2 per household is imposed.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    I like these coins, but I do think they are rather pricey. I wonder how much demand there will be for them. They are reminiscent of the Star Wars coins from Australia or New Zealand. And there is little demand for them.

  2. Schalk says

    I am very tempted to get the “S-shield” coin with enamel. The RCM created two gold $300 enamel coins in the past, that I know of, the “Four Seasons Moon Mask” (2008) and the “Summer Moon Mask” (2009). Those were absolutely stunning coins and I still consider the gold “Summer Moon Mask” as the highlight of my coin collection! The enamel glows on this coin, giving it a sparkling appearance. I think that it will be the same with the Superman enamel coin.

  3. Wes says

    The hand painted Superman S-shield coin reminded me of the two loons coin that I waited months for as they had a production problem. They did a fine job on the paint job and I was happy with the work.

  4. Rolling-Thunder says

    The “S-shield” coin with enamel is the only Superman coin tempting me too.

    I like its simplicity compared to the others – hope I do not wait too long to decide.

    Also lust after those moon mask coins – but are now very pricey – they are much nicer than the latest RCM moon mask coin – which I found disappointing and did not buy.

  5. im just a bill says

    The 2014 NZ Kiwis are avail for pre-order as of today.

    Silver proof – 5,000 mintage
    slv. specimen – 10,000


  6. says

    I’m a little skeptical of these coins but I imagine they’ll sell out fairly quickly. The hologram coin and the enamelled coin seem like the most interesting pieces to me. I kind of expect those to sell out first.

  7. Wes says

    I don’t like any of these coins. The S shield coin says Canada right over the shield. Superman had little to do with Canada other than one of the co-creators being born there. I think if you are a Canadian then fine but as a US citizen i know that Superman stood for truth justice and the American way. Also that co creator moved to the United States around nine years old and was an American when they created Superman.

  8. Rolling-Thunder says

    Have only previously seen images of the Summer Moon Mask – unfortunately never held one in my hand – about a year ago I just missed out on getting one for a good price from a German dealer.

    I placed an order for an “S” shield coin and for a couple of the 1/2 oz superman coins (1/2’s likely to become Christmas presents)

    Anyone know why the Autumn Bliss coins sold out so fast (assuming awaiting stock means sold out). Some believe it was/is a commissioned coin, with majority going to a dealer. Possibly a German dealer – on their website it says Autumn Bliss is 1st coin in an annual series – this is not on RCM description & have not seen this claim anywhere else – I hope it is!

  9. Louis says

    I don’t think RCM does coins for dealers like some mints and companies do. The autumn coin sold out fast because it is attractive and they only issued 7500 and dealers probably snapped up many. And awaiting stock means sold out, you can not order from RCM once that goes up. In the Superman case the 1/2 oz coin was 80% sold out before public sales began, so it was a no brainer they would be sold out within another day or so, as they did.

  10. Rolling-Thunder says

    I think the entire RCM Bald Eagle series was done as a commissioned coin series for Silvertowne – at least they initially claimed to be sole US distributor.

    If dealers snapped up many Autumn Bliss, why are most dealers “sold out” & why does German dealer seem to have many available – maybe one dealer got the majority of the coins?

  11. Louis says

    Silvertowne is not the sole US distributor for the bald eagle coins. I got the first coin in thatb series from them and do not recall them making any such claim, which would be untrue anyway. A U.S. company called Modern Coin Wholesale has been carrying the series too as does Talisman. Also, I bought Autumn Bliss for Talisman for $95 and got the 3rd bald eagle from them too. And Gatewest is still selling the Autumn Bliss. Sorry, that is just not how the RCM rolls.

  12. Rolling-Thunder says

    Silvertowne still has a “Sivertowne Exclusive” icon on their RCM Bald Eagle coins and did claim in an e-mail sent to customers to be the “exclusive” distributor for the US – whether the claim was/is true or not I do not know.

    The fact that a coin is commissioned does not necessarily mean that all the coins minted went to just one distributor (have seen it stated that Silvertowne received 60% of mintage, don’t know if true). Perhaps Silvertowne supplied the US dealers you listed and RCM sold the remainder in Canada.

    You could buy Bald Eagle coins from me now too – doesn’t mean I got them directly from RCM or that some distributor did not commission them.

    Even a commissioned coin where the entire mintage goes to one distributor is often available from other coin dealers who may have purchased wholesale from the distributor who commissioned the coin . Australian Stock Horse (although not an RCM coin) is an example 9,000 coins to one German dealer, who sold wholesale to other dealers, and retail directly to public – the remaining 1,000 of the total 10,000 mintage was sold directly by Perth Mint (in Australia only).

    Truth is neither of us really knows the facts about the Bald Eagle series or Autumn Bliss distribution by RCM. Maybe in time we will know more,

    Nothing to be sorry about, thanks for the debate & for the shout out for Modern Coin Wholesale, not aware of them previously and happy to add to my list of potential coin suppliers.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    Another Sarasota dealer right next to NGC. Popping up like pizzeria’s…They may be same as MCM but not sure yet..

  14. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis, C.O, and Schalk – Took delivery of my Perth Mint 1 oz PR Silver Lunar Horse today. A gorgeous coin!! Well struck; great cameo. Several years now, and I have yet to have a single QA/QC problem with any Perth product.

    Some BU 1 oz Silver Lunar Horse coins arrive later this week. Still no dispatch notice for my 3-coin PR Lunar Horse set ordered during that very small evening window. Perth was supposed to start processing those product orders on 09 SEP. I remain hopeful to make the cut for that one in the next day or two.

  15. VABEACHBUM says

    Hey Schalk – Best of luck to both of us!! I would hope we hear something by the end of this week.

    I saw the ANDA coin being discussed w/in the Perth Blog; same link you provided. Some of those “Show” coins have been hit or miss over the past several years, though. Even some of the 2012 Dragon Show coins have lingered. Still, that Wedge Tail Eagle coin does look sharp.

  16. fmtransmitter says

    Has anyone received a 2014 Kook bullion yet? The bird and Queen both have proof like mirror fields.Very nice. Arrived in box today after mis delivery. Thank goodness for honest people.

  17. Samuel says

    RT, VABB, my credit card has a $1 authorization from RM, and available credit line is reduced by the right amount. dragon is coming!

  18. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Samuel and R.T. – I finally received some feedback from the RM. Since I ordered two coins, the parcel shipped via register mail. The RM were kind enough to email the tracking number to me yesterday, with which I have determined the package cleared customs in NY and is enroute. I still don’t understand why they do not publish the tracking info once they have completed the despatch. Anybody??

    Hopefully, I’ll see them this weekend. Cannot wait!! Also still waiting for ECI and Downies to list the 1/2 oz UNC version, and lookin to add 2-3 of those should they become available.

  19. Rolling-Thunder says

    Thanks for the “heads up” – my CC also charged for George & Dragon 1oz silver – now just hope they ship to correct address – some places on their website incorrectly show my state as Alabamba, but have correct zip code.

    Waiting for these Royal Birth coins has been almost like having a baby! Of course women do most of the work, but we get anxious.

    My CC’s taking a beating this month with two 5oz ATB’s, W anniversary set, RCM coins, & Royal Mint charges all coming through. My RT buffalo was originally scheduled to ship 9/8, but is now scheduled end of the month (I’d like to have it of course, but now should be charged in next CC billing cycle – which is a relief). I suspect I’m about to get a beating from the wife too.

  20. Louis says

    @VAB and Schalk- I agree with your comments and am glad to hear you got your proof 1 oz horses. I did get a 2014 kook last week, very nice, and I found a bullion horse that is one of first 1k struck (Perth actually tracks this, so no need to go over all that again) at a little over the regular price and have a 2 oz bullion horse that looks great. Today’s drop is a good time to buy silver!

    My proof horses will probably be another week or two as I had to order froman e-Bay seller, but that;s okay. I did not get a separate 1 oz, only the set.

  21. Louis says

    Also, I already received a 2014 Somalia elephant, and my 1/2 oz Superman and coin and stamp set already shipped from Gatewest. I am really impressed with how fast Gatewest was esp. on a small order.

    Wish I were in Sydney now, as I’d like a signing from Aleysha too, FM!

  22. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Samuel – just so we’re clear, I had to request the RM Tracking Info. It is not available anywhere within their site or customer account pages. Again, not sure why they cannot make that happen??

    @ R.T. – I loved the “having a baby” reference. Thanks for the laugh; needed it!!

    @ Louis – Thanks for the feedback on your recent arrivals. WRT to Gatewest, I’ve gone to them several times in the past 3+ years as an alternative source for some of the more popular and/or sold out RCM issues, and never have been disappointed in the top-notch service and products they provide at, what I think, are very reasonable, secondary market prices.

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