Perth Mint New Releases: Endangered and Extinct Series, Sydney ANDA Coin Show Special

The Perth Mint of Australia has released three new coins at mid-month, including the latest issue in the Endangered and Extinct series, a coin show special, and a gold coin featuring Doctor Who, which is already indicated as “unavailable” on the Perth Mint’s website.

Green Turtle Silver Proof Coin

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The latest release in the Endangered and Extinct series features the Green Turtle on a 2014-dated coin. The Green Turtle inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world. It is one of the few species that existed during the time of dinosaurs. Their survival has been threatened by the over harvesting of their eggs, hunting of adults, being caught in fishing gear, and a loss of beach nesting sites.

The reverse design features a colored depiction of the Green Turtle as it swims near the surface of the water with the seabed and horizon visible in the background. Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality. The coins are issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu. No more than 5,000 will be released.

Previous releases within the Endangered and Extinct series have featured the Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle, and Tasmanian Devil. The first two releases are sold out.


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The Perth Mint Sydney ANDA Coin Show Special features a depiction of the World Heritage Site, Willandra Lakes Region. The region covers 2,400 square kilometers in the Murray Basin in southwestern New South Wales and includes dried saline lakebeds, saltbushes, grasses, sand dunes, and a system of ancient lakes formed more than two million years ago. The site is recognized for its geological significance and record of Aboriginal settlement over a 50,000 year period.

The reverse design features the region’s rugged landscape and the Wedge-Tailed Eagle perched on a tree branch. Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver to proof quality and comes in Sydney ANDA Coin Show packaging. The Perth Mint will release no more than 2,500 of these 2013 Willandra Lakes Region 1 oz Silver Proof Coins.

Doctor Who Gold Coin

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The Perth Mint has offered a 2013 Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 1 oz Gold Proof Coin. This follows the release of the 1 oz silver version, which had experienced “overwhelming demand.”

The new 1 oz 99.9% pure gold coin features a similar depiction of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), used by the Doctor to travel through space and time. The coins are struck by the Perth Mint on behalf of the New Zealand Mint with an extremely limited mintage of 250 pieces. The product page already shows the coins as unavailable.

A collection of eleven 1/2 oz silver proof coins celebrating Doctor Who in his various regenerations will be released on October 18.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    Beautiful Turtle coin, Talisman sent an email with all the different Turtle coins out there, and there are many from around the World. Glad their is attention being brought to this endangered, beautiful creature…Swim free turtle!!

  2. fmtransmitter says

    Yes Schalk, I gave up on the RM. I see why their coins do not gander Public support or collectability. They need an overhall of their Mint for sure. I got my graded 1 oz Proof and I am done with them except on the after market if something comes along that really sparks my interest.

  3. fmtransmitter says

    I never even heard of Dr. Who until I got into coins…Seems I missed a great long running series. Now, ask me about the Skipper and Maryanne and I am all over it. Yes, a Gilligans Island coin!!

  4. VABEACHBUM says

    WRT to the “Dr. Who” Gold Coin, I received an announcement email last night, and within 45 minutes of the date-time stamp on my email, these 250 coins had become unavailable. I’ve followed the Dr. for many years, so my interest and curiosity compelled me to picked up two of the Silver Dr. Who Coins encased within the “TARDIS” OGP. It actually ended up being very well done. I’m glad I purchased them from Perth several months ago.

    @ Schalk – When we had discussed the St. George coins last, I had queried the RM for their Royal Post tracking number. The best I can get from with that tracking number is that my parcel cleared customs in NY on 28 AUG and is moving south via Registered Mail. I’m taking Friday afternoon off and will take my tracking number into my local post office to see if they can provide more details with their actual system. Will keep you informed of my progress.

  5. Schalk says


    The last time I received a package from the RM, was the new Silver Britannia set. It was addressed to me without country or city on the address label – only Georgia and the zip code. Could have been the Russian Republic!

  6. says

    The gold Dr Who is still available at the NZ MInt website. It’s their coin but just minted for them by The Perth MInt so likely the PM had maybe 75-125 of these to sell.

  7. Samuel says

    i have 3 on the way as well. i checked my credit card, was charged last wednesday, and order status is complete. there is no tracking or whatsoever. last time, when i received the britannia, there is no “US” in the address. but has “new jersey” on it. it seems the price on card is less than $320. so they did not charge the &12 shipping.

  8. fmtransmitter says

    I saw that too when I had placed my order. In your “Vault”your address is correct but when you look at your “status” for the order it has a weird address. Looks like my suspicion was correct, they use that weird address instead of what is in your personal information. I hope no ones package gets lost. It seems all the correct information is in the tracking number details for the USPS to deliver. That site needs an over haul.

  9. Louis says

    It’s true they leave the state or something else out of our addresses on the labels, but from my experience, the customs form has the full correct address and any packages sent to me were received. I had no idea how lucky I was to get the birth coin so early.

  10. fmtransmitter says

    Confirmation from Talisman that my order shipped for the Ancient Roman Gladiator and Bald Eagle #3 coins today.

    Message to service email at Gatewest inquiry about the Autumn Bliss has been delayed, they did not even receive my email at that email address on their confirmation order email? Weird, will keep ya;ll posted. That coin was paid for a long time ago. Talisman just hit card when shipping email was sent.

  11. Rolling-River says

    Also waiting on Royal Birth coin(s) – in the same boat with Samuel & Schalk. cc charged last Wednesday, order shows as completed/closed, weird shipping info on RM website.

    Please post when your coins arrive – I’m west coast, so you will likely get yours before me.

  12. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis & Schalk – Late last night I received my Perth despatch notice for the 3-coin Lunar Horse PR Set. If the typical shipping schedule holds, I probably will not see it until Monday, but will definitely chime in as soon as the set arrives.

    @ R-R, Schalk, Samuel and others still looking for St. George. I’m still planning to stop by my local post office to get some help in back-tracing the Royal Mail “registered mail” tracking number that landed in New York on 28 AUG. I realized the USPS registered mail is very slow and very secure, but 20 days to cover 700 miles is a bit much.

    The Royal Mint will provide you with the tracking number, but you must place a call or submit an electronic request.

  13. Samuel says

    check my order address at rm website, they put “new” and “jersey” at different lines, but i have the correct 9-digit zip there.

    about the shipping cost, besides exchange fee, the charge is USD314.91, roughly UKP200, so they did not charge me shipping even though it shows up in the updated order?

  14. fmtransmitter says

    weird Samuel. I got the Tokelau 2104 Horse bullion MS 69 yesterday from MCM NGC ER. Nice nice coin. Beautiful. If it was cracked out of that slab and sent to say PCGS as raw I suspect a 70. I cannot find a single flaw. Still trying to figure out what NGC does to put 69 vs a 70. Almost as if they choose to keep their 70’s at a “special” limit instead of accurately grading the specific coin.

  15. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Samuel – Yes. I noticed the same thing on the two RM orders I had placed while using the Free Ship discount code. When I placed the order, the shipping was shown at 0.00. Later, as I looked at the order in my Vault, the shipping was listed at 12.50 Pnd. When billed against my CC, the shipping was not charged. I couldn’t even begin to hazard a guess as to the reasons. Just know I wasn’t charged for the shipping.

  16. American Home Shield says


    thanks for that heads up. I did go to their site and they didnt allow purchases for the coin with a credit card which sucks since I Am used to always using my card for those type coins.

    However, I went back to the Perth Mint just for the hell of it at 12 AM around there and found it was in stock and placed an order and it looks like I barely made it because after checking out and making an account later on the coin was out of stock.

    this is a MUST have coin for Dr Who fans and really for anyone who collects or invests in coins.

  17. Samuel says

    received the Royal Birth dragon coins several minutes ago. the coin is so so, not very impressive. rm mint used soft bubble envelop to ship, not card board box, so the coin boxes are bent a little bit. the capsule is loose, you need to turn it to make it tight. no shipping charge on the packaging slip. address is fine, just no “USA” there. cc charged last wednesday received today, 1 week.

  18. fmtransmitter says

    Did anyone receive their Autumn Bliss? My confirmation email from gatewest says that is the ONLY email I will receive from them regarding my order…Do we just wait in anticipation weekly for our coins from gatewest? First time order from them.

  19. fmtransmitter says

    I sent an email to the service at gatewest email, the email it states should be used to inquire about orders, and the email came back as undelivered…???? Weird…Not worried, yet…

  20. Samuel says

    fm, i have 2 previous ones. the problem is, the quality is not good. over the yrs, it will get hazy. i really like this yrs design, so maybe will get one.

  21. Schalk says


    The importance of the “St. George, Slaying the Dragon” silver crown coin, the Royal Birth coin, cannot be underestimated in British History. The image is from a fable and appeared on UK coinage for a very long time. The image is usually found on the British gold sovereign and all it’s denominations. It first appeared on the £5 sovereign in 1820. It is very unusual for it to appear on a non-gold coin, the last one was, if I remember correctly, for a George VI crown struck in 1951 – cupro-nickel. It is a striking image and always have been. If the coin is well struck, with detailed frosted devices, it should be a very pleasing coin – and not just so, so. As you probably know, it has nothing to do with the Chinese Lunar calendar.

  22. Schalk says

    The second $100 for $100 1oz silver coin “The Grizzly” has been made available for sale to the RCM’s Master Club members as from today.

  23. Schalk says


    You definitely need to open a case with the USPS regarding your RM coins. They are somewhere in limbo!

  24. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Schalk – Thanks for the info on the next RCM $100 coin. I picked up two of the buffalos, and I’m so glad I did. I’ll definitely buy into a couple of this next release.

    As for my St. George Coins, I already have a trip to the local post office on my Friday afternoon schedule. Everyone there knows me by name, and know that if I’m stopping in during my normal working hours, it won’t be good for them. I’ll keep you posted.

  25. VABEACHBUM says

    @ FM – If you’re interested in the larger Panda Coins, either for appearance or for potential, future value, I would encourage you to pursue one of the several, 5 oz Panda Medals that were issued in 2011, 2012 and 2013. More interesting visually, similar or lower mintages, and some graded examples can be found within that same $500 price range. Just something to think about.

  26. Schalk says

    @ VABEACHBUM – You are very welcome! I were very impressed with the Buffalo coin and ordered 3. Unfortunately I can only afford one coin this time!

    It is quite possible that your RM coins were insufficiently addressed to you. If you used the full 9-digit Zip Code it should reach you. As I mentioned before, my last order from the RM was delivered without country or city on the address label. The shipping label, that was stuck over the customs label, only contained my street address, the state, Georgia and the zip code – the 9-digit zip code was the only identifier that got it to me – one of my older orders went to the country of Georgia! In the mean time, I think you should let the RM know that you have not received the coin (s) so that they can send you replacements while they still have them. My order was only dispatched yesterday as my AMEX credit card was “not accepted”. AMEX responded that the transaction was never presented!

  27. Samuel says

    VABB, the old 5oz medals are rare and expensive, but not for new ones. these days china mint makes medals for all kinds of shows, singapore, philly and berlin, so those 1oz, 5oz are not rare anymore.

  28. Schalk says

    @ VABEACHBUM – Just so you know, the RM is completely aware of the problem with their address labels – I sent them images of the older labels and informed their accounts manager, Commemorative Coins, on two occasions – so your request for replacements should be accepted without problem.

  29. Louis says

    @VAB- Thanks for the update. I just found out I should have mine (the Perth horse proof set and opal coin) next week.

  30. Louis says

    Forgot to mention, VABEACHBUM, are you still really taken with the Koru silver coin? I could get one for $125 minus 5% discount, but I am not sure. Especially with the horse type sets coming up at the end of the month. But you sounded so impressed with it that I am considering it.
    By the way, FM or others waiting on RCM stuff, they do a lot of pre-orders, and you really can’t blame gatewest or talisman for not shipping a coin that has not been minted yet. I have sometimes had to wait months but I have always received everything ordered from both companies.
    Sometimes patience is a virtue………

  31. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Samuel – I don’t disagree with your thoughts on the older 5 oz Panda Coins. I’ve been following the series over 8 years, and have been very fortunate with some timely acquisitions. My point was, given the current, similar prices for a new 5oz Panda Medal vs a new 5oz, 50 Yuan Panda Coin, a medal might be the better purchase. Although not rare – yet – the Medals have the lower mintages when compared to the 50 Yuan coins. All depends upon the interests and goals of the buyer.

    @ Schalk – Thanks again. I used the full blown home address; no abbreviations and the 9-digit zip. Come Friday afternoon, I’ll know more about just how bad my situation really is. I’ll let you know.

    @ Louis – Glad to hear your latest Perth coins are enroute. Congrats!! WRT the New Zealand Koru, I still am fascinated by the coin. The reverse artwork is exquisite; sharp strike and very detailed sculpting on the devices. Even the packaging is reflective of the coin’s artwork styling. Given some of our previous discussions, I think you will find it to be a keeper.

  32. Louis says

    @VAB- Thanks so much for the speedy response and thoughtful comments. I will probably go for it esp. as most places the price is much higher now and this company only has a couple left. Plus they take Paypal and I have a few bucks there from something I sold recently, which will less the pain of the price.

    I must say that turtle is starting to grow on me! I may add it on the 30th when the new Perth coins come out as that and the type set will get me to free shipping. That is if any are left in 11 days!

    On the Panda medals, I got burned on the Philly ANA ones too that have declined, but they are nice, and the Berlin one is even nicer, but I can’t see paying $200 for a 1 oz medal, so I am passing.

    The new $100 CAD Grizzly looks quite nice, lots of different surface treatments it would appear.

    By the way, VAB, do you mind if I ask Michael to give me your direct e-mail? It would be nice to communicate directly if that is okay with you.

  33. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – The recent 1oz Panda Medals truly are hit or miss, as the populations have been higher than collector demand. I have picked up a couple of each in OGP because I follow the series. However, I continue to believe that the 5 oz medals with the lower pops are going to offer some long term potential.

    WRT to my direct e-mail… Would not mind – AT ALL!! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  34. American Home Shield says

    Yea i got burned on the panda medals as well. I think when buying coins from china the most desired ones are based on who issues it,, such as issues from the PBOC… not a marketing arm, such as the pandas.

    other than that tho, they are nice coins, proof style. i lkem.

    BTW, Perth Mint has the Dr Who gold coins back in stock. get em before they are gone

  35. fmtransmitter says

    Good evening fellow bloggers.I just did my first Talisman un boxing. First the Gladiator coin. Well I feel for a colored coin it is worth it and my number I think was 843 out of 999 so nice low mintage. I think I am going to limit my colored coins though. Reason being, under the scope, the dots are to easy to see.They need more dpi on these to really make them stunners but the antique finish, oval shape and awsome subject matter make this a personal keeper although may not have much demand or potential for growth in value. I say for this coin, who cares, you have to buy what you like SOMETIME. Which is what I did with this. I will keep an eye out for the 2nd release to try and get an earlier release number.

  36. fmtransmitter says

    Second was Eagle returning with prey. Corner of outer box had a tiny dent but the coin and presentation box are beautiful. High end coin and has the bling effect and nice frosted foregrounds. The ONLY thing would have been nice with this would have been to make a less mirror like back field for the clouds. The clouds are raised and the strike was perfect but has same mirror finish as background. If they had created a slightly different finish for the clouds, this would have the wow factor. Either way, it is a keeper for sure. Any other views would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all for all your insight and years of experience you share on here. Helps us newbies try to make wise decisions…

  37. Schalk says

    My 3-coin “Year of the Horse” set was delivered today from the Perth Mint. Stunning, especially the 2 oz proof!

  38. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Schalk & Louis – Same here. I had my set held at a local FexEx facility, and picked it up on the way home. Each one of the three coins is flawless. Perth just always seems to get it right!!

    WRT my on-going soap opera – the St George Coins – the story line didn’t get any better today. Went by my post office and the local sort center. Basically, the tracking info I have is the same they have access to, so their answer was “According to our records, we haven’t scanned it in yet.” Well, DUH!! My locals were not interested in reaching out to the last PO known to have seen it, so it falls to me to contact them in my effort to determine how they had routed this package to the next mail center on its way south.

    USPS – I haven’t found the “Service” in USPS; it’s just another 4 Letter Word.

  39. Schalk says


    Honestly, I think you should contact the Royal Mint and get them to send you replacements as soon as possible.

  40. Louis says

    Hi VAB- Thanks for the Perth update and congratulations on those coins. And I am really sorry you have had so much trouble with the RM. I can’t believe what an ordeal that must be!

    Despite the issues some people have with cashng in their RCM face value coins, I agree with Michael that it establishes a baseline value and think they are worthwhile if purchased at face with no shipping as Master’s Club members can do.

    By the way, Michael kindly sent me your address, and I will contact you soon. It’s just been a crazy week! You know how it is.

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