Perth Mint New Product Releases October 2013

The Perth Mint has started accepting orders for a group of new product releases. These include additional numismatic gold and silver coins to celebrate the Year of the Horse, the fourth release within the Australian Map Shaped coin series, the latest Mythical Creates coin, the 2013 Christmas coin, and more.

For collectors within the United States, sales opened on September 30, 2013 at 12:01 Noon ET. These coins can all be found as the first entries within the recent releases section of the Perth Mint’s website.

Year of the Horse Typeset Collection

Product page

The 2014 Year of the Horse Typeset Collection showcases four different versions of the 2014 Year of the Horse 1 oz Silver Coin. The design features a depiction of two horses standing within a stylized Chinese landscape with the Chinese character for Horse and “Year of the Horse”.

The first coin features a proof finish, consisting of frosted design elements against a mirrored background. The second coin is the gilded version, highlighting the horses in 24-carat gold. The third coin is a colored version, with the horses in two shades of brown. The fourth and final coin is the bullion version, which has a mirrored design against a frosted background.

The four coins are packaged together in a display case and illustrated shipper with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The Typeset collection carries a product limit of 1,500 pieces. The individual coins carry overall maximum mintage limits of 8,500 proofs, 50,000 gilded, 170,000 colored, and 300,000 bullion.

In prior years, the Typeset Collection has sold out quickly.

2014 Year of the Horse Silver Coin Gilded Edition

Product page

The 2014 Year of the Horse 1 oz Silver Coin Gilded edition is also offered for sale individually. The coins may be purchased in a presentation case with illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity or in capsule only with certificate of authenticity.

The individual coin issue limited is 47,500 pieces out of the overall maximum mintage of 50,000 coins.

2014 Year of the Horse Colored Silver Coins

Product page

The Perth Mint will begin sales of the 2014 Year of the Horse Silver Proof Colored Coins. These coins are different than the colored version included in the Typeset Collection since they are struck to proof quality.

Two different sizes are available, 1 oz or 1/2 oz with maximum mintages of 10,000 pieces each.

Year of the Horse Gemstone Edition

Product page

Also released this month is the 2014 Year of the Horse Gemstone Edition. The coin is struck from one kilo of 99.9% pure silver with the two horses depicted in color and a white diamond set in one of the horse’s eyes.

This coin carries a maximum mintage of 5,000 pieces.

Year of the Horse Colored Gold Coin

Product page

Additional numismatic versions of the 2014 Year of the Horse Gold Coins are also available. Following last month’s release of standard proof versions comes this month’s release of colored proof versions. The coins are struck in 99.99% pure gold in proof quality with a colored depiction of a horse galloping amid a stylized scene of mountains and clouds.

The coins are available in three different sizes each carrying a maximum mintage. The 1 oz size is limited to 3,000; the 1/4 oz size is limited to 5,000; and the 1/10 oz size is limited to 5,000. Each coin comes in an oval shaped display case with illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Platypus Map Shaped Coin

Product page

The Perth Mint has released the fourth coin within their Australia Map Shaped Coin Series. The latest release features the platypus set against the background of a tropical waterfall and river. Each coin is struck in 1 oz of 99.99% pure silver. The maximum mintage is set at 6,000 pieces worldwide.

All three previous releases of the series featuring the Kookaburra, Emu, and Kangaroo have all sold out. Forthcoming releases will include the Koala and Saltwater Crocodile.

2013 Christmas Coin

The Perth Mint’s 2013 Christmas Coin portrays a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments against a backdrop of stars. The inscription “Merry Christmas” appears above with the metal purity and weight of “1/2 oz 999 Silver” included at right.

The coins are housed in a display case with a festively decorated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity. The maximum mintage is 5,000 pieces.

Additional new product releases for this month include:

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  1. says

    Completed my order at 12:03 and made it through the queue at 12:04, everything went smoothly. I just grabbed the typeset and ran.

    Will be interested to see if this sells out as fast as the three coin proof set did.

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. – Same here. I went in early and added the Green Turtle to my cart. Refreshed at 12:01, grabbed the Type Set and the 1 oz Colored Proof, then made for the exit with free shipping. Queue’d in check-out for “less than a minute” and done. Not sure if people forgot, or if demand is light. With 1500 Sets, I expect the 4-coin Type Set to sell out within the week. Enjoy!!!

  3. Louis says

    I got through just a couple minutes after you guys. Unavailable now though probably tonight there will be more.

  4. Louis says

    By the way, VAB, did you get my e-mail? I don’t mean to rush you if you just haven’t had a chance to respond, but I wanted to make sure you got it. Thanks a lot.

  5. says


    Their “opening day” sales performance still surprises me – I would expect that if eBay showed limited interest in the products the stampedes would slow down, but apparently not in this case. While I’ve kind of given up on most of the “non-core” Lunar products, I’ve always thought the typesets, the three coin proof sets, and the high relief coins are worth getting. I just really like the Lunars and wish I’d discovered them before the dragons.

    Glad to hear that most people got through and were able to pick these up. Sounds like they didn’t last much longer (at least the initial noon allocation) than the three coin sets did.

  6. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Yes, I did receive your email. Thanks for opening up that dialogue. The multitude of house hold chores had to take priority over the computer last weekend, but I will be sure to send you a reply.

    @ Samuel – While I don’t disagree w/ you, there is something to be said for the provenance of a set. Given the 4-coin set and the fact that the components are available individually, “fresh from the Mint” ensures that I don’t have to worry about a 3rd party picking through my set prior to its arrival at my door. Granted, I have yet to encounter a quality issue for any Perth product, but there is something to be said for level of comfort.

  7. says

    Perhaps this may seem like a stupid question, but is the Christmas coin available on Perth’s website? I searched around and can’t seem to find it.

    Talisman does seem to have them in stock.

  8. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O – I was wondering about that as well. I wasn’t planning to buy one, but found it odd that a slightly above average, 1/2 oz Holiday Coin might be subject to a regional lock-out. Still, even with previous lock-out situations, we could see the coin, we just could not buy it.

  9. says


    I think it may be a regional exclusive type of deal. I checked their product bulletin on their blog and the Christmas coin is not featured there either. It was also not advertised in their product announcement email they sent to me today, either.

    Seems like Talisman may have bagged itself an exclusive.

    Thanks for the note about the typeset, Samuel. They’ve been available for almost a full hour now at least. Will be interesting to see how long they last.

  10. Kip Caven says

    i grabbed a toukalou (sp) horse coin and an australian horse coin
    my daughter LOVES horses so im gonna add to my 80 lbs of silver a couple of horses! Beside the fact that they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  11. says

    New releases list is up:

    Looks like the high relief proof horse is due next month. I’ll be looking forward to that one; I love Perth’s HR coins. There’s also a product which looks potentially interesting, the “2013 Australian 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Collection.” Wonder what coins will be in it.

    Additionally, the colored ten coin set seems to making a comeback… and they’re going to do a special ten-coin, 1/10th ounce colored gold coin set. I’m betting the price tag for that will be $2500-$3000. I’m not expecting either product to do well, though perhaps if they just mint a very small number they will sell out.


    Only thing I can think of is to try the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s website:

  12. says

    “Wonder what coins will be in it.”

    It’ll be this years Koala, Kookaburra, Kangaroo and Lunar. It is a real nice set actually.

  13. fmtransmitter says

    @samuel: The BEP is rolling them out this month,no way, I know of, to get them “early”. The Banks will have them soon..I “thought” I saw that Christmas coin in the email I received..I was looking at it in the email actually considering buying until I saw it was 1/2 oz.

  14. Dan in Fla says

    The typeset is still available as of now. I’m getting one and a couple of Australia shape coins for free shipping to the States its a $20 savings.

  15. VABEACHBUM says

    @ AgAu – Agreed on the 4 coin set, although I cannot recall how well last year’s set with the snake did. As I collect the individual components, I passed on the 4-coin repackage.

    @ C.O. – HR coins is one of my favorites Type Sets to follow, and I have been building a nice collection over the past 4-5 years. My most recent addition was the Somalia Elephant HR coin, which I though was done quite nicely.

    Another topic for you C.O., as you usually have pretty good insights on this one: What hellish outside markets are driving down gold today?? With the ongoing cluster in DC, I thought for sure the Dollar and the US Markets would take a hit while gold would climb. Gold has plummetted. Dollar down slightly and markets are steady to up. Based on what you might have been following – what gives??

  16. Broooster says

    I will patiently wait for the UHR horse. I can’t imagine it looking anything but amazing.

  17. says


    I increasingly regard the gold and silver markets as having completely disconnected from reality. Global demand for physical metal keeps soaring to new highs. India is so desperate to stop its citizens from buying gold it’s been imposing tighter and tighter capital controls ( ). Furthermore, we’re going to start seeing supply constraints soonish because big miners like Barrick are getting crushed by this drop in prices.

    So no, there doesn’t seem to be a rational reason for gold to be plunging like this at all. We can’t seem to get a sustained rally going without it being crushed a few days later by these gigantic selloffs. I honestly think we might see this state of affairs right up until if a dollar collapse occurs.

    There is, of course, also always the possibility of market manipulation, though i know not everyone believes in it.

  18. Samuel says

    the snake set has the same mintage?
    “The Typeset collection carries a product limit of 1,500 pieces.
    The individual coins carry overall maximum mintage limits of
    8,500 proofs,
    50,000 gilded,
    170,000 colored, and
    300,000 bullion.”

  19. VABEACHBUM says

    @ C.O. – Thanks for your insights. I had seen some of the India rhetoric over the past 4-6 weeks, and as the price decreases the demand is bound to increase. Hadn’t really thought about the ripple effects back to the mining companies, but only because I really haven’t seen any data the clearly establishes a process cost curve w/ ROI. Granted, individual locations and respective level of efforts will modify that curve, but the fundamental process costs should be the same. BTW – there is something to be said for conspiracy theorists. I’m right there with you!!

  20. says


    I’m surprised too that it’s still available. I guess demand for them has really declined. Perhaps next year we won’t see the initial allocation wiped out in ten minutes when they go on sale.

    I believe you’re correct about mintages. I think the demand for the typeset may have been driven in past years by the relative rarity of the proof coin contained within, but with mintages of that increased, some of the value of newer sets may have declined.


    I’ve become increasingly suspicious that there is some sort of manipulation going on (maybe by banks, maybe by government), as I’m increasingly at a loss to explain how gold can ignore the hyperbullish market fundamentals.

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