Finland 2013 The Diet of 1863 €100 Gold Coin

The Mint of Finland has issued a new gold coin to commemorate the dawn of the period of illumination, which began in the year 1863 with the regular meetings of the Diet. Since that year Finns established opportunities to influence their country’s affairs and development.


The reverse design of the coin features a crown and an opening curtain, representing the power of the Emperor of Russia. The obverse  features a section mark to represent the beginning of democracy.

Each coin is struck in 91.7% gold to proof quality with a weight of 5.65 grams and diameter of 22 mm. The total mintage is 6,000 pieces.


An interesting aspect to this release is that 5,800 of the overall mintage will be offered unnumbered, while 200 pieces will be numbered and presented in unique collector’s boxes together with a special €2 proof coin. The numbering appears on the outer box and is also stamped on the coin’s edge.

The numbered gold coins are priced at sharp premium to the unnumbered versions. The 5,800 regular unnumbered gold coins have a price of €350, while the numbered gold coins with special €2 coin are priced at €600.

There is a special ordering process in place for the numbered gold coins. These are available by telephone only and sold in the sequence of orders received starting with 2/200, unless the buyer requests another specific number. The ordering period runs from September 23-27 and only one coin may be ordered per call. Payment is to be made by money wire. Detailed instructions can be found here.

The first strike numbered 1/200 will be presented to the Parliament of Finland. The coins numbered 51 to 110 or those available from cancellations will be sold to the Mint’s distributors.

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  1. Samuel says

    off topic: my 2013 britannia proof begins to develop milky spots. i did not see any when i received it.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    I will look at my NGC proof Sam when I get to the security box again. I did not see any spots. Do you live in a humid climate? Wondering why you are having such problems with so many of your coins. Did you wipe your loupe lense? Ha!
    OT: Seriously, remember I talked about this before, the numbering. So they are now taking my advice BUT charging much more the service! Very interesting Michael! Thanks for the information. I think I am stacked up good for awhile and will be taking a break from this hobby. I will continue to follow all developments but it is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry collectors but this is just wrong…

  3. Samuel says

    i checked my britannia because my friend told me his 100% get milky spots now. the thing worries me is how fast it gets spots. i think i received it last month? at that time, there was none. right now, there is a big spot right beside the spear. i put the coin with OGP in zip bag then plastic box, with humidity around 40% in the house.

  4. Louis says

    Try metal cabinets and some silica gel. Plastic containers and bags are not air tight.

    @FM- I agree this numbering premium is a bogus practice, and I often grapple with the same issues that turn me off from the hobby too. But why let the practices of grading companies or some collectors or mints reduce the enjoyment you get? There are always going to be people who do stupid and unethical things, but if we worry about all of it, we will be a wreck.

  5. fmtransmitter says

    Samuel,if you get coin dip from a coin supply this will remove any spots from your coin and will not hurt it.This has been done many times with my new coins. I them dry them off with a soft cotton cloth CAREFULLY. There are also gel packs you can buy from same supplier to put inside the zip lock back. The bag MUST be made for coins i.e. PVC free so as not to contaminate the coin. There are many products on the market for coin maintenance. I have found the best price for these products and have always received superior service and quality products at VERY reasonable prices. It is your choice and I only offer this information to help you if you choose.

  6. fmtransmitter says

    @Louis, thanks and I agree with you. That is why I love the hobby. It is just getting bad, OR should I say going in the wrong direction and aiming at unsuspecting novice, me being one of them! If I had not done my homework with hours and hours or research and reading I would of been taken far worse than I already have been. I have some winners and of course I have some losers. But with the economy bringing in so many new collectors feeling like they are making sound investments it just rubs me the wrong way. I will never give up that much power to some marketing scheme. If I did not do my homework before I bought and I lost, I will always only blame myself. You guys have been a huge help and for that I am grateful. Like I mentioned before, I just love my Gladiator coin. I over paid, I know, I won’t get my money back. BUT I love it and that is all that matters.

  7. Louis says

    My two cents: coin dip is okay on old tarnished silver coins of minimal value, but I would never use it on proof coins or other valuable collector coins, or you may lose the mirror finish. I would be very careful about those dips as they are hit and miss. They can remove the brilliant finish too. Even old American coins that were dipped esp. more than once sell at a discount. People will pay more for an old blackened, original U.S. coin from the 19th century than a dipped one.

  8. Samuel says

    fm, Louis, thanks for the tips. i can’t imagine to make all my silver coins air tight.
    the plastic bag is just the sandwich zip bag, plastic container is PVC free, recycle #5. are you guys really make them air tight?

    another thing, i also mentioned in another post is that, the capsule is loose, u need to twist it a little bit to make it tight. i also checked my previous proof britannias, all perfect. not sure if it is because it is their first time mint .999 coin.

  9. Louis says

    I think the plastic containers are okay to put the coin in if PVC-free but I would put then that either ideally in an air-tight safe, or if not, in something like a metal file cabinet and then buy a container of silica gel which absorbs the moisture that gets it. That may help. Don’t put the coin in plastic in a wooden drawer as wood reacts with the elements.
    I have not heard of dipping bronze. If it is valuable, try to NGC’s conservation service or the other one recommended above.
    And have fun!

  10. fmtransmitter says

    I would NEVER dip a coin that was old OR rare. Yes, the dip works for bronze, I used it on the tokens from the 1960’s that Shell Oil put out called the Presidential Coin Game and it worked pretty good, did not change the color, HOWEVER, I used jewelry silver cleaner once on a common nickel and it turned it all sorts of brilliant blue. That dip was for silver ONLY. The Coin dip I purchased is for any type metal and has a minty smell. The jewelry silver cleaner smells like rotten eggs, don’t use it on anything but SILVER!

  11. fmtransmitter says

    Any plastic “bags” I use are all PVC free bought from a supplier for COINS and PM’s. Sandwich bags from the store put horrible marks along some coins of mine when I was rookie and used rubber band. Just do your research and read around the net. Don’t go by two peoples opinions please…Have a good day.

  12. fmtransmitter says

    Just talked to Gatewest. They filled all orders for Autumn Bliss that were placed up to Sept. 4. They will be shipping out any orders placed after that once they receive their next shipment in which he cannot give a date but said it looks like it won’t be as long a wait as previous wait. Mine was placed on Sept. 9 so I have to wait for next shipment to come in. Just an FYI for those who ordered this coin.

  13. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Off topic to Louis, Schalk, Samuel & others who might be interested…

    While logged into my Royal Mint account this afternoon, I casually attempted to place an order for the 20 for 20 St George coins. I successfully placed an order for 3 coins!! No blocks. No warnings for UK orders only.

    I had thought early on that 250K units was going to be alot to sell within the UK. Looks like the Royal Mint has opened up sales of this coin, ’cause I’m surely not that lucky. Otherwise – still trying to track down my first two, 5 Pnd St George PR coins. And still no “Service” in USPS.

  14. Schalk says


    I have received my St George coins yesterday afternoon. It was only shipped 9 days ago – because of some hiccup with my credit card. The only way it got to me was the zip code – the address label was completely inadequately addressed and still obscured the complete address on the customs declaration. They just don’t get it. You should immediately ask for replacements from the Royal Mint.

  15. Louis says

    @VAB- Hope the 20 pound coin arrives given all the insanity over at the RM. I really don’t understand why they can’t at least get the address thing fixed. I told them about it too.

  16. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks Schalk & Louis – Through emails and phone calls, I have made the RM adamantly aware of the problems with that order, and have asked them to initiate a trace from their end. I also have submitted a formal compaint to the US Postal Inspectors’ Office, referencing the Royal Post tracking number and where it had been scanned last by the USPS. My final step would be to seek relief via a protest of the CC transaction. I want to wait as long as possible before taking that step, though, as I might lose any standing I could have towards getting my two coins replaced.

  17. Rolling-Thunder says

    CC’s charged for RM Royal Birth coins 9/11 & 9/12 – also still waiting for them to arrive – if not here by Monday afternoon will be on the hunt for them like you – wish us both luck!

    Also hope you get your 20 for 20 pound coins from RM – but have seem several posts like yours in Canada from people who were able to submit on-line orders – only to receive an e-mail the next day or so that cancels the order.

  18. VABEACHBUM says

    @ RT – Thanks for the update on your Royal Birth coins. I’ve noticed that the coins usually ship w/in 2-3 days of the CC charge. So, assuming they shipped on 9/13, if you do not see them by 10/2, you definitely need to start asking questions.

    I’m also interested in your comment on the Canadian orders. I’ll be sure to post to all should my 20/20 order also be cancelled.

  19. Daddio says

    The last three times I ordered from the RM I had trouble with the CC. Not on my end. It just wouldn’t take. I sent an email to complain and by the time they responded the coin was sold out. Thanks to Talisman Coins I got what I wanted and it was less expensive!

  20. Samuel says

    Daddio, i am just curious, what coin u talked abt?– RM sold out and Talisman had it? they have RM coins?

  21. Rolling-Thunder says

    Several Canadians who had orders cancelled before are re-ordering RM 20 for 20 pound coin.

    Banner on webpage “Exclusive to Great Britain” is gone and check-out on RM site now adds tax, which it did not previously do.

    Maybe RM (like RCM did with Superman coins that were originally listed as only available in Canada) has decided to open it up to others

    But in RM item description it still says – “Can you imagine a £20 coin? The Royal Mint has never struck one before, but in 2013, for the very first time, an official, legal tender UK £20 coin will be available. Exclusively available in the UK and only available online.”

    Hope everyone who wants them – gets them!

  22. Shutter says


    The Guardian article seems a tad confused. Among other things it says: “The coin contains 0.999 silver, which is less valuable than traditional sterling silver”. Since when is pure silver less valuable than sterling?

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