Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases August 2013

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders from the general public for another group of new product releases. This includes a wide array of new gold and silver coins to mark the Year of the Horse, the latest releases in the O Canada series featuring the Caribou, and coins featuring contemporary art and a maple tree from a unique perspective.

All of the new products can be found within the new releases section of the Royal Canadian Mint’s website.

Year of the Horse Silver Coin

Product page

The Year of the Horse coins start with a 1/2 oz 99.99% silver coin with a specimen finish. The design features a close up image of a horse with the Chinese character for horse. The coins have a diameter of 34 mm and a maximum mintage of 58,888 pieces.

Year of the Horse 1 oz Silver Coin

Product page

A 1 oz 99.99% silver coin is also offered which contains an alternate design featuring a galloping horse with the Chinese character for horse. With a proof quality finish, the coins have a diameter of 38 mm and maximum mintage of 28,888 pieces.

Year of the Horse Lotus Silver Coin

Product page

A lotus-shaped silver coin offers another option for Year of the Horse Silver Coins. The proof quality coins are struck in 99.99% silver with a weight of 26.7 grams and diameter of 38 mm. The maximum mintage is 28,888 pieces.

Year of the Horse Kilo Coin

Product page

At the high end is a 99.99% silver kilo-sized coin featuring a more dramatic portrayal of a horse within a decorative border. The proof quality coin carries a mintage limit of 388 pieces.

Year of the Horse Gold Coin

Product page

The Year of the Horse Gold Coin products begin with an 18 karat (75% gold, 25% silver) coin struck in proof quality. The design is the same that appears on the 1 oz silver coin. The gold coins have a weight of 11.84 grams and diameter of 28 mm. The maximum mintage is 2,500 pieces.

Year of the Horse Gold Kilo Coin

Product page

At the extreme high end is a 99.99% gold kilo-sized coin featuring the same design as the kilo-sized silver coin. The proof quality coin carries a mintage limit of only 18 pieces.

Caribou 1/2 oz silver coin

Product page

The latest releases within the ongoing O Canada series feature the Caribou. Representing the eighth coin in the 1/2 oz silver coin series, the reverse design features a male caribou set against the rugged terrain of the Canadian North. Each coin is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with a maximum mintage of 40,000 pieces.

Caribou 1 oz Silver Coin

Product page

The fourth coin in the O Canada 1 oz silver coin series features an alternate design featuring a caribou cow and calf. These coins are struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with a maximum mintage of 8,500 pieces.

Caribou Gold Coin

Product page

The fourth release within the O Canada 1/10 oz gold coin series features a close up portrait of a male caribou. These coins are struck in 99.99% gold to proof quality with a weight of 3.13 grams, diameter of 16 mm, and maximum mintage of 4,000 pieces.

Maple Coin

Product page

The second release within the new series featuring maple trees from unique perspectives features a view from beneath the canopy looking upwards during autumn. Two colored leaves are seen drifting gently towards the ground. Each coin is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality, with a weight of 31.39 grams, diameter of 38 mm, and mintage of 7,500 pieces.

Contemporary Art Silver Coin

Product page

A new 1 oz 99.99% silver coin features contemporary artwork by Canadian artist Carlito Dalceggio. The art depicts tribal symbols in a contemporary way. Their arrangement on the coin creates a circular narrative composition with no starting point. The coin utilizes different coin finishes, each with a separate degree of luster for a striking appearance. The maximum mintage for this coin is 7,500 pieces.

Barn Owl 25 cent coin

Product page

The twelfth release within the Birds of Canada series features the Barn Owl on a 25-cent colored coin. This release is limited to a mintage of 17,500 pieces.

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  1. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for this latest information, Michael.

    I’m immediately drawn to the Contemporary Artwork Coin. I already have some their previous tribal / native releases and like them very much.

    Increasing my level of interest in this release is the RCM’s use of multiple finishes, which should give the detail-type patterns on this coin some great eye appeal.

  2. fmtransmitter says

    These are some mouth watering coins and are just beautiful. Although I have issues with the milk spotting of RCM silver coinage, if these were to remain is air tight sealed holders I could see adding to collection. The tribal is stunning, wish I could see it in real life BEFORE making decision to purchase. Speaking of WISH, that kilo of gold, O Canada would that be nice! Only 18 lucky individuals will have an opportunity to own one. Love the low mintage’s. Curious about the progressive 8’s for the limits, I am sure there is a story there somewhere, maybe another member could shed light on it.

  3. Samuel says

    fm, Chinese immigrants in CA are mostly from HongKong (was ruled by Queen before 1997), who speak Cantonese. In Cantonese, the pronunciation for number 8 is similar to “fa”, which is the same pronunciation as a Chinese character, which means “become rich”. so, 8 is a kind of lucky number.

  4. Samuel says

    fm, thx for the link. u see the 4 golden chinese letters? thats the one i m talking abt. they r printed in 4 different styles. in countries like canada and australia, where there r many chinese, if u get a coin with series number ending with 8, it will fetch good premium.

  5. UncleKen says

    Yes, there are definitely some new and interesting designs. Nothing that draws my interest for the cost and potential increase in Numismatic Value.

    That being said, I don’t think the Mint is liking all the negative reviews coming in for the 2nd Coin in the Maple Canopy Series. Yes, it appears to have sold out quickly and I believe that stems from many people not being able to get their hands on the Spring Canopy issue. I find it ironic that they have placed it last in their list of all Silver Coins being offered.

    I for one was able to get the Spring Canopy and had no problem passing on the fall one. The least they could have done was keep the same basic design and just change the Green Leaves to Fall Colors Leaves – to me that would have “Blown away” the Spring version. It looks more like a Maple in Winter than Fall

    BTW, if anyone is interested in it – Gate West has a 10 Purchase Limit currently on them, so there are plenty available in the secondary market.


  6. fmtransmitter says

    I have thinking about a small tatoo. I have one i got when I was young, 18, maybe I will get this symbol for another. Thank you again for all the information you provide here on the Blogs..

  7. CW says

    I have a feeling a lot of the horse coins are going to look feminine and have little appeal.

  8. Louis says

    Apart from the fact that I disagree they look feminine, why would that reduce their appeal? Doesn’t Lady Liberty look feminine? Besides, the number of female collectors is growing.

  9. Bd says

    Picked up the Contemporary Artwork coin along w/the 1/2 oz caribou. Most excited to see the Art coin.

  10. Louis says

    There is also a bald eagle coin, 2nd in the series, that sold out before these went public.

  11. CW says

    @Louis, The 2nd, 3rd and 4th just remind me of the ‘my little pony’ look. I am a child of the 80’s who had sisters. The others look like something I would buy…and I have no problem with ladies on my coins. I love the Walker’s. I just want the draft horse version coin when it comes out.

  12. Louis says

    I understand, CW. Thanks. Some of the other mints will come out with some interesting stuff.

  13. Wes says

    New RCM coins are available to pre-order to celebrate the birth of George Alexander Louis. A set of three coins about one ounce each limited to 7500 sets. A Silver coin accented with gold plating limited to 15000 approx. 3/4 ounce. silver. A clad coin 24.95 available while supplies last. I will probably pass on them.

  14. ultra-crepidarian says

    The Canadian Mint produces a lot of different coins and a few of the designs are exceptional. I especially like some of the Native designs. But I am very selective in what I buy. Their better designs sell out quickly. I have had some luck in picking up coins that I missed at the Mint from Gate West and the Canadian Post.

  15. Louis says

    I agree about being selective. I like the O’Canada 1/2 oz series, the bald eagle series, and a couple others. But the RCM and Perth royal birth coins don’t quite do it for me. No offense to the artists and mints involved, but the designs seem rushed to me, and the UK coin is much more appealing.

  16. VABEACHBUM says

    Could not agree more, Louis!!! I received the Perth Mint email about their Royal Birth Coin and, sheesh, that thing sure looks like a contrived, spur-of-the-moment offering. Pass for sure.

    The Royal Mint’s “St George” coin already has a long and historic association with British Royalty, with extremely limited appearances as a Silver issue. No offense to the new Prince, but that St George coin is a must for any collection, even without the royal birth.

  17. Louis says

    @VAB- Thanks, Sometimes I wonder if we are “brothers from another mother” since we agree so much!
    By the way, did you see ECI has the HR koala?

  18. VABEACHBUM says

    I received an ECI notice last week, but thanks for mentioning it.

    I have noticed on several occassions that you and I think alike and have similar tastes. More specifically, though, I think we have a certain level of expectation for a coin when it comes to purpose, presentation, fit and finish.

    Old or new, US or World, commemorative or art nouveau; I’m willing to consider any and all. But, whether a limited-issue, numismatic collectible or a near-limitless annual issue, that coin will need to grab my attention and capture my imagination. I’ll know within the first 30 seconds if I would like to add a coin to my collection. Being able… well, that’s another matter altogether.

  19. Louis says

    Excellent pts. I think when someone has to think too much about a coin, it’s usually not worth getting. Years from now you will forget about it as it sits in a drawer or somewhere similar.

  20. Tom P. says

    I’m going to be an old man and say “It’s too early for 2014 coins”.

    As far as selectivity goes, I agree. I subscribed to the RCM 1/2 and 1 ounce coins series this year, but I won’t buy the colored nonsense unless it really appeals to me.

  21. bd says

    Anyone still waiting on these coins to arrive? I ordered the day they were released, and they still haven’t shipped.

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