More Coins Celebrate Royal Baby

The Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint have recently announced coins issued to celebrate the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. This follows the well received £5 silver coin issued by the Royal British Mint featuring Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic design of St. George Slaying the Dragon.


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The offerings from the Royal Canadian Mint are led by a $5 silver coin with selective gold plating. The design features the letters “W” and “C” adorned with crowns and flanked by maple leaves. These elements are selectively gold plated. Around the outer circumference of the coin is an arrangement of infant related items. The RCM indicates that a unique printing technique is used to bring out specific elements and provide a 3D effect.

The 99.99% pure silver coins are struck in proof quality with a weight of 23.17 grams and diameter of 36 mm. The maximum mintage is 15,000 pieces with an ordering limit of three per household.


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The next product consists of a set of three coins featuring scenes intended to convey the joy and wonder of the first months with a precious newborn. The scenes are entitled: “Sweet dreams”, “Tender bonds”, and “A hopeful future”.

Each of the coins carries a legal tender face value of 20 Dollars and is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with a weight of 31.39 grams and diameter of 38 mm. The mintage is 7,500 sets, with an ordering limit of one per household.


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The final coin from the Royal Canadian Mint is a 25-cent coin depicting a baby carriage with maple leaves. An interlocked circle with the names “William” and “Catherine” surrounds, with the letters “W” and “C” adorned by crowns to each side.

The curponickel coin is struck in specimen quality. There is no stated maximum mintage, but a limit of three per household is indicated.


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The Perth Mint of Australia has released a 1 oz silver coin and 1/4 oz gold coin sharing the same design depicting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cradling and gazing lovingly at their newborn baby. The scene is encircled by a ribbon tied in a bow at the base to support a bouquet of acorns and fleur de lys. The surrounding inscriptions read “In Celebration of the Birth of HRH Prince George” and “22.07.2013”.

The silver coin has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces, while the gold coin is limited to 1,000 pieces.

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  1. im just a bill says

    Awful lol

    off topic…

    I received my 5 oz h’r/r Britannia today.
    Its a really nice looking piece but I was disappointed when I read the COA. It says maximum mintage of 4650/Mintage in the presentation box = 1150. The website clearly says mintage = 1000. They lied. Oh well. I like the coin and the mintage is a bit lower than the 5oz h/r koala. So Ill keep it 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up M.

  2. Louis says

    Bill- That’s interesting. Shades of Perth’s former approach to mintages. I am surprised they think they can sell that many at almost $600 a pop.

    I unexpectedly received my UK royal birth coin today, the one with the sovereign design. It is absolutely stunning. It would make an even more amazing piece in 5 oz’s and HR, though then the price would be too high for me.

  3. G says

    There is probably a market for these coins but I wonder if any interest will translate to the states. I don’t see it.

  4. Samuel says

    Louis, it is supposed to be shipped on 8/23, right? my CC charge is not pending yet.

    did they charge u the shipping? i checked my account, it seems they added the &12.5 shipping, which was not there before. and, the confirmation email also is free shipping.

  5. Louis says

    Samuel- I don’t know why but they shipped mine early. I am not complaining!
    I was not charged shipping.

  6. ultra-crepidarian says

    On July 10 I ordered 5 Silver Britannia Proofs from the Royal Mint. At the end of July, I got the e-mail saying that my Bank, American Express in my case, denied payment. This was simply not true. It never happened. American Express investigated for me and said no credit request was ever received from the Royal Mint.

    I had multiple contacts with the Royal Mint representatives but I couldn’t get anyone to accept payment for my order. I was poorly treated and told multiple inconsistent stories from different representatives. When they added back the shipping charges on the web site last week it was pretty obvious to me they had no interest in honoring their contract with me, so I canceled my order.

    On the July 26, 2013 posting Royal Mint Coins Celebrate Royal Birth, Wes, stated “… the Credit manager claimed they didn’t care to accept my order because I am an American. He said I should use their US distributor.” This seems consistent with my experience.

  7. Samuel says

    ultra, i think they dont accept Amex, thats why i used visa.

    the britannia is not good anyway.

  8. Wes says

    The royal Mint probably don’t except American Express anymore. They should update their website under payments accepted they include American Express. Free shipping coupon seems to have expired. I tried adding it to a new order and it won’t accept it now.

  9. fmtransmitter says

    I have been getting poor responses to my order as well. Seems they do not want to sell them. First and maybe last attempt with the Royal Mint. There are plenty of others willing to accept my cash for coins.

  10. fmtransmitter says

    They DID make an attempt to charge my card, my bank confirmed that. Then I removed the block. Then when I check the status in “the vault” the S&H charge is back on where it was removed before. Plus there is no statement about when the Britannia will ship and they then emailed trying to sell me some other coins I didn’t want.

  11. VABEACHBUM says

    I took delivery of my 1 oz 2103 PR Britannia on Saturday. A very sharp strike, w/ brightly mirrored fields and very nice, white-frosted devices. As some had commented previously, this particular presentation of Britannia is smaller when compared to what I will call the Series 1 PR releases of 1997 to 2012. It still has great detail, though.

    The Royal Mint split my order, as I am still waiting for the 1 oz UNC Britannia I had ordered. However, they very clearly confirmed my order status on the enclosed bill of lading. I did receive the free shipping that had resulted from the code provided by others, and currently have no reason to believe that either my UNC Britannia or other orders will be treated differently. Still no billing or shipping activity on my St George coins.

    WRT order payments to the Royal Mint, I have not seen AmEx listed as a payment option within their E-commerce site in over a year – if not longer; Always Visa, MC and some local banking option. I have used the same MC successfully for quite some time. I hope you all can resolve your order problems and acquire the coins you had requested, as they will be a nice addition to any collection.

  12. Wes says

    The Royal Mint web site doesn’t say they except American Express but when you check out on the drop down menu for payment options it is shown as one of four payment options. Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, and American Express. If it isn’t accepted then they should remove this option to stop further problems like ultra-crepidarian experienced.

  13. Samuel says

    Wes, u r right. i saw that as well. thats why i think their website is not consistent, either on address book or payment method. on my package, there is no USA, only my state name.

  14. Schalk says

    Don’t forget, we pay 20% less for these coins in the US than coin collectors in the UK, as they have to pay VAT. So count your blessings!

  15. Wes says

    I am not complaining about the coins. I just don’t understand why banks in US have problems with authorizing payments to the U.K.. Especially to the British Government. The Royal Mint is Government run. I thought they are allies of the United States now.

  16. Louis says

    I am surprised no one has mentioned the crazy aftermarket prices the UK birth coin is fetching- $300 on average on the Bay! And now that ECI sold out today the Bay is your only option. I think it is the best world coin of the year, even the best silver coin period of the year.

  17. VABEACHBUM says

    So… For those that still might be following this thread, here’s a rather discouraging turn of events at Ye Ol’ Royal Mint. I logged into my account this morning to check on the status of current orders and new products.

    New Products – The “Ironside’s 50 Pence ‘Royal Coat of Arms’ ” in circulating coin, Ag PR, Ag Peidfort, and Au PR. As much as I like the look of these coins and the history behind them, I think they are EXTREMELY overpriced for the products and mintages. The Ag PR is 8 grams total weight of Sterling @ 37 GB-P ($60) to the US. The Peidfort is 16 grams total weight Sterling at 77 GB-P ($120) to the US.

    Extremely Discouraging – For those who had purchased either the PR Britannia and/or the St. George coins back in July, I highly encourage you to check your Royal Mint orders carefully. Specifically, the “free shipping code” that most of us had used successfully when we placed these orders has been cancelled on both of my orders and the full, 12.50 GB-P shipping charges have been added to each order retroactively. Clearly, it’s my own fault, as I had commented yesterday that I wouldn’t expect the Royal Mint to take these actions. Buggar. Buggar, Buggar, Buggar!!!

    I sent an inquiry to the Royal Mint immediately upon discovering this adjustment. As of this moment, I have yet to receive a response. I would hope that the other readers who placed similar orders would comment on whether or not they have found their orders adjusted after-the-fact.

  18. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – So what’s a gentleman like you doing on a thread like this?!!!

    Are you reffering to the 1-Pound Silver commemorative vice the St. George coin?? If it is the 1-Pound coin, then I would expect the St George coin to do even better.

  19. Samuel says

    Louis, i have been watching the situation. i dont know how you searched the ebay. i would say around $250. both demand and supply r very small at this moment. when orders are delivered, i bet, it would be around $180. i also have been watching eci, since i ordered 3 from the mint, i decide not to buy more.

    VA, i saw that several days ago. definitely, their system is not good enough. since i ordered 3, so the shipping is not a big deal. i would suggest u dont let them mess up ur order, if u lose the order, that would be worse.

    after i saw the real picture at the bay, i realized that the coin has a shiny background and frosty horse, much better than the mint picture, similar to 2009 britannia. these 2 horses r the best i have ever seen, would be great for next yr – yr of horse.

  20. ultra-crepidarian says

    A clarification: I offered to pay with a different credit card other than my American Express card and the first service representative I talked to told me that the American Express card was acceptable. However, he would not process it in real time. He took the information and said it would be processed within 24 hours, it was not.

    I had contact (either though phone or e-mail) with about four different representatives and was told a number of contradictory statements. I’m too old and don’t need the drama. Really sloppy customer service and product fulfillment but I am OK with it. Maybe I will pick up a graded coin in the secondary market down the line.

  21. Wes says

    @ Louis, Congratulations on receiving your Royal Birth 5 crown coin so early. Just curious did you get a lower number in the edition of 7500? My order which I think I made before yours got delayed.I had to give them another card since my bank wouldn’t process the payment on a a different item I had ordered.I have contacted them and they apologized for the delay and told me my order will be going out soon. They have been very friendly.

  22. Tim says

    Remember folks, if you have trouble with RCM, you can usually pick up some of their offerings from Canada Poste. That is where I bought my Full Moon Blue Wolf, Thanks to Louis!!!

  23. Butch Cassidy says

    Who’d they model the Duke from, Paul Newman?
    Because that is Paul Newman. I’ve seen that profile somewhere before and it belonged to Paul Newman. I can’t remember where exactly. But it was most definitely Paul Newman. Uncanny.

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