Austrian Mint 2013 “Jurassic – Life in the Air” 20 Euro Silver Coin

The Austrian Mint has unveiled the second coin within the new series “Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead”. This series will feature five different coins with the designs inspired by the typical lifeforms during different geological periods.

The first release had featured a design depicting life in the water during the Triassic period. The latest coin depicts life in the air during the Jurassic period, which spanned from 200 to 145 million years BC.

Jura Life in the Air Silver Coin

The obverse design carries a depiction of the Rhamphorhynchus, a long tailed flying reptile that lived during the Jurassic period. The creature’s fossil appears below, along with a timeline with the date range and period of “Jura” indicated.


The highly detailed reverse design features a typical aquatic Jurassic landscape with the Rhamphorhynchus hunting a giant dragonfly in the foreground.

Each coin is struck in 90% silver to proof quality, with a weight of 20 grams and diameter of 34 mm. The Austrian Mint website indicates a release date of September 11, 2013, although ordering is already available on the product page.

The coins come in a case with numbered certificate of authenticity and protective slipcase. The Austrian Mint also offers a collector case to house all five coins and certificates, which incorporates additional scientific information.

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  1. VaBeachSteve says

    I give this coin a thumbs up! I bought the first of the series from MCM so this will be a definite buy.

    *OT – just received the Gold Birth Sovereign today … Beautiful coin! (Incredibly expensive though). I’m still waiting on the Silver Sovereign …. No charge yet to my credit card so far.

  2. Wes says

    This coin is limited edition of 50000. So they are not very limited. The previous Life in the water in the series is also still available from the mint.

    As far as the royal mint I made the mistake of calling them direct at there 011 number. 24 dollars as I sat on hold because I don’t have international service plan on my phone. Oops. I had tried to call them previously on the number they have for US customers but was never able to get through. At least I got everything straitened out now. My card was charged today for the Royal Birth St George coin. I sent them an email stating that my order was made previously with free shipping. I received a reply that my order will be processed soon and that the shipping charge has been waived. They apologized for the delay in my order which was made the same day they went on sale.

  3. im just a bill says

    Wes, next time try skype. I bought 10 euros worth of credit from them in 2006 and still have over 6 euros left. You can call phone numbers this way, not just computers. International calls cost the same as local. I think its 1 or 2 cents per minute. I use it to find my phone sometimes too lol

  4. Wes says

    I’m just a bill. Good idea hopefully there won’t be a need for a next time. I haven’t made a call across the pond in over ten years. I had a relative that lived there for awhile but she has passed on.

  5. VaBeachSteve says

    @ Samuel ….. My card was charged today for the silver sovereign …. Yours should hit soon.

  6. im just a bill says

    I noticed on a weekly email i rec from euro collections that the 2014 Silver Kangaroo is coming soon. No specific date yet.

  7. Samuel says

    off topic, for those of u who likes somalia elephant, i just found out there is a high relief somalia starting from this yr, mintage 1000.

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